Do we have leaders in Malawi?

The abuse that Malawians have allowed themselves to be subjected to by a government department called Road Traffic has reached such an unacceptable level that civil disobedience—that is, refusal to obey oppressive laws– would be justified just to make a point that enough should be enough when it is enough.



Where in the world do you hear that citizens have to spend a whole week just to get a government document that they are paying for? Where in the world do you hear that a simple license, certificate of fitness (COF) of a vehicle or transferring of ownership should take you through countless meandering lines that take you a whole week to go through?

And what kind of country and government can allow that? Do we have leaders in this country and do they wish the country well or they are busy fattening bank accounts and they do not give a damn as to what happens to the citizens?

How can government keep quiet and treat it as normal when its productive citizens spend days on end at Road Traffic switching endless queues just to get a mere COF of a vehicle when they should be in offices creating wealth that can take this country forward?

And what do we get in the end? It is a headline that actually government has tripled the revenue from Road Traffic since it installed the so-called Malawi Traffic Information System (Maltis).

Malawians have always known that DPP administrations specialise in bringing laws and policies that impinge on people’s rights and privileges. History is there for all to see.

But this time, the DPP administration has gone too far to make money at Road Traffic at the expense of people’s suffering.

For the past three months, there has been nothing at Road Traffic but a huge outcry of people complaining of the long periods they spend on queues because the so-called Maltis is slow coupled with inefficient staff mostly of people who don’t know a thing on how it operates.

A whole Catholic bishop condemned this abuse of citizens by the DPP administration while it makes money to fill up the budget hole created by the donors’ withdrawal of aid due to Cashgate yet nobody in government seems to listen.

Imagine someone from Nsanje coming down to Blantyre to renew his licence. He or she would have to spend a whole week in the city. He needs to plan for food and accommodation. Really? Is this necessary?

The response of the responsible minister, Francis Katsaila, was to visit the Road Traffic in Blantyre where for seven hours he failed to renew his license.

To me that should have been an indication that the system has failed and it was time to change course. On the contrary, Katsaila has continued to praise it despite that he personally failed to get a document on that day.

As for his boss, the President, he has remained eerie quiet and oblivious to the cries of Malawians.

The truth is Katsaila has failed to provide leadership and come to the rescue of Malawians. He promised to open more centres in Lilongwe and Blantyre but nothing has materialised.

He does not even know that the problem is with the design of the system that it is intrinsically slow and cumbersome although it is making a fortune for government to burn.

In normal circumstances, Katsaila should have been fired for causing misery of the citizens of this country by endorsing a system that is causing us to suffer.

He is still is his position to continue championing a system that is failing miserably and he has no idea about how to change if only to alleviate the suffering of Malawians. It is not just in his head, right now. What is in his head is loads of cash that the DPP administration is carting home right now to blow.

This is not the leadership that Malawians deserve for we did not commit any sin to deserve it.

This country is dead and in need of burial. Unless there is revolution in how it is run, we are going nowhere. The Road Traffic is just an example of how rotten Malawi has become.

Government is abusing us at Road Traffic and we all accept to be shepherded into obedience so the DPP administration can make money at the expense of our misery.

  • The article appeared in Malawi News on the ‘Hitting the Nail’ column
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35 thoughts on “Do we have leaders in Malawi?”

  1. Malawian to much sleeping politicians can do what ever they wish kupusa basi

  2. Gladson malinga says:

    Ku zamaphunziro mavuto ali thooo! Pano tinazolowera. Ku zaumoyo tikumva kuti odwala awaletsa kudya.ku zaulimi ndiosayamba mavuto.kuzapamseu mboni ndinu. Mwina ku MRA ndikomwe kuli mkaka ndi uchi. Yes we have leaders n Malawi BUT…..

  3. Yes this is a story worth reading. These things were supposed to be done at district level not the whole southern region people should be going to Blantyre or Lilongwe in the centre & Mzuzu in the north why? Service must be brought to the people that’s the duty of the government of the people not the other way round. I supported not voted for these guys but it seems that they’re failing the people.

  4. Winston msowoya says:

    What a brilliant question? Anyway,the common response is big NO. What we have are thieves,tribalists,idiots,tyrants,murderers,womanizers and the lot.To be fair,we had bright post independence leaders viz: Masauko Chipembere,Orton Chirwa,Dunduzu Chisiza,Kanyama Chiume,Augustine Bwanausi,Willy Chokani,Yatuta Chisiza and Rose Chibambo.These authentic sons and daughters of our dear mother Malawi,refused to become boot lickers of the late frankeinstein’s monster Hastings Banda and put their precious lives at risk.There is now a trend of ethnic dominated leadership from South and Central Malawi not because of merit,but because of the population.However,the more the people of Malawi fall prey to their incompetent and tribalistic leadership,the more our country drifts into the sink hole of the vicious inferno.We shall continue to languish in an egregious poverty and ignorance.We must not allow ourselves to be divided and ruled by the so- called leaders for their own self-interests.ALUTA CONTINUA, VENCEREMOS.

