All set for Catholics, Evangelicals anti-abortion march

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) and Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) have announced that all is set for Tuesday’s 6th December nationwide demonstrations  against pregnancy termination, among others.

Rev Kachipapa and organisers of pro-life march addressing the media

Rev Kachipapa and organisers of pro-life march addressing the media

Munthali: All is set for 6 December March

Munthali: All is set for 6 December March

The two faith organisations announced their plan to hold a nationwide protests against legalization of  abortion and homosexuality dubbed Citizen’s March for Life and Family.

According to the churches, the family life  wasunder attack by “the agents of culture of death” and “adversaries of family” who had launched a hugely funded campaign against the killing of unborn children and legalization of homosexuality.

However, speaking at a news conference in Lilongwe on Monday, the Chairperson of the National Taskforce for Citizen’s March for Life and Family,  Martin Chiphwanya, who is also the National Secretary of the Catholic Commission for Justice (CCJP) indicated that all was set for the demonstrations.

“We can confirm with you today that all the procedures and preparations necessitating this march have been followed. And we are proud to announce to you that the stage is now prepared for all Malawians of goodwill to celebrate life and family,” said Chiphwanya.

Taking his turn Deputy General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of Malawi Reverend Grey Mwalabu said that Citizen’s March for Life and Family is an open call to patriotism.

“Citizen’s March for Life and Family is an open call to all Malawians to stand up for what is morally right today in the face of the hugely funded campaign for the killing of unborn children (abortion) and legalization of homosexual practices and unions which are a direct attack on life and family respectively,” said Mwalabu.

According to Rev. Matilda Matabwa the Secretary General of Malawi Assemblies of God – a member of Evangelical Association of Malawi- the Citizen’s March for life and family was not a demonstration against anyone or entity but rather a celebration of life and family.

“We would like to emphasize here that the march is about a public celebration, defence and reaffirmation of the following truths and facts about life and family as enshrined in our laws, culture, beliefs and value system as a nation: life begins at conception; life is sacred and must be safeguarded with extreme care from conception; life must be preserved and protected from conception; sex and marriage is naturally between man and woman; and Man and Woman union is the naturally ideal and complete basic unit of a society” said Matabwa.

CCAP Nkhoma Synod General Secretary Vasco Kachipapa appealed to all Malawians to participate in this march as a clear expression of their love for the country as well defending their values and faiths.

But some rights-based organisations in the country.fear the demos may culminate into violating the rights of other minority groups, as the march also targets same-sex marriages.

The CSOs include Centre for Development of People (Cedep), Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and the Malawi Network of Religious Leaders living with HIV/Aids (Manerela).

The CSOs said the faith community is wrong to call for nationwide protests on the issues, saying they have no mandate to “dictate the feelings of everyone in the country.”

“To begin with, Malawi is a secular state, and as such, all views should be considered equally. The framers of our Constitution were cognisant of the importance of protecting views of minority or secular views,” said the CSOs.

However, when asked by journalists about ECM’s and EAM reaction to the CSOs stand and accusations that  the church had lost the direction by focusing on trivia rather than serious matters that affect the nation like shortage of drugs, and electricity, the Secretary of the National Taskforce for Life and Family,  Makhumbo Munthali, who is also the National Secretary of the Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission, said the Cedep’s boss was entitled to his opinion despite his remarks being misplaced.

“ We respect the opinion of Cedep. However, as a self-acclaimed human rights defender Mr. Gift Trapence must be in a better position to know that right to life is the first amongst all human rights. You cannot talk about economic rights before talking about life. We are talking about life being at stake. In fact, we were supposed to respond to this yesterday.  What the churches are doing now is to stand up for the right of unborn children whose plight are under immense danger from a highly funded campaign of the killing of unborn children. Both the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) recognizes the right of the child before and after birth.  The church will always speak for the voiceless,” said Munthali.

Meanwhile, Munthali announced that they were cleared by authorities to conduct this peaceful march, and provided the routes for the 4 cities and 28 districts for the March.


