Malawi cop Naphiyo nabbed over Njauju killing

Malawi police have confirmed the arrest of a cop who works in Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with the murder of Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Affairs Issa Njauju.

Gondwa: Conform the arrest

Gondwa: We have arrested one of ouw own

National Police Spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa confirmed the arrest of 43 year old Christopher Naphiyo.

However, Gondwa refused to give more details on the arrest, saying investigations are still going on therefore making details public would jeopardise the investigations

Naphiyo, a police criminal investigator at police headquarters in Lilongwe is the second person to be arrested after another suspect who was picked and charged with murder after he was found with Njaujus mobile phone.

Njauju was murdered on 2 July this year by unknown assailants and his body was dumped around City Centre in Lilongwe on July 4, triggering fear among family members and his colleagues.

Gondwa said Naphiyo is remanded at Maula prison in Lilongwe.

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72 thoughts on “Malawi cop Naphiyo nabbed over Njauju killing”

  1. Mussa Lupale says:

    Let them die too

  2. trouble says:

    allar wil take his course……..

  3. Zanga Phee! says:

    Allah has responded to prayers both Muslims and Christians.The guy died Innocent.There is time for everything.No doubt Government officials are part and parcel on this scenario let us wait and see.See my name

  4. Dyanguleje says:

    Don’t play ndi asilamu. What happened for Naphiyo to be arrested? It is not through investigations, no. I hear the guy started hallucinating and saying it in public. The govt feared awayalutsa due to public speaking and they decided to keep him away from public, behind bars!

  5. how cam the donor world trust you on your battle against corruption while killing watchdogs kapena tidziti ndi amayi apanga izzi?kena anthu ayamba kupha a polisi ngati za RsA COZ there is no faith in our police now they are our enermies for sure.

  6. Amini Mussa says:

    Allah sakusiyani chomcho,

  7. tan'gatan'ga says:

    kodi Naphiyo ndi ntundu wanji. Is it a coincidence?

  8. Aulule amene anamutuma chifukwa munthu wankulu monga uyu sangapange zofuna zayekha ayi pali wina apa tiululire chonde zitsafere wekha.

  9. bamusi says:

    Consequences of shading de Blood of One who prays de way prophets did.

  10. FBI says:

    Kodi a Naphiyo wo anatowatuma ndani popeza ache Njaujo sankachokera ku banki
    This was another state organised execution

  11. Formosa says:

    The Police kill people , rob them rape them and they hide under the same police service. If it is a culture in Police then stop recruiting people from one region or belt just to help rig elections. They are thugs. The traffic Police is worst, I understand the big Kahuna was a traffic policeman no wonder there too many traffic police on the roads. This was an obvious fact that police was involved 100%

  12. Eye Witness says:

    This Malawi is not safe with these police officers. Let alone the NIB.

  13. Shame to Malawi police. Malawi police are robbery, murderers what type of police is this? This is the end of DPP because DPP uses policemen to silence people couluka siku lina cizatela

  14. Lucia Chinguwo says:

    Evil peope. They should face the law.

  15. KING ANGELEZI II says:

    Please try as soon as posible to prosecute him rather than keeping him .people want justice on this matter.

  16. Mzimu wa ngaunju says:

    Ma pholisa a ku malawi ndilibe nanu mawu.
    Chimadziwa inu ndi kuba, kupha ndi chinyengo.
    Mudzafa imfa yowawa

  17. Mmm to say the truth, you pople who holds.the laws you are the ones brecking the laws of our mother Malawi and ndinu amene mumayambiysanso zipolowe olo kubweleketsa zida ngati mfuti ndipo pa mnyero panu apolice nonse

  18. Me says:

    nilibe polobulemo

  19. Bristol says:

    The death of Mr. Njauju should be investigated to the root and not otherwise and would want to see justice being done at the end of it all. I could see a big fish being arrested.

  20. Nditani ine says:

    Nganya pala ukakoma ndiwe mwana wawene ulula vose ulape. Zgola mafumbo ghatatu ghala.

  21. safusa says:

    oh dear

  22. Likaka says:

    Koma apolice anthu mumawagwirisa ntchito zolakwika ambuye akukhululukireni

  23. Ramzy Popcaan Mayaka says:

    ya thats it continue plz

  24. godfrey says:

    Amangidwe basi.

  25. zaya ku nkhongo says:

    I smell a rat. Squeeze him hard, hopefully he might reveal the main character behind the assassination of the late, there’s a big leopard behind him from whom he might receive the orders.

  26. Angel of Doom says:

    Why are we Malawians so daft?

    Why are people assuming Njaunju was killed because of his job? You said the same thing about Mphiyo, ndiuyo he is the chief architect of cashgate.

    Njaunju could have been killen pa nkhani za akazi!! people have been killed for less.

  27. Rift Valley says:

    There is no way Naphiyo would wake up one morning with the intention of killing Njauju. Some one instructed him to do so and I hope he will assist with enquiries. A Big Fish authorised the gruesome murder.

  28. GRM says:

    I pray for Police to uncover the people behind this crime. I am afraid the CID was involved. Who can beat these people who were trained with our taxes to protect us but use their skills to kill us? Oh!!! GOD!!! BLESS OUR LAND OF MALAWI!!!!

  29. Fbi says:

    A police ajayila kwambiri manganani

  30. chenene says:

    heeeey policewooo tu fyakwa!

  31. amdala says:

    Apatu ndiye mwayamba kugwira ntchito osati za aja okumba mbewa aja!! Pitilizani mpakana phata lake muliziwa ndithu!!!