  5. Kizito says:

    malawi can never convince foreign investors to invest here. These idiots have spoiled our malawi,when are we going to have a good leader? This must be a lesson,next election we have to a young and intelligent leader not these idiots whose eyes r on money. God help my motherland malawi, everyone is corrupt sad.

  6. Kikiki Malawian are moving cops who can not respond on this stupid system kumango lira basi

  7. Please, Britain,USA,Norway,World Bank and the rest,pliz,pliz do not resume budgetary Aid to this evil DPP Government.Dont even give it loans please, your money will only manage to fill the hungary berries of the DPP party president and his cronies.Wait until MCP, a motherly and caring party, party that is on daily basis crying and suffering with measerable Malawians, takes over in 2019.Incase you would want to assist the needy, use other channels which should also be strictly monitored.Additionally, please introduce sanctions for the rulling party president and his ministers.These are the people that are persecuting innocent poor Malawians whose vote they stole at the watch of Mrs Joyce Banda.Madame mwatipwetekesa, you had the whole Government machinery but……..It is really sad,we are being tommennted by the devil we did not want to preside over our country.You should have supported Chakwera.

  8. Munganya Uyu says:

    Mupulikenge kuwinya

  9. Phwado says:

    So what is next?

  10. tsetsefly says:

    Ife tinanena kale kuti these idiots who call themselves leaders are clueless, nothingness, try and error kind of baby seaters. How on earth would you trust a he goat who failed to run a ministry? What do you expect from a man who always look bemused and directionless? Those of us who had knowledge said more than once prior to the elections that the biggest mistake this country could make is to allow DPP to rule this country again. Look at the gains, if at all there are any, versus the losses we have incurred since these fool assumed power. I do not believe that we should expect anything positive from them. These are masters of public looting. They have tried a lot to hide behind the JB lack of political sight and have swept under carpet the cashgate issues that links their Diesel Petrol Palibe party. How I wish I wake up one day and learn that these fools are disbanded and non existent. Malawians have suffered and suffered greatly under this family establishment. I trust God is seeing the suffering by Malawians and that He will not let this nonsense go unpunished.

  11. chimwemwe says:

    We need to do peaceful demonstrations against road traffic, kwacha devaluation,

  12. kodi kukumapezekanso alomwe ku rtdko ali pa linenso nawo

  13. Change says:

    This Minister Kasiala is a miserable failure. This Ministry is just too big for him. He is not doing any just to the many Malawians and the APM administration.

  14. petulo dzimphuno ngati mauna a mbewa says:

    utsilu ifeyo a malawi olamulawo ngakhale sitinawavotere they just forced themselves on us amadziwa kuti ndife zitsiru zogunata, olo atati tsakulani pakamwa patricia kaliati azikukodzeranimo mbamba pano amalawi mutsegula akweni kukukodzeranimo akatha inu kululutila muli dpp bomaaa pitala yemweyo kuti wawawa, stupit people. even if civil disobedience is called not even those who have suffered these inhuman treatments at the road traffic will come out to demonstrate, sadly no one, you will all shy away, you will leave this battle to tough Jesse Kabwira and kapito period. nonsenu or tonsefe mupinda or tipinda michira akati tiyeni tikagwire masamba, but look malawians, this is the time to say enough is enough. kodi anthuwa sitinawavotere ndiye azititopetsa chonchiii? lets show them the exit door, kwawo gule. this is midiocrity at its best. civil disobedience ca only be effective when all of us take part except alomwe. inu lets exercise our rights and let us make our voice heard. awatu sakumva kuwawa, magalimoto awo akakhala osayenda a business samva kanthu ali nazo zokuba 577 billion angogawawana pamene enafe tima pick up tathu one tonner tikhale tosayenda 2 weeks ana saaadya chonde tiyeni kunsewu timuuze president anadzikakamiza pa ifeyu kuti enough is enough

  15. jimbo says:

    Here in the UK you can renew your driving licence and road tax on line in just a few clicks of the mouse. We don’t need to queue or even leave our own house. Public services in Malawi are over-manned and by people who are inefficient and clueless. No wonder Malawi is going backwards not forwards. We live in the age of the computer and the internet with aps. on tablets and phones to speed things up and move things forward. But not in Malawi. There you have people with forms and carbon paper producing multiple copies that have to be filed away. Over-manning and inefficiency are the enemies of progress and development and Malawi possesses these in abundance.

  16. The Boss says:

    Na ngati ndiwe M’malawi uli ndi ride registered in ur name or have a drivers license pali iwepo dzimve mumtima kuti ndiwe chitsiru zedi, aaaah basi kuunjikana ku RTD ngati mukapempha ma lisence basi kumangoyang’ana osapangapo kanthu, amalawi zitsiru za anthu ndithu, zitserekwete, agulukunyinda nde ukhale unavotera DPP hehedeeee, mukuvutika kuima pa line for wik mulipira ndalama nde wina akangozitapa kumayenda nazo ku boot.

  17. zeze says:

    Revolution indeed is what we need!”

