MP Lunguzi says govt ‘in denial’ over Malawi maize crisis

Vocal opposition lawmaker Juliana Lunguzi says government needs to stop pretending that people are not dying with starvation, saying the situation of the ground is dire.

Lunguzi says DPP living in a state of deluded denial

Lunguzi says DPP living in a state of deluded denial

“I live on the ground people are suffering people are starving,” said Lunguzi, MP for Malawi Congress Party in Dedza East constituency.

“Very unfortunate that somebody want to deny the reality on the ground,” she added in an interview on Capital Radio.

Lunguzi said for Malawi to receive more aid on maize from China” is an admission there is shortage.”

The MCP legislature strongly believes the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is “in denial” about its “appalling” economic record.

As hunger continues to bite in the country, huge crowds are thronging Admarc depots have become order of the day.

President Peter Mutharika this week addressed the nation on the maize issue warning that the police would arrest anyone found profiteering from the maize from Admarc.

Vendors are reportedly flooding Admarc depots and re-selling the now scarce commodity at exorbitant prices.

Mutharika said: ‘‘This is outrageous and most criminal. It is moral recklessness which I am not going to tolerate, or allow to continue. I strongly warn anyone against such atrocities. This has to stop immediately.”

But activist Billy Mayaya dismissed Mutharika’s intervention, as quoted by Weekend Nation, saying what the President was doing was a misplaced blame game, and stressed that government must take decisive action to solve the problem instead of issuing rhetoric.

Said Mayaya: “We elect leaders to represent us and fulfil our aspirations. What we are seeing is a president pushing blame on vendors and institutions. The vendors and institutions can be controlled; he just has to take action.’’

Over 2.8 million Malawian are food insecure currently, according to the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (Mvac) but the threat of El Nino which is hitting southern Africa has heightened fears that many more will join the long list in need of food aid.

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27 thoughts on “MP Lunguzi says govt ‘in denial’ over Malawi maize crisis”

  1. Mphunzi says:

    Julie, osadandaula tidya chimanga chapansalu ya DPP and everything will all right

  2. Ntakataka says:

    How does Mathanyula sleep at night???? It has become very clear that this administration has failed miserably. The most honorable thing is to quit because forceful removal is now inevitable

  3. Kachindamoto says:

    Whether its at the hands of Americans, The British or Malawians this Mathanyula guy gotta go. We’ve had enough of him

  4. 34 says:

    What we have in Malawi is relative hunger, that is to say we are saying there is hunger because of a shortage in maize supply and prices have gone up and only those with money can afford. While the issue is money and affordability of maize even if maize was affordable and it was still in low supply the hunger would still be relative be because Malawi has other edibles that can be substituted in place of maize. However Malawians are not willing to eat these things because maize is engrained in our minds, that the lack of it causes problems even though we can eat something else. Hunger in Malawi is always relative not absolute. I wish Malawians adopted new ways of doing things, grow Maize but also grow other foods not only for sale but as a buffer to their maize supplies it would help a lot. Sometime back Muluzi made a similar statement but he was ridiculed and people laughed it off a joke. Food is not only maize.

  5. mwachaje says:

    Talk is cheap, in fact it is the cheapest of all things. As an MP what are you going to DO, Namulangeni?

  6. Zex says:

    Tatopa nanu anthu adyera inu,chimanga kudula ngati chimachokera kunja?

  7. wewe says:

    These are just political rhetorics. Lunguzi, you do not know what you are saying. What have you done to your people upon seeing this problem. Remember this is time to show your strength to work with the Government so that you can develop your area. Its not time for campaigning or time to critisize. If you are not careful enough you will end up into MP come 2023/4 in MCP Government. Try to strategies your area and find the solution for your people so that next term you should be elected again. Otherwise, if you continue critisizing the Government continuously… Tikuonera with your BSc in Nursing yo. Ukagwira nayo mu CHAM after loosing elections in 2019.

  8. Fwimbi says:

    With the rate at which our currency races against major currencies, the price for maize is justified. However, the question should be raised to govt about salaries of its employees that can’t match or allow parting for the basic need of human being.
    It is now common and bare that this governance has failed the nation.

  9. Billy says:

    Always government government Mesa iwenso uli govt momwemo. Ndiinu nomwe anthu olemelanu mukuononga Admac. Fuck you all malawi’s politicians

  10. mphawi says:

    No hunger in Malawi but poverty

  11. Kessings Mphale says:

    Kumalawi kuno kulibe njala koma kuli umphwi. Chimaga chilipo chambiri misikamu koma kut upeze ndalama yoti ukagule nde mabvuto

  12. Nyoni says:

    Saad Juli ndi hope anga ngale ndili kamnyamata ma twenties umu! Hon wathawathu osaopa adangonjetsa Atupele, a hon ife tili pambuyo panu mpaka muzatopa nokha ngati Baba, njala ndiye yavutadi pa Mlangeni pa eish sizili bwino

  13. Luwalazi says:

    Julie, so proud of you. You are the voice for the voiceless. Make these dogs run for their money

