Burundian murder Malawi man, arrested as  mob loot his pub

A Burundian National is in Police custody in Lilongwe after being arrested in connection with  the murder of a Malawian over the debt of K800 in which he is a suspect.

Lilongwe Police Publicist Kingsley Dandaula confirmed to Nyasa Times on the arrest, saying the suspect  Froudard Ngedzayo has been charged with murder.

The murder victim is  Malawian man Kondwani Matapa who Sunday night wanted to leave without settling a bill of 800 Malawi kwacha (slightly under US $2) at Ngedzayo pub in Mchesi. The Burundian confronted him and a fight ensued.

“During the fight Mr. Ngedzayo produced a knife and stabbed Mr. Matapa with it. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Kamuzu Central Hospital,” police spokesman said.

“We have since arrested Mr. Ngedzayo and charged him with murder,” said Dandaula.

Kondwani, who had a carpentry workshop along the main road in Mchesi, was one of the only two remaining in the Matapa family having lost parents, sisters and brothers.

He was looking after seven orphans and according to neighbours, he is survived by an expectant wife and one child.

The residents of Mchesi in Lilongwe went to his pub where they caused havoc and were only restrained by police from torching  the drinking joint. They however looted the pub and went away with assorted types of beers.

Police had to use tear gas to disperse the irate mob.

Ngedzayo and  his family had already fled the house and sought refuge at a nearby police post.

Mchesi is one of the volatile squatter townships in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile, the residents are  demanding the removal of all Burundians in the area and Dandaula said police are patrolling the township for fear of possible xenophobia attacks.

“We will continue to patrol the and protect the Burundian community,” he said.

There is a sizeable Burundi community in Lilongwe. Most of them came to Malawi as refugees but have since left the Malawi Government-UNHCR-run Dzaleka  Refugee Camp to rent houses in the city where they are doing thriving business from the monthly stipend they get from the United Nations body.

Burundians have established various businesses in the city of Lilongwe.

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man dont let that guy coz mukamusiya nde ajayila..i mean you police give this people two much freedom nde tiziwona coz this is just the beginnin!

ineyo mmalawi
malamulo kulibe kuno thus why anthu afika potenga law into their hands, ma foreigners amazunza amalawi, kuwamenya, kuwasekela mu factory, ndalama zochepa, dnt be suprised zinthu ngati izi zikuchitika. the official know all this koma nothing is been done, generation ya anthu oopa ndi ogona inatha. mpaka k800 moyo wapita,,, amene is against what is happening at nchesi aganize zinakamugwela kwa m’ale wake. anthu amenewa ena are criminals. ma refugz & foreigners who r who undocumented do access health services even business opportunities. amakhalanso bho kuposa ife ma citizen. go to mozambique, south or any country muzaziwa koma ku malawi… Read more »
Chilmoni tweet

The man is from Rwanda not from Brundi, 20 of these people 1 of them is a Brundi they hide their id because of Kagame plus manyazi a .1994.wakusina khutu ndi nasi.

fuck u brundian

tsopano mwayamba kulitenga malawi ngat ku brundi et,u must go back to ur fucken country Brundi.

I bet to differ on a call to kick out all the Burundians, we can not brush the entire nation with the same brush for an individual’s ill behaviour. As irrational as it sounds, I fully condemn the killing in general, no one is entitled to take another individual’s life. We need the authorities to see to it that the law is abinded by. remember the xenophobia attacks that broke out in RSA, initially they started by reckless sentiments, and fueled by an incident of a similar nature. In the end innocent lives were lost including that of those of… Read more »

Totally true and humanely. That is how we are supposed to be like


Nthawi yafika ma Burundi onse abwelere kwao kulibe nkhondo sungaphe munthu chifukwa cha 800mk is a big no…then

za nosense ayi

Ine2 ndinanwna kale kuti Maburundi azipita kwao koma anthu inu simmamva,Anthuwa ndi amwano hvy,kulikose kuli m’bulundi mukafuse anthu akumeneko akakuuzani kuti ndi ovuta,Koma akubomawo ali zimachende phwiii,apa si awa ajaila mpaka kumapha nzika yathu.Pano loko muziti mwamumanga zipindula chani ophedwayo adzuka?Azipita awa nkhondo kulibe ku Bulundi,Rabish my country


Apolisi gwirani ntchito yanu and show your professional


Ma Burundi mubwele ku Mangochi kuno timapanga chakwanu leka funsani a Police pa Mangochi sitiopa futhi timaphiriphita ya manja Mangochi woyeeeee MP woyeeee


Its sad that the fracas ended in death. If the story is true, it raises a number of questions – why did the Malawian want to leave the bar without settling the bill? And indeed, why did he not just negotiate with the bar owner to settle the bill later if he did not have any cash at the time? For Burundian, did he really have to stab someone to death for Mk800.00? Could this be a reflection of the moral decadence of our townships today where thieving and violence are the order of the day? SAD INDEED.

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