Kalirani, Kasaila should have been fired too in Malawi cabinet reshuffle

In exercising his constitutionally guaranteed powers to hire and fire Cabinet, (the press release made sure it quoted the actual section) President Peter Mutharika saw it fit the other day to give the boot to Local Government Minister Tarcisio Gowelo and Lands Minister Paul Chibingu.

Kalilani: Survived

Kalilani: Survived

As all the other presidents in the past, the President does not see the need to explain to the nation why the two have been sacked from the 20-member Cabinet.

Malawians can only surmise. While it is not clear why Chibingu was shown the exit door, Gowelo deserved the sack as he used his position to wreck the lives of innocent Malawians under his ministry whose only crime was to be promoted by Joyce Banda.

Today there is paralysis in some district councils as there are fights as who is a bonafide DC because of Gowelo’s campaign to purge Joyce Banda’s appointees by frustrating them through unnecessary transfers or demotions.

As we are speaking, there are numerous cases before courts brought by DCs who felt enough was enough.

This country belongs to all of us. It does not belong to only those whose veins flow with blue DPP blood. DCs that were promoted during Joyce Banda’s regime are Malawians and did not elevate themselves but by someone who had the legal power to do it.

Championing a campaign to get rid of them as they are dogs is cruelty that Gowelo was happy to visit on them and he has paid for it.

But this is not the end of story. Gowelo also championed the removal of chiefs in cities and towns.

Although the law does not recognise them, these chiefs do not cause harm to anybody and perhaps that is the reason all previous governments ignored them. They also fill the gap of leadership at community level and somehow citizens recognise them.

Why Gowelo dreamed up a campaign to embarrass them in front of us all and what he hoped to achieve beat me. He has paid for it as DPP cannot afford to sideline any section of society when it will need votes come 2019.

On Gowelo, Mutharika has seen what we all see of a minister who thinks his position is a license to make the lives of other Malawians, he does not personally like, a living hell.

But I am afraid the story ends on Gowelo and he was not the only bad apple in the Cabinet.

Former Health Minister, Jean Kalirani and Transport Minister, Francis Kasaila, are failures who do not deserve to be in the Cabinet.

Kalirani has presided over health delivery system collapse in this country and instead of taking responsibility, she chose to be in denial and blamed district health officers as being responsible for pilferage of drugs in public hospitals when she knew that the problem is down to freeze of funding.

She even went further to accuse the media of self-serving and generally exaggerating the problem as she continued to apportion blame on others instead of solving it as her job description demanded.

She deserved the sack just like Gowelo.

As for Kasaila, he has decided to torture Malawians who wish to get documents from Road Traffic by introducing a system that deliberately makes a simple task very complicated. Kasaila sees no problem for Malawians to spend days on end at Road Traffic just to renew a driving license or Certificate of Fitness (COF) for a vehicle.

Shockingly the President has, in full exercise of his powers, decided to maintain the two for whatever reason in his Cabinet.

It seems he does not see what we all see and he does not need to explain his decisions to Malawians. I wish he had. The two should have been fired.

  • The article appeared in Malawi News of Saturday under ‘Hitting the Nail’ column
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46 thoughts on “Kalirani, Kasaila should have been fired too in Malawi cabinet reshuffle”

  1. Abambo Glyn says:

    Tionana 2019

  2. GOWELO says:


  3. Ability says:

    Ali ndi njira zawo. Iwe ndi ine kwathu mkulira.

  4. Vwapuvwapu says:

    He is exercising his duties as president.

  5. stanly nkunika says:

    correct and very correct

  6. Change says:

    Kasaila is the most miserable Minister. I have said this before that the Ministry is just too big for him. He need to be deputy minister or drop him out completely. He is failing the legacy of Bingu. More power to APM.

  7. emmah says:

    osamangolakhula ngati mumavota nokha.tiwona 2019 amenewa ndikuona kuti akudzatengaso boma…………..

  8. Ntagaluka Nyapaphi says:

    Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa, welcome to Local Government, your coming is for a good cause, your predecessor messed up things. You are new, but try to avoid a sena Director called Dakamau. Your Predecessor heavily relied on Dakamau, sidelining both PS I and PS II. The deal was to promote Dakamau to become PS II. He brought dirty politics into the Civil Service calling all DCs PP sympathysors, he branded PS II Dorothy Banda as an MCP diehard. He referred the Director of Human Resource Mr Joyce Somanje a PP functionary. Rest in Living Peace Gowelo, your were Stinking SHIT!!!!!

