Student forced out of Mzuzu school over gay claims

A student and a cook were pressured to withdraw from Mzuzu Government Secondary School when authorities suspected they were homosexuals.

The two were implicated in gay web reportedly sprawling at the school.

The school’s deputy head teacher Fides Msowoya summoned the Form Four boy (name withheld because he is a minor) and asked him about the allegations that he was having sexual relationships with fellow boys.

Msowoya advised the student that homosexual is a sin and the school cannot allow him to be “promoting a sinful lifestyle”.

He was kicked out for being gay but was not open about it.

The student left the school and spoke to Nyasa Times that “it’s ridiculous that in this day and age to be excluded from your own school for being gay.”

School Gilbert Nyasulu has also been kicked out over allegations that he entices the schoolboys into sexual relationships with promises of better food.

The cook has a wife and children.

The gay claims were not verified.

The development comes after Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu reaffirmed government decision to halt the arrest and prosecution of gay citizens while lawmakers review existing anti-gay laws.

Rights groups Human Rights Watch and the Centre for the Development of the People praised the Malawian government for upholding its 2012 commitment, after prosecutors dropped charges against a same-sex couple.

The rights groups said two men were detained by a neighborhood watch team, who turned them over to police. The men were forced to undergo medical tests and charged with sodomy.

This was the first arrest since 2009, when a gay couple was jailed and pardoned a year later.


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37 thoughts on “Student forced out of Mzuzu school over gay claims”

  1. Bonyongo says:

    People are very selfish on home sexuality.i know the bible clearly says,’for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’.what right are u giving to a sinful act and the right activists, what special this right of minority is?this actually surfaces ur greedy have just discovered the way of making money through your evil proclamation.

  2. NYALUGWE G1 says:


  3. more $ says:

    Thou shalt not judge. What sins do we all commit in the dark? Kodi u gay ndiye ntchimo lalikuru kwambiri? Nanga mbavazi, afiti, maprophet onamawa, satanists, rapists, defilers? ah!!! Malawians.

  4. nomachelsea says:

    nkhani zonyasazi zikuyenera kuchitika kuti The Holy Bible likhale loona..

  5. chimutuwaka says:

    sodom and Gomorrah were brought to ashes because of the same…Malawian hv little control over this despite being a sovereign state since the dollar is in great control..Jesus promised to come again for his erect and very soon..his promise will come to pass. les get prepared than being busy discussing earthly issues

  6. Where is my Malawi going?

  7. Alaska kaborn says:

    really the son of God is about to come. these are just sigñs of his coming. plź repent before judgement ďay

  8. Joseph Moyo says:

    sndmaona chifukwa cholimbanila ndi ma gay chifukwa ine olo zitavutabwanji sndngapnge.enanu mukudabwisatu ngat ndi jelous nanunso panganibwanj simukamba zoledzeranso?MMENE MUKULEDZELERA ANTHU.BAIBULO limati ntchito za thupi zoonekera poyera ndizo chigololo ufiti umbanda….pamenepa palichimoz?

  9. Joseph Moyo says:

    tikuvutikiranji kodi malamulo akutichani za gay tisate zimenezo.we are deliberately bending them in favour of budgtary support shame on how cn you say that Malawi is sovereign state?nanunso a head ku Mzuzu mwanyulatu ngat simuziwa munthu sakhala olakwa ku fikira khot litagamala chocho.ngat mukuwerenga nyasa times abwezeri pasukulu komanso cook pa ntchto.akusumilatu mwaipisira mbiri.mwaona zomwe walemba wa nyasayu wati zilibe umbon wa ithawanso nkhani wat akugazilidwa kut ndi have a case to answer b clever reverse your decision!

  10. Mjomba Yusuf Jonas says:

    If we were been expelled from Secondary Schools due to same sex relation ship, should we allow gay or lasbian young men doing their sodomy publicly as if they are at guest houses?

    Above all “MATHANYULA KWATHU KUNO AYI” we dont want to be punished as gomolla did to peaple

  11. Misi Aufi Anguisher says:

    “If you hve never ever sinned cast a first stone on her”musiyeni namsongole ndi tiligu akulire limodzi adzaowona zochita mwini munda podzakolola.Lets spread the words of God wherever,whenver n to whover choice is their’s!God assist us all!dont let us alon

  12. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Our Father God commands everyone everywhere to repent and and be born again, for these are indeed very perilous times. To all, God warns us further to reprove, rebuke, warn, teach, instruct one another with all constant diligence, and with all kinds of prayer and perseverance in Forgiving and loving all such blind ones, for the love of many waxes cold nowadays through such constant onslaughts from the wicked ones, and instead of correcting others, we find ourselves also under the onslaught of temptations to add sin to sin. Let us therefore, ensure that we correct one another with all humility, lest we also be tempted and fall into sin and condemnation!!!!

