Malawi President hails UK, assures adherence to economic reforms

Malawi government remains hopeful that the expedition of economic and public service reforms will yield back donor confidence and facilitate return of budgetary support from the country’s traditional donors that closed pipes due to financial maladministration of the previous regime.

President Mutharika in audience Honourable Hugo Swire, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom

President Mutharika in audience with Hugo Swire, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom

This was said by President Professor Peter Mutharika in Malta when he held an audience with Hugo Swire who is Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom.

“We are doing all we can to restore donor confidence and it is our hope that having done almost everything, donors will come back with budget support,” said Mutharika.

“We are also working towards making sure that the country’s program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is back on track in the first quarter of 2016. We hope the UK government will come to our support in all these initiatives and resume budget support to Malawi,” added Mutharika.

President Mutharika also commended the United Kingdom for remaining a vigilant friend to Malawi in times of great need.

He singled out the help that UK rendered to Malawi during devastating floods that hit almost 25 percent of the country’s land mass early this year.

The Malawi leader further highlighted the important role that Malawi continues to play as a regional player within the SADC, COMESA and AU territories in view of political normalcy and peace keeping missions.

“My government is concerned with political turmoil in Burundi. You may wish to note that Burundi, alongside Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), are the major contributors of asylum seekers/refugees in Malawi. We are therefore always concerned with political turmoils in these countries. We are, however, hopeful that regional and continental efforts with support from countries like the United Kingdom and other bodies will work expeditiously to bring peace and normalcy in the region,” he said .

Mutharika added that he believe political and diplomatic solutions are the best means to resolve the problems in the region.

The President, however, was quick to point out that Malawi disciplined forces cannot currently join new peacekeeping missions due to lack of equipment for such endeavours.

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26 thoughts on “Malawi President hails UK, assures adherence to economic reforms”

  1. Winston msowoya says:

    I had commented on the issue of donors about a month ago on Peter’s assertion that Malawi does not need the help of donors anymore,it can stand on its own.I logically disputed his notions as false start.Here we are now,not even 3 months have past,he is making international flights to beg for funds which he characteristically uses for his own interests and those of his buffoons and morons.As it is,no matter how much the donors could donate,as long as transparency and unbridled corruptions are not controlled,he will remain an international beggar for decades.The way he runs the government as his personal fiefdom,Malawians are in for a long haul.One wonders,how could our brothers and sisters of Botswana for instance,manage to steadily maintain the best economy in the continent while the British colonialists left them on the same level with us? So,there is something wrong with our so-called leadership.The most amazing achievement the Tswanas have accomplished is the establishment of the national educational system which is free from lower classes to University level and health care readily available to every citizen poor or rich.Another thing which helps Botswana to thrive is the fact that TRIBALISM is an animal of the past.Let’s go on with name callings: Atumbuka,Achewa,Ayao,Alomwe,Asena etc,you will eventually reap what you planted you fools.

  2. Cleo24 says:

    How long are we gonna sing this song baba???? wat are doing on our own ???

  3. lackison says:

    Donors time is over tomorrow I ll make sure donors are back as soon as we finish the reforms

  4. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    APM has gotta be, arguably, the hardest working President we’ve had in this country. This is not a partisan point: I am talking about travelling with significant work projects in mind. Not just for pleasure. And travelling on commercial flights (I don’t like this), to boot!
    Thanks to the (financial) problems he inherited from Joisi Banda and PP, the President, sometimes seems to be going round and round in circle, just because of the breadth and magnitude of these problems. And, thank goodness: this guy will NOT give up. He’s was to working on very serious issues, as a Law Professor. His government’s efforts are herculean, to be sure. And foreign governments know that he has the best interest of this nation at heart. And help should soon start trickling in. To the chagrin of those who wish him personal failure. Aaaaaa.


    Last time I checked! Mutharika said time for bowing to donor countries is long gone. Now which donor countries is Mutharika talking about their coming back,and which did he say about long gone?

  6. flyton Manda says:

    Muddled thinking. To beg or not to beg. That is the question.

  7. mtima wa nyani says:

    ndalama za madonr za floods zili kuti? mungopempha zolowa mmatumba. tonani mmene ku nsanje kulli

  8. enidziko says:

    Let Mk557 billion be sorted out first then we can talk. Greedy thieves. Mwatamba tamba pano kwakuchelani.Wat weva.

  9. choka phiri says:

    Ngalu that we knew but u let him the land. JB tried to say recount which is normal but let a thief Mbendera read the winer. Dont forget APM was foreign minister during hus brothet. Hej was sent to UK after humiliating ambassadör. Did UK came back? NO. After Bingu The came As long as DDP/APM ruling no money from donera. Its not just about CashGate but Who is ruling country. Its the same blood. APM is desperate of donar money which comes in forex. These the money they steal. Forget donors money. Get lid of him or 2019. It was the same with Bakili, Bingu when they became rich they were rude to donors. Peter has already said he is.not using your money and travelling on taxpayers money what a ZERO BRAND PRO.

  10. kenzo says:

    This man is rubbish, not longer ago he imformed the nation about donors now he’s begging them to return? How folish is he?

    Those who beleive this old fool are stupit.

  11. Apawo says:

    APM should really make up his mind: Either he wants budgetary support to come back; or he accepts that it is not going to come back and he concentrates on getting loans from his BRICS “friends”.

