Millions of Kwachas, US$58,000 found stashed in suitcases at Chaponda’s bedroom: Cash taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)  on Tuesday found thousands  of dollars  and millions of Kwachas stashed inside suitcases hidden in the bedroom of  Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda, during a search of a home in Lilongwe.

Search at Admarc yields documents

Authorities counting millions of cash found at Chaponda’s house. The cash has been taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi

Between US$58,000 and MK124 million in cash was found after a search of a home, according to authorities.

ACB raided the  residences of Chaponda and senior managers of the State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc).

“The cash that was found at Chaponda’s house was taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi for safety custody,” an investigator said.

Investigators are said to have found more money stashed in various locations of the house.

“We suspect money laundering activities for Minister Chaponda but there’s a presumption of innocence,” said the official.

The cash stashed in suitcases reminds Malawians of the biggest corruption scandal called ‘Cashgate’ scam which  involved fraudulent government payments for services not rendered and for “ghost pensions” to fictional government retirees.

Corrupt officials pocketed the money, using it to buy smart cars and mansions — or simply stuffed bundles of US dollars and Malawi kwacha in car boots, handbags and pillowcases, hence the “cash” in “Cashgate”.

During the search at offices of Admarc, the bureau searched and confiscated computers and several files.

The graft busting body  carried out the operation as part of the investigations into the maize procurement deal by Admarc from Zambia.

Among others, ACB investigators searched the houses of Admarc chief executive offiver Foster Mulumbe and his director of operations Feckson Kantonga.

Mulumbe is currently on forced leave he was given by Admarc board of directors to pave the way for investigations.


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Its quite pity when ‘Big Mbavas’ like Chaponda just walk freely. Indeed ku ndende ndi kwa anthu oba mazila ndi ma sweet! Shame indeed! Cry my beloved country!


If Pitala doesnt fire chaponda I will personally do it how God knows.

donald chiwindi

This is sorry for Malawians. We are suffering indeed kugwira nchito ndalama osaoneka. Look this ugly guy keeps all the money and buys all the pizzas and chickens for himself and the high protein does not even change the glow of his skin. God forbids.


Just by being found with so much liquid cash in the house, tells it all. It is a clear indication of money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, direct stealing from the Government, and corruption. A senior government minister like him to be associated with such
things is unbelievable. It is straight dismissal and jail term. That is what must happen right now!

Gerald mapanga Phiri

Kamlepo words is the truth. You christened him as a mentally sick person. Now what is this? Stop attacking him just start believing what he is talking.

Gringo wa Gringo

A Malawi anzanga okonda dziko lathu, kodi Santana amene amanyoza anthu pa nkhani ya Chaponda ndi DPP ali kuti? Tiziti akulira kuti ndalama zija amatukwanila anthu pano pa Nyasa Times zapita ndiyeno akuthandizila ambuyake kulira ndi kufunana ma lawyer? Wamuona Chauta zimene amapanga kuonetsa zonse pa mbalanganda. Go and repent and apologize to all people that you have insulted and abused in the name of defending your fellow thief Chaponda and DPP

Senford Kalonde

Kwavuta ku Nyasaland

Fwekufweku chi pitala mathanyula
Fwekufweku chi pitala mathanyula

Judge Chirwa of Mzuzu High Court i pat you on the back…So far you are the best judge without fear pf who is who in society. Osati tima judge tina who do not deserve to be at Supreme Court! Fuck off Judge Chirwa erred, erred in what? exercising justice? He is a judge of vision, he knew this stupid dog called chaponda chimanga is an imbecile who will do anything to obstruct justice. DAUSI ukumva bwanji mthupimo?


Malawi wa Moto….We Salute to Treacher Cashier of Bank Mkhonde in Malawi Honourable Gorge Chaponda……..thievs r thievs…like fathr like son…Lomwezi a all thievs….tired of u….Mzimba Kingdom more Fire…..under mwana wa kwa Gogo..

chabwera phiri

The UDF GROUP OF PARTIES at it again. As long as we keep voting for these UDF descendants we will be having this. If you do the same thing the same way you will always have the same results. We need real change!

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