5 Foods to Strengthen Joints and Bones

The National Osteoporosis Foundation reports that around 54 million Americans suffer from low bone density or osteoporosis. Most of these people, however, do not show any symptoms until they have a bone fracture. Nutritionists advise that bone as well as joint problems are preventable by consuming sufficient calcium and vitamin D in the diet.

Food for strong bones

People must be aware of their calcium and vitamin D intake to ensure that their bones remain strong as old age sets in since humans lose calcium and other minerals as they age. This makes the bones thinner and more brittle. Women are also at risk for bone problems with the onset of menopause since the drop in oestrogen makes the bones weaker.

Besides eating calcium-rich foods, weight-bearing workouts including jogging, climbing stairs, weight training, tennis, and other activities help to increase the storage capacity for calcium, a mineral that is vital for strengthening the bone structure. According to nutritionists, all adults should take 700mg of calcium daily and raising the amount to 1,200mg for women who are past menopause.

Here are some of the best foods to strengthen your joints and bones:

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, kale, spring greens, and bok choi, among others, are rich sources of calcium. They have high calcium content, for example kale provides about 245mg per serving. Additionally, they have lots of folate and vitamin K, which are crucial for strengthening bones.

Edamame or soy beans

Each serving of edamame beans is loaded with 200mg of calcium. You can use these beans as a convenient healthy snack and they are readily available from most supermarkets.

Cheese, yoghurt, and milk

Dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, and milk are some of the best sources of calcium. You will be consuming 150-250mg of calcium for each serving of these dairy products. For a better supply of calcium, go for skimmed milk rather than whole milk and drink it without tea as often as you can because caffeine interferes with calcium absorption. You also need to consume hard cheeses instead of soft ones as the hard ones contain more calcium.

So, do you want to be a great athlete? Well, you need to check your diet to ensure that you eat a balanced diet that has sufficient calcium for strong joints and bones to allow you to perform excellently in your sport. You may also consider adding steroids to your routine to improve your performance and should buy them from trusted sellers like120kgs so that you get only quality products.

Bony fish

You can get up to one third of your daily calcium needs from fish such as sardines, canned salmon, and pilchards. The tiny bones of these fish, which are edible, are packed with calcium. What’s more is that they also provide omega 3s, which are crucial for a healthy heart and brain, and assist with vitamin D intake, which plays a role in calcium absorption.

Calcium-fortified foods

There is a ton of calcium-fortified foods available on the market. They come in the form of beverages such as orange juice (just check the label), cereals, bread, and other foods. If you do not eat anything that contains dairy products, you still have options such as rice, oats, and soy, among others, which are fortified with calcium.

There you have some rich sources of calcium. Okra and tofu are other options that you may consider. For proper calcium absorption in the body, vitamin D is essential and you can easily get it by basking in the sun. Spending 15 minutes out in the sun during warmer months is enough for most people.

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4 years ago

This imported article is not appropriate for Malawi. Some of the foods are not widely available or not to the vat majority of the population. A piece written by someone in the country would be better.

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