  13. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    OMG. Court action is needed by the expelled student and fired cook baasi. Suspicions do not ,mean guilt; and guilt in these situations should be determined by a court of law, no less. In any case, were these actions even sanctioned by the Head teacher’s supervisors?
    This is NOT a case of whether one is for or against gay rights. Rather this is a clear case of following the law. If the Head teacher thinks a law is broken here, then he/she should report to the police. Period.
    Do NOT deprive anyone their rights to education, and employment based on nothing substantial.

  14. Algims says:

    You writers you need to be realistic in giving out information,have the real story on the ground.The boy withdrew himself from the school after seeing the big pressure coming from his fellow students who wanted to beat him up.

  15. Toad says:

    I don’t want to repeat ,gayisim has come to stay.but am not one them

  16. Mccarthy says:

    This Peter Muthalika is a devil, he been outside for many years, and now he won’t to destroy this country because of his greedy.

  17. choka phiri says:

    When are u going to arrest a person or persons Who killed Chasowa and Njaunji? is it not a sin to take another persons life? Have a gay killed a person? If u ask God Who is he goding to punish first? A murder or a gay?

  18. Safari Wakumudzi says:

    Leviticus 18 : 22 reads from a
    New Living Translation

    “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex
    with another man as with a woman. It is a
    detestable sin.

    So what is this son of bitch saying?

  19. Juliet says:

    Oh All These Are Just Fulfiling What Jesus Said!
    Oooh People Of My Land Malawi!

  20. De Morgan Rules says:

    For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say “NO” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, while we wait for the blessed hope – appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:11-13)

  21. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    I see someone has been campaigning for gay rights in the name of reporting. Nyasagays. You cannot hoodwink us. Ma rubbish business.

  22. mqueeyoh says:

    Devil at work. Lord have mercy on us. Save us from this crooked generation

  23. Anthu akuda says:

    Koma ngati kuli Kukonda koma Kukonda nyasi

  24. Malipeya says:


  25. levelheaded says:

    This is a complete false story. If the alleged victim was indeed doing something straight why not mentioning his name? Why is he the only one being sacked while gayism is the two men affair?

    Again sex activities are not condoned at school be them gays or straight.

  26. karonga says:

    The child should go to Mzuzu Gay Secondary School. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. Wapamtima says:

    Njila ya bwino ; kuwapeza mamuna ndi mamuna(gay) ali chikondi. ndiku watetha osakanenaso ku police awufuluwo achite manyazi

  28. Kanyimbi says:

    Hahahaha mpaka kupanga mathanyula ndi a Khukhi ndi cholinga choti akupatse nsima ya mbiri?

  29. The Analyst says:

    This is just the beginning yet APM is being patient with thinking;
    When he wakes up from the slumber, he will realise Malawi is burning;
    By then it will be too late coz dozens and dozens of gays will have been set ablaze;
    . . . Since there is no law regarding treatment of gays, following the suspension; people can do as they please with the gays. Lawlessness is the result.
    . . . The good thing is with you at the State House, the gays do not stay; but with us in our localities. What does this tell you? There is a limit to which you can protect them!
    . . . In trying to protect the gays by suspending the law; you are only inviting trouble upon them; since people can now do as they please with the gays as they do with other nuisances like thieves; since there is no law whatsoever regarding treatment of gays.
    . . . Maybe this is your strategy to entice the gays to come in the open and face people’s wrath. If it is, bravo! If not, shame on you and your useless Tembenu!

  30. A fellow conman says:

    Amuchita bwino. He was recruiting. Trying to convert innocent boys into mathanyula boys like himself so that pa mawa adzalimve dziko kuwawa when they have lost all desires for women.
    Stupid buay

  31. Nyamakumutu says:

    You see even heterosexuals practices are punishable at school and it should not be perceived as being gay. It does not mean that fuss are eligible to promiscuity at any place because they are gay. Let them be punished just like other student. They are always provocative.

  32. Wokwiya says:

    And what happened to the other boys he was allegedly having sexual relations with? It’s a shame that a Headmaster could withdraw a student on such grounds. I encourage the student to go to human rights bodies to get legal assistance to sue the headmaster and demand

  33. Clive kasalu says:

    Gays are no worse than you who licks women pussy and men dicks watch this out. Mwati Malawi is god fearing or gay fearing

  34. dzambo says:

    social backlash! Since the Mutharika government is pro-gay and cannot protect the interests of malawians, people are taking the law into their own hands. First it was Lucius, then this school and it will spread like wild-fire until the government can assure its citizenry of its ability to protect its interest.

  35. Mrs Malawi says:

    Satana wapeza njira ina yopezera ake. U gay. Easy for a camel to get through the eye of the needle

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