  18. medrian kaunda says:

    As always, the reaction to this excellent article is pathetic. Whine, pray, “somebody” please do something, are the usual comments. There is only one way forward, and you all know that in your hearts, but you are afraid to stare it in the face. The way forward is through civil disobedience and a new 20th July, nothing less will save the country.

  19. ibrahim makwati says:

    BLIND PEOPLE BLIND MALAWI not only this wait and see where malawi going

  20. Dr Palani-State House says:


  21. mk says:

    Poor leadership coupled with docile Malawians.

  22. GANYAVU says:

    Agalu a dpp awa tidakazuzika nawo amenewa ndiye nyasi za anthu.

  23. matutu says:

    This is a second well written article, constructive & educative. I want to agree, a lot needs to be done: revolutionary across the board. Well said, in Malawi now, we tend to accept things as normak when they are not. True the country us dead, needs to be burried. True we need to get rid of mediocracy in education because sense of direction is dead. Oh, shame.

  24. mfana wa chi shaft says:

    kodi sipaja mumati ma investor akubwera in two weeks kuno after malawi investment forum ija? ali kuti? panalowa za msonkho wanga zambilitu pa forum paja.

    ndamva kuti ma prophet ena akudzutsa anthu akufa. atidzutsileko kamuzu pilizi. an old man who created a country from nothing and ran it like a well oiled machine. 1 kwacha to 1 dollar, salary 390 kwacha, rent 70 kwacha, school fees 20 tambala, maize bag, 15 kwacha, green 40 tambala, chibuku 25 tambala, hule plus room 2 kwacha….oh how i miss the good old days

  25. Chimbalanga says:

    It’s hard, really tough to live in Malawi. I wonder if Malawi remains the warm heart of Africa. Malawi is rotten to the core. We are doomed with Dpp, worse enough with APM. At times I even retreat my citizenship of this country without leadership. What a curse to be Malawian, no voice, no practical right nor tangible freedom. All we have is destitution in everything despite sitting of heavy resources. Clueless leadership keeps rocking Malawi. But My fellow struggles, can’t we rise up and do something about it?

  26. Nabetha says:

    Sapitwa…which South Africa are you talking about? May be your own research is not correct. In South Africa when you join the queue at 06:00, by 10:00 your papers are processed and you are free to go home.

  27. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    #1 – there is always hope. We just need to start thinking creatively, instead of copying the failed patterns of social organisation bequeathed by Europe. For example, a major flaw in the so-called party democratic system is that the elected representatives promote the well-being of themselves and their parties, rather than the well-being of all their constituents. Constituencies should take responsibility for identifying suitable leaders, educating them in the needs and priorities of their people, and ensuring that their politicians promote the agenda set out by the constituents. Let’s give power back to the people.

  28. Twebakiki Mkamu says:

    No hurry in Malawi.Everything is at the snail pace.Whether you are at banks,shops wherever you need to have unexplained patience to control yourself otherwise you will be blowing up.Its normal to Malawians.They are good at complaining than finding solutions.What do you expect from Kasaila fed by the very cheap govt of the incompetent Wamutharika?Wait patiently till 2019.Mbendera and his friend Kenyatta gave us a raw deal.We will just hv to live with it.

  29. Dwambazi says:

    Malawians we are in deep shit! And did somebody say foreign investors??? Really? Only a stupid investor will even think of wasting his time/money in Malawi. Now you wonder why Dangote was a no show!!! Pathetic!

  30. Sapitwa says:

    Spot on; however the writer of the article did not do enough research to compare the same effects experienced by the citizens standing on long queues with those from other countries.
    There are similarly long queues in Mozambique, Zambia ,Zimbabwe and South Africa too and these are facts! The system has closed some bribery gaps that was rampant in this Department and those that have lost will try to sabotage the system or by going slow. Solution should focus on opening more places urgently and get rid of those sabotaging what is good for the country.

  31. chinchin says:

    Unfortunately we do not have the President to lead us…if you give a memo to the President it will only come out if Ben sees it… what a president who can’t even make a decision..

  32. Moses Makoko says:

    I agree 100%!
    As malawians we are also to blame for being very passive! How can we be suffering openly but remain silent like this? I visited the road traffic a couple of days ago, it was a nightmare! People on long queues, sweating in the sun as if they will not pay!
    Wake up malawi! !!!!
    Don’t we have any good lawyers who can challenge this in court? I am ready to contribute towards the expenses!

  33. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    It is only Malawians who will bring change to this madness. If we all sit and accept status quo nothing will change, there is power in the masses.

  34. Bratusha says:

    Anybody who thought Peter Mutharika can make a good president has a reason to regret casting his/her vote for a person who is too dull to lead the high office of presidency. I mean for those who have no idea of his background ask those who have worked with him and you will curse the very day you ticked yes for him on the ballot.

  35. MindReader says:

    This article is hot and hard. I can’t agree more, nothing is working in this country. Tell you what, I have lost hope in this country, there’s no way out. We’re too deep in this, for long time, very long time.

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