  32. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Chenjezo!. Pali anthu ena mumakonda kugula katundu monga ma phone kwa anyamata oyendayenda mudzagwa nazo mmabvuto. Katundu kumagula ma shop okhazikika. Ndanena izi chifukwa nkutheka uja anapezeka ndi phone pa nkhaniyi anangogula mchimbulimbuli

  33. David Burton says:

    It was clear from the word go, the place where the body was found is a protected area no common murder could access that place unless U ‘ve authority like the nabbed cop(suspect)

  34. Akulisinga says:


  35. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    He has great great look-alikes with Dausi

  36. Namlomo says:

    Tampaneni awulure anzake ndipo atiuze zenizeni zomwe zinachitika tsikulo komanso zifukwa zake. Akuzunzitsa makolo ndi banja amenewa. So painful

  37. Alungwana says:

    Dausi should be next

  38. darth maul says:

    look to your sins christopher, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

  39. CHINGOLOPIYO says:

    My plea to the Vice President, you are very young can you resign you wont lose afraid because the team you are in is dirty.Why should you be in a bloody company?There is God. Politics will never offer a Godly platform. Ask Chakwera today.He has completely changed from what he was. He cant remember Matthews 6:18——-.Malawians let us pray hard, politicians are evil people

  40. mtochi says:

    But who murdered Robert Chasowa?

  41. John Mwalungila says:

    Khoswe wapa sindwi awululisa wapa dzala.

  42. Moses Makoko says:

    Pls do not kill him, let him lead us to the right plot. The very first plot @

  43. dadi says:

    some of these comments are deplorable-someday, someone will answer

  44. Phillip says:

    Just speculations.osawaipitsira dzina anthu.

  45. ANTI-GAY says:

    If this guy goes free it will mean one thing, police trying to show that they are doing something. Wina anpedzeka ndi phone ya malemu koma mpakana pano u say he is not guilty

  46. Zikatha says:

    The Malawi Police has no clue as to who are the real killers. Naphiyo is in for insulting the DPP of Njauju’s murder. Naphiyo arrest is just a scapegoat. Reliable sources

  47. Nyamanda says:

    Boma laululikatu pamenepa

  48. Boss says:

    Police please do postive great dealings to improve order in this country

  49. cbk says:

    Is this the reason why there was a delay for investigations?okeeey?Akakhala pa mkhateeeee!!!!!

  50. Kachuma says:

    IG wayamba nthano. Naphiyo sangapange zimenezo.

  51. Therere says:

    mumpane aulula ameneyo

  52. Mfumu ya Luntha says:

    Unfortunately Naphiyo will die before the court proceedings commence. Ndayionera patali game.

  53. Sizachilendo says:

    Munva kuti wamwalirila mu cell sinanga ya lakwa coz alipo ma big omwe anantuma.Tisanamizane kuti polisi provide security,it provide criminals.MALAWI POLICE HHM KOMA.

  54. Lovemore Mkhala says:

    Moyo wachikale analakwa chani mwana wa munthu

  55. Kadakwiza says:

    Naphiyo a tumbuka guy from Rumphi or Mzimba but is a tumbuka real, real tumbuka. Naphiyo. So he is a murder suspect? Ok. Malawians are watching very carefully until 2018.

  56. The real northerner says:

    Get the truth from me. The Malawi Police Service is just trying to gain mileage from the blues. I know Naphiyo in and out. The allegation levelled against him is rubbish, very rubbish. This is the work of Danken Mwapasa, a DPP follower. Mwapasa has now taken over the whole Area 30. He has shut up the mouths of all senior officers including the IG. For your own information, the service has no clue leading to who killed Njauju. The Malawi Police Service as of late has become one of the branches of DPP

  57. Malilime says:

    Ndi chain anthuwa nwayekha sizingatheke ayise zako zada ulula

  58. Malilime says:

    Nenani malume omwe adakutumani ifetu tikuwadziwa

  59. Zophana zachikale zimenezi, apolice gwirane wonse wokhuzidwa ndikhaniyi apo nde mwakwana zedi.

  60. Dyetsani Njomba says:

    cashgate coverup. Cashgate was rampant during Bingu’s time. JB anangopeza zobvunda.

  61. Truck says:


  62. Malawians, are we in safe hands?

    DEFINATELY NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Kanyimbi says:

    So instead of fighting crimes he is a criminal? Please our men in uniform be professional. Njauju was one of your workmate as far as crime fighting is concerned.

  64. Choonadi says:

    If a CID is arrested like this can you say government is interfering with investigations? You the so called analysts and commentators, what do you say now? Will you turn around and say it is cover-up?

  65. Kanthuakoo says:

    We knew it was someone from Police who did it. Naphiyo is not alone in this for am sure he did it on instructions from above. If I were Naphiyo, zako zada kale so start talking lest you be the sacrificial lamb. Njauju we hear was stopped by some police officers at or along crossroads and the passenger with him was ordered to drop the car and board a minibus.

  66. Choonadi says:

    “Gondwa conform the arrest”. Doesn’t someone do proof-reading and editing before publishing?

  67. mtengo wagwa says:

    Look now? People wanted to hide some information as regards to the missing MK577,000,000.00 as it has been witnessed by stealing documents at Germany Ambassador’s office. Mwazi wa munthu siwamasewera ayi.

  68. Lake Malawi says:

    Nanga bwanji mumafuna kumunamizira munthu amene anangogula phone kuti ndiye amene anapha?? Chilungamo chiwoneka; mwazi wa munthu ndiwowopsya

  69. Emmatuwa says:

    Mr Gondwa you doing a good Job arrest them

Comments are closed.

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