Millions of Kwachas, US$58,000 found stashed in suitcases at Chaponda’s bedroom: Cash taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)  on Tuesday found thousands  of dollars  and millions of Kwachas stashed inside suitcases hidden in the bedroom of  Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda, during a search of a home in Lilongwe.

Search at Admarc yields documents

Authorities counting millions of cash found at Chaponda’s house. The cash has been taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi

Between US$58,000 and MK124 million in cash was found after a search of a home, according to authorities.

ACB raided the  residences of Chaponda and senior managers of the State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc).

“The cash that was found at Chaponda’s house was taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi for safety custody,” an investigator said.

Investigators are said to have found more money stashed in various locations of the house.

“We suspect money laundering activities for Minister Chaponda but there’s a presumption of innocence,” said the official.

The cash stashed in suitcases reminds Malawians of the biggest corruption scandal called ‘Cashgate’ scam which  involved fraudulent government payments for services not rendered and for “ghost pensions” to fictional government retirees.

Corrupt officials pocketed the money, using it to buy smart cars and mansions — or simply stuffed bundles of US dollars and Malawi kwacha in car boots, handbags and pillowcases, hence the “cash” in “Cashgate”.

During the search at offices of Admarc, the bureau searched and confiscated computers and several files.

The graft busting body  carried out the operation as part of the investigations into the maize procurement deal by Admarc from Zambia.

Among others, ACB investigators searched the houses of Admarc chief executive offiver Foster Mulumbe and his director of operations Feckson Kantonga.

Mulumbe is currently on forced leave he was given by Admarc board of directors to pave the way for investigations.


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47 thoughts on “Millions of Kwachas, US$58,000 found stashed in suitcases at Chaponda’s bedroom: Cash taken to Reserve Bank of Malawi”

  1. Chipalamandule says:

    Its quite pity when ‘Big Mbavas’ like Chaponda just walk freely. Indeed ku ndende ndi kwa anthu oba mazila ndi ma sweet! Shame indeed! Cry my beloved country!

  2. ndondwa says:

    If Pitala doesnt fire chaponda I will personally do it how God knows.

  3. This is sorry for Malawians. We are suffering indeed kugwira nchito ndalama osaoneka. Look this ugly guy keeps all the money and buys all the pizzas and chickens for himself and the high protein does not even change the glow of his skin. God forbids.

  4. gonni says:

    Just by being found with so much liquid cash in the house, tells it all. It is a clear indication of money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, direct stealing from the Government, and corruption. A senior government minister like him to be associated with such
    things is unbelievable. It is straight dismissal and jail term. That is what must happen right now!

  5. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    Kamlepo words is the truth. You christened him as a mentally sick person. Now what is this? Stop attacking him just start believing what he is talking.

  6. Gringo wa Gringo says:

    A Malawi anzanga okonda dziko lathu, kodi Santana amene amanyoza anthu pa nkhani ya Chaponda ndi DPP ali kuti? Tiziti akulira kuti ndalama zija amatukwanila anthu pano pa Nyasa Times zapita ndiyeno akuthandizila ambuyake kulira ndi kufunana ma lawyer? Wamuona Chauta zimene amapanga kuonetsa zonse pa mbalanganda. Go and repent and apologize to all people that you have insulted and abused in the name of defending your fellow thief Chaponda and DPP

  7. Senford Kalonde says:

    Kwavuta ku Nyasaland

  8. Fwekufweku chi pitala mathanyula says:

    Judge Chirwa of Mzuzu High Court i pat you on the back…So far you are the best judge without fear pf who is who in society. Osati tima judge tina who do not deserve to be at Supreme Court! Fuck off Judge Chirwa erred, erred in what? exercising justice? He is a judge of vision, he knew this stupid dog called chaponda chimanga is an imbecile who will do anything to obstruct justice. DAUSI ukumva bwanji mthupimo?

  9. John says:

    Malawi wa Moto….We Salute to Treacher Cashier of Bank Mkhonde in Malawi Honourable Gorge Chaponda……..thievs r thievs…like fathr like son…Lomwezi a all thievs….tired of u….Mzimba Kingdom more Fire…..under mwana wa kwa Gogo..

  10. chabwera phiri says:

    The UDF GROUP OF PARTIES at it again. As long as we keep voting for these UDF descendants we will be having this. If you do the same thing the same way you will always have the same results. We need real change!