The colour for the March is white but according to Rev. Vascal Kachipapa members of the clergy were allowed to put on their clerical attire. T-Shirts for the March will be sold at K3000.

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8 thoughts on “All set for Catholics, Evangelicals anti-abortion march”

  1. Zamimba says:

    If the legislators dare to pass the bill, then they are immoral and anti-Christ as someone put it. Why promote evil? Where is your conscious Malawi? It is better to die poor and enter heaven than to die rich and enter hello.

  2. chakaziwa says:

    Abortion is a woman’ s painful decision. No woman want to do abortion. Many pregnancies don’t end in abrogation. If it was like that Malawi to day could not have a population of 16 million. Before a woman do abortion she goes into very hard, psychological state. Every woman dream and want to have a child. It is a situation which make a woman to do abortion. These are the reasons: RAPE, ILLNESS, POVERTY etc. I want to ask the churches do they want a woman whom is risking her life to give birth despite she will die? Do they want a girl who is raped to keep unborn child? U are talking about women or girls what about men and boys who rape girls or married and grown up men who use girls to stop using young poor girls? It was OK when Catholic priest and even now priests and pastors are still using young girls to stop. It is men’s responsibility to stop pregnancy but they always want a woman to stop this?
    What is a man’s responsibility in a society? U always blame Westerners but if u look at where young girls get pregnant most is Africa/Malawi. In western girls and boys are well informed about sex in schools. They are well informed about danger of Earl sex. Well informed about sickness like HIV, Gonoria, syfiris etc. Where HIV hitted more? Western or Africa/Malawi? Why? When they want to introduce sex education in schools ” u refuse and defend yourselves that it is against your culture and religious beliefs. What u forget Christianity came to Africa with western. Islam came with the Arabs. To day Malawians think they are the most Christians. At the same time sinners. Everything Africa have are imported from Western. It could have been better if we had our own culture which is better to defend us than the Way it is now CONFUSED. Malawi could avoid this abortion which is dangerous and not good by having good healthy system, good sex education in schools. Also punish married men who make girls pregnant instead of blaming a girl. Most times government official use girls when they are on government sessions and they are not punished instead defend them. That can not be in western countries. Why men don’t protect themselves to avoid making a girl pregnant? U can not see a young school girl getting pregnant in west because both man or boy are aware of the result. In Malawi again men defend sex education as promoting sex. It is not. Sex education. Which my children have got through school is telling children to wait with sex and all what sex can lead to. It’s very good education which I which I got as young girl. There is so much double moral in Malawi. Most are men and religious people who claim they are perfect but in closed doors are rubbish. The church should demonstrate about bad economy which forces girls to sell themselves. Also tell those married men to stop using girls. That is what they should be doing.

  3. Dzambo says:

    Wina Amanda bizinesi pompa? T_shirt 3000?

  4. A Thin says:

    The problem is blindness all faith leaders and followers, democracy is the matter of all mess, that’s the style the antichist put in place to conquer and deceive the elect. Refrain from all organised groups namely UN to begin with wcc, usaid, unesco, interfaith, ecm, mcc, unaid, wfp, and many more. they all leads to nwo.

  5. San says:

    I Support the demonstrators! Those who are for abortion, why do not engage themselves in bringing awareness to these women not to engage in unprotected sex if they do not want to give birth rather than waiting them to get pregnant and then tell them to kill the foetus. Ufiti ! kukhwima! kapena kutamba1

  6. Yankho says:


  7. A thumbs up to all organizers and stakeholders of the proposed anti-abortion and same sex marriages peaceful march slated for today in all the districts of the country. Malawians should accept foreign cultures and influence in the name of minority rights just because a few individuals want to pocket money from donors. Where were the pro-abortion and same sex marriages all these years? When did they realize that the minority rights are being infringed. Messrs Mtambo, Trapence and Reverend Sembereka should not think that they will excel in their battle/fight against minority rights. They may win in other rights issues but this one is a non starter.

  8. santana says:

    T-Shirts for the march will be sold at K3000.00, really? What if the MPs accept this nasty thing in Parliament and pass the bill?

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