Aggreko gensets deal stinks of corruption, Malawi graft busting body reveals

The Anti-Corruption Bureau’s (ACB) instituted investigations have revealed traces of corruption in the controversial gen-set deal, saying it investigating further.

ESCOM gensets Commissioned in Blantyre: ACB identied procurement flaws in the two-year $73.9 million generators leasing agreement between Aggreko Power Solutions and the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi

ACB identified procurement flaws in the two-year $73.9 million generators leasing agreement between Aggreko Power Solutions and the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom).

ACB director of investigation, Daniels Mponda told Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament that preliminary findings show that there are a number of procurement flaws that occurred and they need to be investigated further.

“We have done a considerable amount of investigation on the $73.9 million two-year leasing agreement on gen-sets,” he told the committee.

In March this year, the ACB opened an investigation into the procurement of the multi-billion kwacha contract on the generators which happened in 2017.

The probe followed action by the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) which stopped Escom from awarding a contract to supply 78 megawatts (MW) diesel-powered generators to Aggreko because of procurement irregularities.

But in January this year, President Peter Mutharika commissioned 55MW diesel-powered generators in Blantyre that Escom—using a single sourcing procurement method—hired from Aggreko, the same company whose contract the ODPP had earlier barred.

In its findings, the ODPP faulted the evaluation process, saying it was not property concluded and ordered the cancellation of the awarding of the contract to Aggreko and asked Escom to restart the procurement process.

Malawi opted for diesel-powered generators as an interim measure to improve power supply in the wake of reduced hydro-electric power generation following low water levels in Lake Malawi and its sole outlet, the Shire River, where over 90 percent of the country’s electricity is produced.

Currently, Nkula A is undergoing rehabilitation and modernization under the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) energy compact. The project will see Nkula A’s capacity increased from 24MW to 36MW and an upgrade of the power transmission infrastructure

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This was very obvious and it was clearly detailed in the Nation News Paper. Just that we tend to have a non involved approach as a country. The DPP guys have exploited Escom. They even burnt the headquarters to cover up. Dziko ili Tinagulitsa kwa adani athu. These guys and patriotism it’s like Ndaziona ndi mafuta. Amadana.

Malawians should wake up to the fact that DPP has created an elaborate looting machinery from the very top down to the poor civil servants. The complex looting machinery is sitting at OPC, all ministries, government departments, parastatals, crime busting units (law enforcement agencies), entire judiciary and the private sector. The Chief Patron is the president. This public declaration by ACB is nothing but joke to hoodwink the sleeping public that they’re hard at work dealing with corruption. My foot. This case, like all others before it, will be investigated for months and years to come until a judge throws… Read more »

Entirely I agree bro, DPP THUGS are up to fooling Malawians using the FAKE ACB.
Ati apeza zofufuza, bodza angofuna mbava zaku cabinet zinzawo ziwapatse ndalama. Kenako akagawane.
Pamapeto pake adzawauza a Malawi “ayi sitinapeze umboni uliwonse kuti ndalama zinabedwa”.
Remember 7 minister thieves have just been CLEARED. Of course achina Matemba ndi Chaponda atagawana vindalama kuma bedroom. FOREX.???
Parliament please NOT MAKE a MISTAKE
of approving ACB ndi MBC VOTES NEXT BUDGET!!!!


This toothless ACB should STOP FOOLING Malawians by giving them false hopes. ACB is claiming to have identified “procurement flaws”. My FOOT!
All this ACB wants is to give Malawians a false impression and expectation that they are doing something great. But what this toothless ACB want actually is our taxpayer’s money- funding for ALLOWANCES in the end yielding ABSOLUTELY nothing. They will pocket all the money only to later tell Malawians, “we have found nothing”. Parliament should just STOP approving ACB budget vote. It’s part of this DPP government ploy to LOOT state resources!!!




anthuni dont go ku mademo. akakuphani. anthu awa saopa kupha. anamupha chasowa

Matractor ochoka ku India no straight response now the gensets are down the drain whoever generated the stupid idea of bringing the gensets is a corruption genius further to this: methods that were employed to defy the economic wisdom offered by our experts will hound all of us in the failing education and health standards. The taxpayers continue to groan while the DPP cats are heavy from obesity. It is still a sad story for today and forever as we look at the lineup of our 2019 political suitors you don’t read any serious vision with a template which captures… Read more »

Everybody knew that the Aggreko deal was shaddy. Nobody cared!


Mbava inu mawa munya kumademo basi

Mwendapadera Speaks Out
Mwendapadera Speaks Out

Mawa wakuma Demo basi

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