  11. thoko says:

    boma la zitsiru kuyambira president. no wonder, kunyasa ndi maonekedwe omwe. anthu ena amakhala onyasa nkhope koma mtima wabwino. koma a DPP eee! kunyasa zonse. mzosadabwitsa izi zikufanana ndi maonekedwe awo.

  12. tozer tsono says:

    This is just the beginning, because Chaponda in his defense alleges that northerners are not investigated. He needs to provide evidence of who is involved in swindling the citizens of Malawi and how much has been stolen. Otherwise he just admitted by his lackluster, biased, and piggish allegation, that he is guilty.

  13. Omex70 says:

    President Peter Mutharika is just a puppet. He can’t make decision to fire his fail thief, Chaponda. If God is punishing Malawi for voting DPP back to power, then we have learned it in hard way. I believe even these stupid ladies who dance for the president have learnt something if they are normal in their heads. It is only those people who are abnormal that can side with DPP and try to defend it .

  14. Makono-Kaya says:

    zandiwopsya..ngat Chapondayo ali ndizindalama zimenezi nde Peter Mutharika ali ndi zotani?..

  15. zanu izo! says:

    sinu osawuka chifukwa cha munthu……kulephera ndikumene kumakupweteketsani
    1. zolandira
    2. mukufuna chilichonse chawulere ( kuyambira sikero, primary, secondary bursary, university bursary, chipatala) zonsezi ulere.
    mukukula mopusa a Malawi.
    imene mukuyang’anayi ndi mbali imodzi yosakaza chuma cha boma koma ana amene akubeleka anthu anu ma constituency anuwo akutitheranso ndalama… billion kukudyetsani.

    ana mubereke kuti muwadyetsa

  16. preckad says:


  17. Apao Kugola says:

    Whether people say Chaponda is treasurer for Bank Mkhonde ya ma Minister or not, the fact that such huge sum of money (by Malawi standards) has been found in his house instead of depositing in banks is a true sign of money laundering, and it is a crime. Such a minister cannot stand in a noble house like a parliament unless all the other parliamentarians are as stupid as the corrupt minister himself. I expect MCP and PP to push Chaponda out of parliament or else walk out in solidarity to save the nation from this gross embarrassment. We cannot ask the president any further to fire or suspend Chaponda for smooth investigations. The president is a BIG THIEF! Peter Mutharika cannot act on corrupt issues in Malawi for fear of being demanded to extend the net to Bingu wa Mutharika’s rooting of public resources. If all fails, July 20 is a must! Ma Demonstration wochotsa not only Chaponda but also the ring leader, life or death!

    1. ryn says:

      vry shameful I cry for my beloved country

  18. benjones says:

    Check all politicians i am sure you will find very shocking figures both in there house and in their foreign accounts. i Know of few who boast their richness. In our next election we should refuse to vote for any politician who has been in politics for more that 10 years.

  19. New Blood says:

    Akanakhala kuti wachita zimenezi ndi wina bwezi pano ali mu cell kale koma Chapondayu mukumusiyilanji .choncho can he be our next president, I doubt , Malawi woyeee DPP Woyeee

  20. chemuyaya says:

    How i wish the same ACB searched Nankhumwa’s residence!!! If wishes were horses

  21. ANALYST says:

    Vuto ndi a Malawi kusamvaaa! I have said it before and will say it again – Why did Malawians vote for the DPP agan in 2014 after only 2 years earlier being subjected to torture of the highest order by this mafia political party?? Zoona mavuto onse aja timaona nthawi ya Bingu ija aMalawi nkuiwala navoteranso DPP mu 2014?? Ndikunena pano, DPP yomweyi itha kuwina if we had polls in Malawi!!!!!! What is wrong with Malawians?? This issue of voting based on tribal lines is derailing the progress of this country! Vote for someone because they are capable of leading us not because they come from our home or region! Otherwise, mapeto ake ndi zimenezi – cashgate ija ndi imeneyi! Anayambitsa cashgate (the fathers and founders of cashgate) ndi amenewa! K577 billion ija ndi imeneyi! Shame on Malawians who voted for these thieves

    1. melody says:

      Analyst, vuto lake ma vote ndi mmidzi nde anthu a mmidzi ndi omwe amatipweteketsa. Zoti pano akuvutika alibe nazo ntchito. Akayamba ma campaign nkuwapatsa chitenje basi zatheka.

