It’s 6 year’s in jail for teenboy convicted over sexual affair with girl, 14 and impregnated her

A First Grade Magistrate’s Court In Mwanza has convicted and sentenced Samuel Gatiyoni, 19, to serve six years imprisonment with hard labour upon being found guilty of the offence of defilement.

Artist’s impression of teen jailed

Mwanza police station prosecution witness, Sub Inspector Joshua Chirambo told the court that the convict was in a love affair with a 14 – year – old girl from Konyani Village since December 2017.

Chirambo told the court that the two used to have sexual intercourse from that time and on March 08, 2018 the mother of the young girl noticed changes in her daughters appearance and quizzed her on what was happening with her body.

“Your worship, the girl informed her mother that she was in a love affair with the accused and that she has been having sexual intercourse with him,” Chirambo told the court.

It was also heard in court that the mother took her daughter to Mwanza District Hospital where medical examination results revealed that the girl was two months pregnant.

The court further heard through Chirambo that following the medical report, police arrested the accused on March 09, 2018 in the district.

Gatiyoni pleaded guilty and admitted to the charge when he appeared before Mwanza First Grade Margistrate’s Court.

He, therefore, asked the court to exercise leniency when passing sentence on the understanding that he was still in school awaiting to sit for Malawi Schools Certficate of Education examinations in June this year.

However, in his submission, Chirambo asked the court to give Gatiyano a meaningful sentence to deter other would – be offenders.

“Cases of child defilement are rampant in the district and as such a stiffer punishment meted to the convict will serve as a lesson to himself as well as others intending to commit a similar offence,” said Chirambo.

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate, Ranwell Mangazi observed that the convict deserved a reformatory jail term considering that he is young and a first offender and he readily admitted to the charge.

Mangazi, therefore, sentenced Gatiyano to six years imprisonment with hard labour.

Gatiyoni hails from Kanyani Village in the area of Traditional Authority Nthache in Mwanza

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Soldier Wyson

How can a boy be sentenced to jail while a girl admitted that they were on love affair and they had been having sex, and its not a rape can someone open my eyes here may be am sleeping judges plz go and read your laws again not this nonsense of judgement the boy doesn’t deverve jail as they were boy and girl friend. Ndi chibwenzitu amangidwa bwanji kodi mukamapanga sex without protection what do you expect come judges this is not on

Ras Mpunga
Poor magistrate Ranwell Mangazi, he failed to reason and judge with wisdom; he is not worth to handle complicated cases. The girl has been damaged and is going to be a mother at 15 at her accord as such, the rights of the child to be supported by a father has been violated by magistrate Ranwell Mangazi. And by sending the boy to prison, the period and opportunity to support the child has been made even worse. Furthermore, the girl and boy were both school going teenagers who enjoyed their courtship though against the parents and the law but naturally… Read more »

So funny to hear this and how fast the court has handled this case hence they can not handle those who are robbing the community and even those who are stealing from the government.By the way,what about the pregnant,is the girl going to abort it or keep it?


Both are teens why slapping the boy with 6yrs. You have destroyed the future of the boy


so once the child is born will the same court going to ask the boy to be responsible for the child after he has spent some years in jail? though 14 years but the girl did not complain to anyone wavomereza kuti anali pachikondi ndi mnyamatayo.

Peace Soldier! always fight against opresser
Peace Soldier! always fight against opresser

Oweluza zopusa azaweruzidwa mowawitsa! why not George chaponda who is still moving around freely yet adaba ndalama zankhaninkhani ? tiziti oweluzanu mukumuopa ngati adapanga malamulo ndiiye, kapena ambuyake????? shame on you 4 punishing a little boy. yet akuchulukitsa mtundu wa amalawi. mwina mwana odzabadwayo adzakhala oweruza kuposa agalu enanu!!!! mbuzi.


Ranwell Mangazi is an apt and dilligent magistrate. Never lose your focus your Worship and keep up the good work. Hope the Judiciary is watching. Awa ndiye ma magistrate ofunika kumawatukula sizinazi zili pa Blantyre pathupayi kukhalila kudyela wanthu. Akubayani

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

In fact this is not defilement. The girl actually knew what she was doing. Have mercy on the boy


She is 14 years old and in as much as you can say she knew what she was doing the law forbids sexual relationships with under 18’s.

Learned Fellow

the legal term is statutory rape, even if the minor initiated the act, it is illegal. and even if she didn’t want to press charges the police have the right to prosecute,

Manyi ako

In which class did you drop out from?


Sibwino 6year chifukwa chopeleka mimba, atakhala wako mwanayo?


Oh please , 6 years is a bit much for a minor how about community service. We have big time white collar thieves milking the country dry and yet they are walking free I know the arm of justice is blind but please we have to make judgements that make sense!

Billy Chilewani

Much as the 6 years is to deter would be offenders but I feel the mitigation factors should have outweighed the sentencing.
1. He did not waste the judge’s time by admitting guilty
2. He has just written his MSCE exams
3. He is only 19 years of age
4. It is not murder or armed robbery.

Amabungwe kindly help the boy to undergo an appeal ngati muli ndi concern ya ana anzanu. Ndikudziwa walakawa but
wait a minute, 6 years is not a joke.

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