Donate books to charity could help sharpen mind of those who desperately need some education, guidance

We rarely stop to think how good we have it. There are people around the world who need help, desperately need a little piece of all that we take for granted. Right now, there are thousands of young children who don’t have access to education or books to learn from and with it, any chance of a great future.

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Giving back is the best gift you can give yourself. Thankfully, there are some amazing opportunities to give to others. Nowadays, you can do something as simple as to donate books to charity. This could help sharpen the mind of those who desperately need some education and guidance.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself: where can I find a book donation near me, here are the answers to your questions.

1. Worldreader

The mission of the Worldreader organization is to provide digital books to people around the world. Nowadays, many people own a smart device, and such access would improve literacy drastically.

This is a digital kind of a bin for donations, one that currently reaches 69 countries. This literally means that, by a single share of a digital free book, the website provides millions of people worldwide with a great choice of titles to read.

2. LitWorld

LitWorld shares a similar goal – to improve the literacy levels. However, it also serves to teach the youngest in our world that their writing is important. This tool offers both reading and writing opportunities. Not all students can afford to pay for a research paper from EduBirdie, not even with the lowest rates offered. That being said, LitWorld provides people with the gift of learning, free of charge.

3. WaterBridge Outreach

This book charity promotes multicultural literacy and gives people a way out of poverty. In developing countries, it helps nourish the body with facilities with clean water. It’s not just a book outreach – but a clean water outreach, too.

4. Women’s Prison Book Project

Back in 1994, someone thought of an amazing idea to educate transgender people and women in prison. Back when others forgot of the importance of education in prisons, this charity was created to break down the invisible barriers between prison and education. By providing prisoners with education, we are giving them a chance to understand and grasp life, learn to create a better future, as well as the means to go through the lonely days inside.

5. Little Free Library

You might not paid attention to it, but the small libraries called Little Free Library are found in many places in the country. They spread across the world faster than you could think, sharing a simple, yet powerful message: give one, take one. So, if you’re thinking: where are the closest book donation bins near me, the answer is closer than you think. Just use this map and you can find the closest mini library to donate books to.

6. Project Night Night

Did you know that there’s such a big project, that there’s a donation of over 25 thousand packages every year to homeless children? These packages include a stuffed animal, a children’s book, and a security blanket. It sounds as too little, but to those children, it’s everything.

7. Room to Read

The goal of the Room to Read charity is to tackle gender equality and illiteracy. It helps people build a habit and love for reading. Moreover, it teaches young people to finish their education in order to gain the skills they need to succeed. When you donate here, you’re helping a young girl to get education, help build a classroom in the third-world countries, or aid in the opening of a new library where it’s needed.

8. First Book

This is one of the most popular charities for books, supported by authors like John Green. First Book is aimed to help the low-income families in Canada in the US in finding books to read. This charity aids thousands of children to learn and grow, all with the goal to beat poverty and create better life for them.


Have you decided on a charity you’ll take part in first? Your options are limitless and the more you help people, the fuller will your life purpose be. By joining such charities, you’re helping people get the much needed education. Not everyone is as lucky as you are, being given a chance at proper education. Help them get it. A single book donation can make a difference for someone.

Author’s Bio

Elizabeth Skinner is a book author, a primary school teacher, and a person who has dedicated her life to helping people with their education. She doesn’t just teach students to read and help them master the right set of skills. She also takes part in many charities around the world, all with the aim to reach more people and help them.

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