  9. Ntagaluka Nyapaphi says:

    Gowelo!!! Gowelo!!! Gowelo!!! How many times have I called your name? While you were Minister of Local Government, you relied on your homeboy, Kiswel Dakamau for ill advise.

    Gowelo!!!! You behaved as if you owned the Ministry. You wanted people to fear you, your target being Chiefs and DCs. Today you are going back to the constituency. Before you leave, please take this Dakamau with you before he spoils Nankhumwa.

  10. Bondera says:

    The whole cabnet needed to be demoted

  11. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Maybe thebone thing id agree with Gowelo on would b the removal of town chiefs…these are just after mny. They are into being paid for petty things. Most Malawians cant afford them.

  12. zeze says:

    DDP cabinet is just there to eat our taxes; so whether they hire or fire, that is no business of yours. Do you think minister of finance budgets for ministries or cabinet? Answer me.

  13. cypress says:

    The blind leading the blind.

  14. MaiMai says:

    Achina Mutharika amakonda ma skirt hence he couldn’t fire Kalirani…of course honestly speaking none of the ministers deserves to be there. Do you think Atupele, Badall gindwe, Chaponda, Kaliati, Henry etc deserve to be ministers? Over my dead body.

  15. nampwache says:

    George sukunama amaliongo amenewa afikapo bravo George

  16. Mabilinganya says:

    Appoint her as minister of sex and internal prostitution bcoz noway to keep unproductive minister yet Kaliati is busy doubling duties, as a minister of Gender and also minister of sex.

  17. Zuze says:

    A poorly reasoned article written by George Kasakula. 1. I thought in the precious PP government there were drug and water shortages in hospitals to the point that some dead bodies were left unattended due to staff strike following poor working conditions? Why doesn’t the Kasakula maintain a range of analytical honesty?
    2. About Kasaila: it appears the same analytical problem follows. To obtain a document in Malawi requires hard work that can take days to months. This is not an exclusive problem in the transport ministry; it is a bureaucratic problem affecting many governmant agencies. Besides, in the Ministry of Transport, delays are not caused by or exercerbated by Kasaila as Minister; they are institutional problem that spans many ministries and ministers.

    Thus one wonders the sinister motive to single out two prominent ministers for attack when all ministries face deep problems!

    1. Ayobe says:

      You accuse the author of poor reasoning, then you go ahead and do worse yourself. What has PP which is now one and half years out of power got to do with anything? Didn’t DPP promise to change things for the better? If we wanted things to continue PP style wouldn’t we still have PP in government? After all pigheadedness was not one of PP’s weaknesses. It is absurd for DPP to think that they can continue to blame their failures on PP.

      Your views on the second point are even more bizarre. Under the old system, it was possible, without using dobadobas, to get your CoF or other document within a single day. This is not the case now, no matter how early you can get to RTD offices. Your contention that cabinet ministers are powerless to iron out institutional problems is the most ridiculous of all: Cabinet ministers are primarily there to correct these problems so that citizens can notice a difference. Otherwise why should they get the big bucks and perks in the first place?

      Your reasoning may make sense as a party stalwart, but you have to know that the rest of us expect to see improvements in our lives. It does not make sense to argue that things were just as bad under PP, or even that some things cannot change because they are “institutional”. DPP is in government now – it has to get things done, no excuses…

  18. K N chisambiro says:

    Gowero sanalakwe mafumu block leaders akuonjeza mphavu zawo panafunoka asowe akuchita ngati za mmagazi- chisambiro from Likuni

  19. Njoka Luzi says:

    How can Hon. Jean Kalilani be referred to a failure, is the funding crisis which has hit hospitals her making?

  20. cnkhuto says:

    My friends, do not forget Kalirani is the mother of the mighty DPP and Kasaila the spokesperson. They are some of the pillas of DPP. Stop your nonses, we know what we are doing here. There are so many educated technocrats in DPP and we want to atleast involve everybody in. If you think our brothers Chubingu and Gowero will turn against us, you are wrong. They remain our pillas in DPP. That’s what I wanted to say.