  14. Nanyati says:

    Chimanga chikupezeka ndi amalawi osowa Chikondi.zoona chimanga cholima a Malawi,chogulidwa mmalawi pa mtengo wotsika pa nthawi ya nkholola,nkumagulitsa 15 sauzande kwa a Malawi osauka?kodi mtengo wa 15 ndiwaboma?akugulitsa chimanga Ku admarc ndi aboma?katangale wawoyo akulowa mu thumba LA boma? AMalawi tiyeni tiyambe kukonda Malawi.Dzikola anthu osauka,odziwa kiberekana ngati makoswe nkumathawa kupereka za kayesala kwa kayesala,lingadzidyetse bwanji.Nthawi ya kamuzu kunalinso njala,ana aku mayani,kaphuka tsoyo,chikuse,ankadwala malnutrition, kodi mwaiwala amalawi, Lets work on preventing our over population, work hard, be united, pay our tax,love our country. Tisiye kudalira misonkho ya ena aMALAWI.

  15. Malawians cannot afford to buy a 50kg bag of maize @ K15000, a packet of sugar @ K750, rice K900 Kg etc… The leadership of this country should be very serious on food. Prices of food should be controlled by government by any means. Employ people to go around in markets to control prices. We have refuges in this country who are contributing in punishing Malawians selling things at higher prices and yet government is just quiet doing no action…

  16. Dwambazi says:

    Not only in denial but also delusional, anybody who criticizes them is against them. They are so insecure it’s pathetic

  17. Boma says:

    Viva JL, U are my pillar of hope.

  18. Gertude says:

    Tidya chimanga cha pansalu ya DPP, chala chimodzi mwamba, anthu a kugona ku ADMARC zachisoni I have never seen this before.

    1. Sapitwa says:

      It has been there before during Kamuzu and Bakili except Bingu and JB. History is repeating itself.

  19. Salladhor Saan says:

    I know Malawians are thick, but I did know how thick.

    How can the whole population expect to fed by the state. If there is a shortage of food the job of Government is to feed those that are helpless, not the whole nation.

    Governments job is to dictate rationing, not provide the food.

    In any case stupid Malawians are taking the maize to Mozambique to sell it there, while blaming Government.

    Malawians have no discipline, Malawians are a disgrace!!

  20. Chimesya says:

    So Juliana, you as an MP of that area, what are you doing about it? As you have already said it, you are the first line of leadership there. You are government. You are paid to find solutions.

  21. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Peter wayamba kuona mazanganzime

  22. Cashgate1 says:

    From the word go, I doubted the capabilities of this guy called “Peter” At times I question his “Professorship”. Is he really that kind of person or something which was made for Malawians to believe. How come he is so blank in so many National issues and seems not to provide solutions? I am not a fun of Munthalika’s, but despite other shortfalls, the “elder” Munthalika (MHSRIP) was much better than this “ibu” guy. I wish he could come to his senses and acknowledge that he has failed this country and need to retire and go back to his country. If he stays around poverty may catch up with him considering the rate at which kwacha is falling. This is history in making where Kwacha would go up to 780 against dollar. By the way NFRA boss lied to him that Malawi has enough maize and we need to sell the surplus, really? How come ADMARC depots are empty? RBM boss is also lying to him that Kwacha will stabilize soon, for how long will that happen, 2, 3, or 4 Months? Chibwana chachuluka pa Malawi and that’s why our priorities are always upside down. People roughed at Juliana not long ago when she suggested that govt should stop this Kusolola Project- Malata/Cement subsidy and ensure that we have enough maize. What did Atupele said? Now who is sensible person? DPP/APM wake up, otherwise you have spoiled Malawi. I see that the policies that you said you will accomplish were just copied from somewhere and you are now failing to implement other peoples ideas, it wasn’t yours.

  23. salladhor saan says:

    when my beautiful wife-to-be suggested that we put on hold the mchenga and maduka subsidy and we should instead concentrate on stockpiling food and medicines, you ridiculed and insulted her. now the cows are facing the cart.

    my mahope saw this disaster coming a long time ago. she’s just too intelligent for this country.

  24. 2016 welcome says:

    Whether some people will deliberately choose to scorn MP Lunguzi for truth telling, the dire situation on the ground doesn’t need any scientific study to know the truth. A simple observation(transect walk) will reveal the mammoth crowds of desperate Malawians thronging the ADMARC depots. And against this the only thing the president has done is to issue verbal warnings over and over again. No action. So inept and indecisive. Even in lower system say, school when you offend for first time you are issued with verbal warning , of course depending on the gravity of the matter. When you do it again the next course of action becomes stiffer. That’s how you protect people. If Mr President you don’t know how to do this let me suggest to you. This matter is a serious one and requires urgent action: Squeeze the line minister, the minister will squeeze the PS, the PS squeeze the directors, then departmental heads down to the very bottom. Monitor every step and note where failure is. Deal with that immediately. We have all these structures in place why should we fail to track it?

  25. Juliana what have you done on your part to help the needy?

  26. BOKHO says:

    That is Lunguzi I know. Very strong young lady MP but brains

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