    If he wants resumption of Western budgetary support then he knows what to do. He should be prepared to meet the tough but reasonable Western conditions fully. It is silly to expect Western donors to resume budgetary support while paying lip service to the 20 conditions that they have given.

    APM needs to be consistent; he should not behave like a mad man: Telling us we should forget about donors coming back one week then going begging to them the following week. He should choose one strategy and stick to it.

  12. levelheaded says:

    You little dunderheads with chicken brains! APM is highly respected lawyer and he knows how to approach to things. When he said the time for donor aid was over he was not actually meaning we should forget about any possible aid from them,he only wanted to catch attention from them.
    Its like you are waiting to be served lunch from noon only to realise some two hours later that you are likel6 not to be served any meal and later you tell the usher that you have lost the confidence that you will be served any soon, in that way you will make him remember how long you have been waiting to get served.
    In the bible Lot had waited optimistically that God was to bail him out from the turbulence he was going through but to no avail. But later when he started to accuse God and reminding how faithful he had been to Him, he caught His attention and later he was bailed out. That’s the strategy Apm has used and I hope he is winning.

  13. haward says:

    Mesa munkanena kuti the Time for donor Age is gone ndiye mukutinso abweranso azungu ndichuma chawo? Tulo sitikupezeka mukufuna ma dollars mutenge basi

  14. Green Grass says:

    When you were criticizing JB for bowing too much to donor demands I am sure that they were watching with keen interest and were certainly not amused. Now that you are feeling the pitch I am sure that the donors will make sure that you dance a bit to their tune so as to show you that JB was not as stupid as you made Malawians to think

  15. Funzo says:

    25% of land mass flooded? Less than 10% of Nsanje, one of the worst areas affected, was inundated. Where did the exaggerated figure come from?

  16. Chitapata says:


  17. Gadabwali says:

    Does it a nduna aku UK’ wo sanayankhepo, basi apulezident athuwo amadziyakhulira okha. We wanted kumva kuti m’mawu awo, the Minister of State at the foreing and commonwealth office said “……”

  18. Njolinjo says:

    Due to maladministration by previous regimes not regime chonde.

  19. Wooing and Convincing Donors Back to Malawi! May Their Trust Be Won Back. As Opposed To Derogatory Articles Clouding The Media Houses, Let Instructive and Constructive Messages Reign.

  20. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    Why is it that all of the advice is going in one direction: from them to us. They are also badly in need of advice. For example, they think that the best way to respond to bombing at home is with bombing abroad. This may help with the world’s over-population problem, but it will not make their country safer.

    We have some experience of how the alienation of immigrants develops in Britain:

    First generation migrants contrast the conditions they left behind with those they find in Britain. They are HAPPY with these differences.

    Second and subsequent generation migrants contrast the conditions they experience with the conditions their indigenous peers experience, and they are NOT HAPPY with these differences.

    While some of the latter differences are due to the puzzling dis-ease and embarrassment that some Britons feel in the presence of those whom they perceive as being different from themselves, a significant proportion of these differences is due to the failure of the parents of these young people to instill in them the attitudes, approaches and strategies that facilitate success in the host environment.

    The first generation immigrant parents often come from cultures in which parents take their responsibility for the socialization of their children very seriously. For many, it is their primary role in life. However, it is not a role for which they have learnt strategies appropriate to their new land. Consequently, instead of facilitating their children’s ability to grasp the opportunities available to them, they build barriers. This is especially true when these parents stress the protection of their children from negative aspects of the host culture, rather than concentrating on the positive aspects that both cultures share.

    A significant factor contributing to the alienation and subsequent radicalization of immigrant youth in Britain is the dearth of appropriate parenting skills present in immigrant families. If programs were provided that could train such skills, Britain would be a happier, safer, more prosperous place.

    So, my advice to the British is this: if you want to stop worrying about what young immigrants are doing within your borders, help to improve the parenting skills of their mothers and fathers; don’t bomb their uncles, aunts, and cousins outside your borders.

    Take a lesson from the blitz. The bombing of London and your other cities only strengthened your resolve. If education doesn’t solve your problem, you’re just not teaching the right stuff to the right people.

  21. dungulinya says:

    Way to go Prez.

  22. Joku joku says:

    But we will need the access to information bill the most for if the donors resumes aid what will happen to those monies?? How will the checks and balances be if we don’t have such bill passed in the house commons of Malawi? The donor country doesn’t give those monies to YOU as president but to the POOR Multitude of Malawi. How sure will we be of the accountability if you don’t consent the bill. To Donors
    multitude poor Malawi would
    necessarily want this happen

  23. john says:

    Look at this, we can’t even govern ourselves, we adhere to the laws of the white man for him to give us aid(a popular term used for extortion). When will we be able to move forward as a Malawian nation when we are so heavily reliant on the same people who colonised us and steal our resources. They ask us to change our cultures in exchange for donations of blankets and biscuits. They’re not our friends, their our slave masters.

  24. Galu Mtabeni says:

    This guy called APM doesnt know what to do with the govt he stole. Not long ago he told the whole nation that we should forget about donors because they are not coming back. Today, he is shamelessly back to the same donors pleading for their return. This president will not help us, he is very useless. Probably the most dull prof the world has ever seen. Pangani chimodzi man, donors or not and stick to that. Nonsense…

  25. ?? says:

    All I wishing you is healthier life, so that you can fight our poverty through this significant journey.people can talk,, but is just politics, thy know the truth. Kip going your excellency. We are on your side by prayer

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