Cashgate property trace response overwhelming -Malawi Police

Fiscal Police officer in charge Yacks Bonongwe has said many people have responded positively to the public to help them trace properties that were bought using cashgate money.

Senzani's cashgate  sprawling mansion

Senzani’s cashgate sprawling mansion

He said many people are informing the law enforcers on Cashgate property and bank account and that the response has been ” overwhelming, .”

Bonongwe said Fiscal Police “ did not anticipate” such a response.

“ This will help us to make more inroads in our investigations”, said Fiscal Police officer in charge.

Currently, the prosecution is fighting to recover about K2.1 million from another convict, Victor Sithole; K1.4 million of the money used to purchase grain produce while K750 000 was used to pay rentals in Area 47 in Lilongwe.

If successful, according to special prosecutor in Cashgate cases Kamudoni Nyasulu, government will have so far recovered K220 million from the K24 billion that the Baker Tilly forensic audit found was siphoned from government within six months from April to September 2013.

Through the courts,three convicts: former principal secretary of Tourism Tressa Senzani (K62 million), Maxwell Namata and Luke Kasamba collectively paid back K24 million.

The recovered money represents just under one percent amounts almost nothing if the K92 billion that is
suspected to have been stolen between 2009 and 2012 is brought into the equation.

From Sithole, the prosecution already seized K112 million, $31,850 and R1220 250, which is in the custody of the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

The prosecution has so far secured six convictions and has recovered K63 million from former Ministry of Tourism Principal Secretary Tress Namathanga who was sentenced to three years imprisonment and K14 million from Maxwell Namata who was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the High Court in Lilongwe  on Tuesday was expected to hear an application for confiscation of K40 million for which businessperson Wyson Zinyemba Soko was convicted and sentenced to seven and a half years for theft and money laundering.

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35 thoughts on “Cashgate property trace response overwhelming -Malawi Police”

  1. Stone cold steve Austine says:

    Very shamefull

  2. Southerners have swindled this country to its knees. No wonder, they are born into broken families.

  3. nazimbiri says:

    koma azimayi pa malawi mwatovutatu.kuba komanso uhule.kubera anthu osauka.mumafunika saizi imeneyo mukulera zizukulu koma sopano mutokafera kundende.

  4. popapo says:

    Can Senzani disclose where she got money to build such a mansion with the Malawi PS salaries. Yet you want to grab Whispers Bar for Sithole, is there justice in Malawi?

  5. Vyapasi says:

    “Cashgate” involved individuals, systems and financial institutions. The latter include several commercial banks at the centre of this whole scheme. It would be naive if bank were not punished. How could they tolerate such huge sums of money pass through their tellers. Actually it is the banks who hold the exact information of who stole how much. I rest my case!!!

  6. shaq says:

    Some niggaz be snitches huh?!

  7. ndadabwa says:

    kodi nanga 62 billion anaba bingu ili pati

  8. Twaniche says:

    No justice in malawi courts.

  9. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Those cashgaters who are dead mukakumbe manda awo ndikukawa kwilira mu cell kuti mitembo yao idzawolere mu cell! iyaaa! lqe

  10. Hoitty says:

    Sad that this mansion somehow escaped seizure paja eni ake anabwenza kale zonse zomwe anaba zokwana 63 million

  11. 2009!Zikukhudza ambiritu izi.Abweze.Kaya mbava zina zinamwalira,kaya zinathawira kunja a mechanism should be applied to recover the cash while hoping that sizipitiliranso kwa maCashgaters enawa.

    1. Koma zizatifika ndalama zimenwzo ifeyo!? Ingozisiyani sizingatipindulire ife

  12. mzee says:

    Wina andithandize kugulitsa mcp headquarters

  13. Man og God says:

    Palibe chibisika chimene sichidzaululidwa,muyaluka,lapani,tembenukani mtima Ambye ali okonzeka kukhululuka.
    Nthawi ilipo sinathe.

  14. ciphwisi says:

    Mukuitha ma men

  15. Dickiens says:

    A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step,am sure this journey wil be declared the end after capture of the big fish

  16. womenslib says:

    When are they selling these houses. I want the one in the pic.

  17. nneka says:



    A Senzani mukanagula nyumba zambiri ku Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Zomba, Mangochi, Thyolo, Balaka simukanaonekera. Koma kumanga mansion ngati imeneyi PS wa m’boma mumati simuonekera kaduka ali ku Malawi kuno. Ngakhale sikanakhala cash gate anthu akanakhala akukukaikirani kumene munapeza ndalama yomangira mansion ngati imeneyi.

  19. CHEMMBALUKU says:

    If K63,000,000=3yrs(Namatanga)
    .°. K14,000,000=8yrs(Maxwell).
    So we can comfortably conclude that Cashgate money stollen from MW Govt coffers is inversely proportional to numbers of yrs one is sentenced to serve in our jails……or else corruption again manifested its magic in the case. Just thinking allowed. So to you who are currently cashgating from the porous coffers ombani zambiri so that you may receive less yrs akazakugwirani coz mukaomba zochepa eeeeeesh you will rot in prison………

    1. Namarokoro says:

      Ambwiye, nanunso apa…timati ‘thinking aloud’ osati ‘thinking allowed’… asaaaaaaaaa!

      1. CHEMMBALUKU says:

        mwawerenga nawo eti kkkkkkk

  20. dafuq??? says:

    pakufinika bungwe lomatsimikiza pafupi-pafupi ngati ma cashgater alidi mundendemo. knowing malawian justice, atha kukhala ali m’makwawo akudya cheese and sausages.

  21. dadaboma says:

    Can Fiscal police or anyone give me the contact no. I’ll divulge more info. I just hope the confiscated cashgate proceeds will not be stolen again by the custodians; no one can be trusted in malawi.

  22. ian says:

    Chuma chonse chakuba chilandidwe and sold. Ndalamazo zithandizile misewu yoyenda tonse etc.

  23. Wizeman Paul says:


  24. all de pipo involved should face the law and take back to the government all believed is stollen things whether buildings,moneys and extra extra.

  25. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Please MPS, encourage people to give you more information.

    Malawians let’s help these incapable men of ours.
    I hope people did not miss the massive Ndata among the property to be sold.

    1. Wandevu Zampanda says:

      Lol! Lol! I like this. This should be crowned the best comment on Nyasatimes. Achimidzimidzi, please do it again.

  26. phingo says:

    Thats bad

  27. Wakumwera says:

    A Mpingo #1, ngakhale mutawamangira airport, stadium, zipatala amene mukuwanenawo sadzadzigwiritsa ntchito chifukwa sakonda kukhala kwawo. Tsono mmastadiumumo makoswe azikaponyamo mipira?

    1. Achimidzimidzi says:

      You know not that we have super league teams in the north.
      Do these teams use Langley Stadium in BT.

      I wish there was someone to force me to live Blantyre. I really don’t see anything new. Majority of buildings bear a RED STAR and streams in BT stink.

  28. John saizi says:

    Eeeeeh nyumba Ya munthu imeneyi? Shaaa zambi kwa mulungu abale. This can make a govt VVIP..GRAB IT


  30. A MPINGO says:

    Alandeni Chuma chakubacho

    Mukamangire stadium airport MISEWU UNIVERSITY CHIPATALA kwa anzathu kumpoto chonde abare

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