  21. Joseph says:

    Since when does APM do the right thing? If he did, he could have sacked GOODALL Old Gondwe for all the financial atrocities beset on Malawians. From the free falling kwacha to the sale of MSB. But am sure Malawians have already forgotten all that.
    Coming to think of it, is there a ministry that is functioning at it optimum best?
    Roads are pathetic. We dont have water. Security is atrocious. Passport are a nightmare…….phew!
    It’s times like these I miss Raphael Tenthani. He had the balls to call a spade a spade and spill mud to all sacred cows. RIP.

  22. myao says:

    1 thing Gowelo (nyumba ya atsikana) did right was to orchestrate the removal of chiefs in towns, it makes sense.Brothel sanalakwitse. The author has qualms about it coz hes a chiefs son himself. But I support the authors observation on the rest and I add that all the handclappers in cabinet are guilty of welcoming the SADC Road Traffic experimental programme wholesome as usual, a system that has been rejected in TZ and Zambia.APM alone is not to blame but these HCs as well, like someone said on Point Blank, The President should start being President.

  23. zibwente says:

    I am not happy seing you in cabinet, The following will follow your demotion, Sumaisi,R Maleta, Ng’ong’ola and the ps. You people are the ones who have brought suffering to a number of health workers ndipo mizimu yawo ikukusatani

  24. zibwente says:

    Dr Kalilani doesn’t deserve to be in a cabinet, she is responsible for the suffering of health officers ( nurses, clinitians, technitian and doctors). I am not happy seing ib parliament. The other part is the ps, sumaisi, maleta, ng’ong’ola to be axed from the. Ministry. Ntchito zanu zikusatani

  25. Ziko lantha says:

    let the president make his own decision on his cabinet to reshuffe or firing not to tell him what to do we malawians have problem mainly what troubles us is jeleous we should avoid that

  26. zanyanya says:

    People use pisitions to frustrate juniors ,and its not only politicians,even in many inistitutions,this behaviour has paralyzed malawi in a big way,many juniors are suffering ib silence in most offices,they just endure for fear of losing their jobs with the escalating u,employment rate,mutharika and chilima must scrutinize jow juniors are tortured in malawi,there is so much “asslicking” in offices that parrisan politicians do to their seniors,this country is pathetic,especially those people who did most of their education during Dr Bandas era,they dont even realize that juniors in institutions too have human right,right to good work environment,am sick of this behaviour,stupid autocratic rule,one day we the youth will be tired and lauch a countrywide rebellion and you will regret it,especially in religious organizations and ministry of health,they dont even respect qualifications,but rather age and ufiti,stupid

  27. Thowera says:

    The road traffic personal says they are just trying to implement that was written in our constitution what do you make of this?

  28. mleme says:

    This is the most useless article I have read this year. Does this newspaper have editors who can think? How can both myasatimes and Malawi news allow to publish this crap. For starters how could one get fired simply for introducing a system that has cramped out corruption at the road traffic? Were you one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the corrupt activities at ROAD Traffic? One the other side statistics show that revenue has doubled at the department and this government needs money, do you really an intelligent President like APM would fire this minister. Sometimes it is good not to show that you are a mercenary reporter and if you don’t have anything to write zip your stinking mouth.

  29. Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo says:

    Maka chi Kasaila chimakondaso ti nzinziri ta pa Poly, Skyway and NRC

  30. Setekela Chipansi says:

    Watsala uyu Nsena amati Dakamau, he missled Gowelo so that he should be promoted to the post of PS, people feared Dakamau.

  31. Mbuzi Manokunsi says:

    Nyasatimes, this is nothing but the truth, Gowelo ma ARV sanamuthandize, he deserved the boot. All DCs and chiefs have lived in fear due to the act of this Gowelo man.

  32. Mseuwaboma says:

    Couldn’t agree more. These two cabinet ministers are a waste of space. Just because Kalirani worked as a senior WHO officer is no guarantee that she can perform. After all the UN is just a talking shop; I should know – I worked for UNDP for 5 years. The more you talk the more you are perceived to be working…

    As for Kasaila, he has inflicted unnecessary misery with his costly and time wasting new system at Road Traffic. And all for what? A hefty kickback from the supplier of the system? There was a news item recently saying that more money was collected for a particular month in 2015 than the for the same month in 2014. In true Malawi journalistic fashion there was no attempt made to compare the costs to generate this “wonderful” revenue under the new system. I have no doubt that if there had been a comparison between the overheads and more especially the manhours lost under the new system – the 2014 “lower” revenue would actually turn out to be higher than the 2015 revenue in net revenue terms. Productive hours of thousands of Malawians are being wasted just because Kasaila wants to prove a point. And no one seems to care about this…it is pathetic

  33. Dusty says:

    Unfortunately Peter’s opinion is not ur opinion thus why they are not fired.

