Accidents kill 1000 people on Malawi roads, Minister talk of traffic reforms

Government says it is taking drastic measures to prevent or reduce road accidents in Malawi that killed 1000 people last year.

Kasaila: Reforms on Road Traffic Department

Kasaila: Reforms on Road Traffic Department

Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said Tuesday in Lilongwe that most of the accidents are as a result of reckless driving and lack of knowledge on road use.

“My ministry has now increased patrols. We are also putting new road signs. We want to deal with this problem. We will not rest until we get to the bottom of this,” said Kasaila during the official opening of the Lilongwe City West bypass road.

The minister said there strict measures in place that do not allow “shopping of driving licences” as was the case.

He said no driver can just walk over Traffic Department offices and buy a driving licence, saying such drivers are a great threat to the roads and are prone to making accidents because, among other things, they do not know the highway code, a booklet that gives rules on how to drive on the roads of Malawi.

“The Road Traffic Department is going through reforms and these are part of the reforms,” said Kasaila.

He said the Road Traffic Department now holds special driving lessons on Wednesdays in a bid to reduce or prevent road accidents.

Kasaila recently hit news headlines when he went to the Road Traffic Department to renew his driving licence and endured hours of standing in a queue as the Department had problems with a new driving licence making machine.

After almost the whole day at the Department, he finally got the licence and can drive without fear of an accident.

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He spend the whole day koma akumapanga spend two days. Why can’t he see that there is need to improve that. See the areas that need improvement. At least we should spend 2 hours


The card itself can not prevent accdent. Koma iwe olemba kkkk. Kunyozetsa anduna bwanji.

Fast and Furious

Let’s hope you back up the talk, Minister. While yer at it, put some pressure on this worthless Traffic Police force who only take money and never direct traffic. They stand at the corner by Standard Bank/Nico Centre in Lilongwe, and watch the traffic jam up, they should be fined for not doing their jobs. The reason so many accidents, peoples get fed up waiting in traffic, or stuck behind some shitty Siku lorry. How about stop stealing money and make some four lane roads?!!!!! Vin diesel for head of traffic police, yeah!

Che Wanimiliyoni
A couple of months ago I made a snap survey on behaviour of road users in particular pedestrians and cyclist in Lilongwe both city and rural. What I found may be food for thot on how to reduce this spiralling road carnage. 1stly 85% of pedestrians in both rural and city walk on the left. The majority are really ignorant that they must walk on the right against on coming vehicles but others just dont care. Many pick on which side to walk based on where they are going. If the destination is on leftside of the road then they… Read more »

Mmene anthu anali kupeza malicence mbuyomu ambiri amlembedwa ntchito.Zimene mukuchitazi kusowa kw ntchito kukula.Ngati ziphasozi sizimapezeka mosavuta ambiri azilowa ntchito zosafuna maLicence ndi Cerficate(ZOKUBA)


I am of the opinion that Kasaila is one of the few fine & capable ministers the government has, the others being Mwanamvekha & Chiyembekeza. I wish Mkwezalamba & Enoch Chihana were brought back to the ministries they last held.

Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri
Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri

Kasayila franco anaba ndalama za ku World Vision zamijigo


‘. . . he finally got the licence and can drive without fear of an accident.’ Mabe it is this attitude that helps give rise to the highest death toll per person in the world.


We are proud of you nana.keep it up and work hard.umatichotsa manyadzo

Here in Dublin

It is funny Malawi @51 and still queue the whole day. Kuno amangotumiza ku post office, even passports. Within three weeks imakhala yafika by post. Ife koma line ngati kuti ndizaulele


eti zoona kumanyadira kuti a nduna ku spenda wholeday pa queue? Koma malawi sazatheka.Paliponse poor service

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