  22. Jelbin mk says:

    Muntharika is incapacitated, the guy can hardly make a decission. They rigged elections and Chaponda was one of the architecs so DPP is afraid he’s gonna spill the bins.

  23. The Wise says:

    I’m told he is the treasurer general of DPP cabinet Bank Mkonde and meanwhile the chairman, Peter Muthirika, is very angry and cannot believe or understand as to why George was keeping this cash in his room and not at the bank … kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    What goes up will always come down.

  24. kwacha says:

    Babylon is falling. This is just a tip of a glacier that is heated enough to just melt. with two years to the next election, am sure there is just plenty to watch until the last man stand. very frustrating to APM and his regime, a sad development. shame

  25. Mwenye says:

    Malawians should learn a bitter lesson for voting DPP back into power. Anatinamiza anthu awa. DPP is the mother of cash gate. They started it and they know how to proceed with it. I am now made to believe that Amayi was right to say cashgate is a brain child of DPP.

  26. lemson says:

    Amwenye onse asesedwe…..akutibela forex. Komanso onse ma politicians and civil servants asesedwe mnyumba mwawo. How can a copy typist in government build a mansion, which monies? How much is a typist getting in government? Check Ms Kangwere ku area 6, a mere copy typist who calls herself secretary wa mboma. Sesani

  27. ulumba boy says:

    so what is the next move?

  28. Director of Operations at ADMARC! Sorry for this young guy

  29. Mr Maize says:


  30. angoni apaphata says:

    Koma akulu akulu…. zikukhala bwanji kodi dziko ili? Eishhhh….. zotopetsa

  31. Arthur says:

    Oopsy is it.

  32. The Partriot says:

    Mangani munthu! Enough evidence for corruption and money laundering!
    Your excellency APM….if you ever needed a reason to fire one old George Chaponda….the time is now!!!
    Fire him and let the ACB arrest him!!!!

  33. Tozer tsono says:

    This raid was anticipated by both Chaponda and Mulumbe. Money must be stashed somewhere else. Relatives both abroad and in the country, are participating in the loot.
    Chaponda’s comment on regionalism and biased investigations was the most telling admission of his complicity in corruption. He could assist by revealing who else is stealing and how much they have stolen.

  34. Baba wa boy says:

    This could could mean he is behind the burning of the government building.

    That should also be investigated, and he need to be held accountable for that too. the cost of repairing the office building is his fault.

    add arson to the charges.

  35. Moya says:

    Is this real of fake news. If the former, the citizens are vindicated. This rot stinks.

  36. Mphepozinai says:

    This nyakuba government full of mbava zokhazokha. Mutharika should resign and call for fresh elections! Apo bii law of the jungle basi. How can a sane country be ruled by looters?

  37. Jay says:

    ..and then we wander why on earth we are still where we are today after 52 years of independence…self enrichment is a sad story of African independence

  38. mbululudzi says:

    here is athief being protected by the establishment. machende ake amayenera kupasidwa kwa agalu kuti adye

  39. Mwakipiki says:

    And the Minister still refuses to resign and the Appointing Authority failing to fire the Minister. Two possibilities arise here: Either the Appointing Authority is incapacitated or it is also deeply rooted and implicated in the corruption scam.

  40. Byron says:

    I said it one time that these selfish DPP politicians can run but they can’t hide. They have done enough damage to the country and it’s about time they face the music. Due to the fact that they are swimming in stolen money, the members of parliament belonging to the ruling party are objecting to electoral reforms. However, the tide is rising and change to the electoral process is inevitable.

    We want complete sanity in our country; no theft on public purse, no cheating in elections, no tribalism, and a united Malawi of purpose that is a beacon for prosperity in the region. The journey will have to start with a smooth electoral process in 2019 when true and progressive leaders with energy are elected. Servant leadership is the secret to Malawi’s transformation. We don’t want any passive leadership anymore, leadership that tolerates theft and tribalism within its fold. Malawi can do a lot better because it has potential. It will only take prudent leadership that sieves out the Chapondas of tomorrow in order for the country to develop.

  41. naphili says:

    Well, well, well! Now search the homes of all the ministers! This is just a start.

  42. malawi is dead says:

    i thought only mwenyes are hoarding / keeping forex and cashii..
    bwanji lodi what is happening here..
    we malawians are the biggest thieves killing our own country

    1. Pida says:


    2. Sons sona says:

      Go n check mwenyes bank accounts full overdrafts then talk

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