  34. dun says:

    As for the road traffic,the system is good,except that its not perfectly running. I would have loved if it was being run parrarel until such a time it is able to run perfectly. Look,panopa amazakuuzani kuti process ina siyikutheka dikilani mzungu uja,U then waste time which is not right. Besides that we are paying a lot of money which of course is going to government thru a bank,am happy about it

  35. commentator says:

    Chiefs in cities caused no harm? I beg to differ, George. They are like old wine in new wine skins…ordering young people to harass individuals that are labeled social deviants regarding maliro, ordering funeral services to take place at busy road junction thereby inconveniencing well meaning residents, soliciting bribes, etc. I protest, and salute Gowelo on that one. But that is not to say he was an effective minister. That I don’t have enoughi information to judge him.

  36. mweziwawala says:

    Kalirani snored on duty and she calls herself a professional. My foot!

  37. mweziwawala says:

    Kalikuti really deserved a sack.She’s been the worst health minister who not only stored on duty but also didn’t understand her job description.What minister says she doesn’t know people are suffering in public hospitals;no drugs,one meal per day for patients, inadequate staffing etc,yet she told the media that all was well. May be she has been retained on basis that there are few women in the cabinet or borrowing JB’s words:’because she is a woman!’otherwise non performers like herself, in all fairness, the deserved the boot.

  38. Kalithera says:

    Wishful thinking my friend, just wait for your party MCP to get in power and make your stupid comment, son of a bitch

  39. Mbagwezi says:

    You have missed a point Mr Kasakula.Mr President still has the Prerogative to hire and fire ministers willy-nilly as he seems fit. As long as the changes will help him achieve his agenda,be it political or otherwise. You are crying over spilt Milk

  40. JK says:

    Your point are valid but as for chiefs Gowelo was right!!!and also on DC’s.. Those positions have been highly politicized.. You have 30 years olds who jumped from P7 to P2 and being DC’s as you say it!! Simply because of the orange or blue blood that flows in them.. Whether Gowelo’s intention was malicious ..but If he was dealing with DC’s who where unscrupulously promoted by some mafia like bosses in local govt .. Then he had the basis to deal with the issue …

  41. lover of malawi says:

    I think the system at road traffic is a good development in the sense that corruption at road traffic will be controlled as the so called ‘dobadobas) will have no business there. The only problem is that the centres especially in big cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre are not enough coupled with poor network system that is making process slow and resulting in people spend the whole day at road traffic. May you please open other centres and improve the network system. On the other hand parking of cars is becoming a major hustle especially in Lilongwe. Lets concede that the population is growing and many people are able to buy used cars so the service providers need to grow as well interms of capacity. A piece of advice to government ‘ please lets use the money to develop the country not for party functions’

  42. Zatonse says:

    NJOKA SAWETA Bwana state president koma inu muli busy~be uziweta tiyeni nazoni,, vuto lake olumidwa siinuyo koma abale anufe omwe tinakuyikani pa mpandofe ,,Tangoganizani kuMotuary kosungula Mitembo tizilipira zilibwino pamenepo,,Patient azilandila chakudya kamodzi patsiku bwanji pamenepo amalawi anzanga,, Ati ntchitotu za MAI JEAN KALILANI Ali phee mu office ndikumasayinira zimenezo ABWANA ndikumaziona ndikumazisekelera NJOKAYO NKUMAYIWETABE Very shameful indeed

  43. GANYAVU says:

    Nayenso Iyu jiny kalilani azipita atikwana anthu amenewa

  44. rough masambara says:

    The bigman himself also should have fired. For failling to control the economy look at the US Dollar and his minister is saying we will be happy next year shupit! Minister!

  45. Moses Makoko says:

    Mr. President
    I know you have got your own reasons when choosing who should get in your cabinet or not. However, in the name of fairness for 17 million malawians who are looking up to you as their father, relieve Hon. Kasaila from his duties and stop the current system of renewing licences at the road traffic until it is perfected.

    Hon. Kasaila together with the whole department of the road traffic are taking away your votes for 2019 at a supersonic rate you would not want to hear about. If you are not sure of this, please send one of your aides to the road traffic at Lilongwe so that they can see what malawians are going through. It is hell on earth!

    This is free advice.

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