APM tells Cabinet: Malawi facing economic turmoil but let’s deliver DPP promises

President Peter Mutharika has told his new Cabinet that they are hired to serve the nation at a critical time when Malawi is facing “myriad challenges” and “economic woes” that he said require “astute attention.”

Mutharika with Kumpalume and his wife

Mutharika with Kumpalume and his relation

Jappie Mhango takes his oath

Jappie Mhango takes his oath

Rev Ndau takes his oath

Rev Ndau takes his oath

Kumpalume takes his oath

Kumpalume takes his oath

Mutharika said Thursday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during the swearing of news Ministers who have made it into his 20-member lean cabinet after reshuffle this week.

He said the Ministers are at the pinnacle of the government policy making and strategic decision-making machinery and urged them to focus on ” ways of improving people’s lives.

Mutharika said minister are “constitutionally responsible” for developing the country from poverty to prosperity .

“You are, therefore, expected to individually and collectively provide the required political leadership to develop our nation, both socially and economically”, said Mutharika

He also cautioned that the ministers have been appointed at a time when there are myriad challenges and economic woes that require astute attention.

“ Malawians expect the DPP-led Government to deliver on its promises as outlined in the DPP Manifesto. You have today been given that responsibility to deliver on the promises outlined in the manifesto,” he said.

Mutharika said ministers should be “conscious of the mammoth challenge” to serve the citizens and called on them to be alert, flexible and being accommodating to diverse voices.

“The Malawian society has changed a lot and government has to evolve accordingly,” noted Mutharika.

The Ministers took an Oath of Office and Oath of allegiance.

The President advised the Ministers y to keep the Oaths and walk the talk, appealing to the Cabinet to work as a team to ensure efficient and effective implementation of Government policies and programmes.

Mutharika issued a stern warning against complacency, saying it would be disastrous to the economy.

The President also appealed on the spirit of austerity and to foster transparency and accountability.

“ I appeal to you to desist from engaging in corrupt activities. Corruption is a menace in society and deprives the Government of the limited resources for development programmes.”

He warned that any Minister involved in corruption activities will be prosecuted, and if found guilty, dismissed and jailed.

The new ministers are Jappie Mhango who has replaced Kondwani Nankhumwa at Information promoted from deputy minister of defence, a biggest move in the reshuffle.

Perhaps the perfect tonic of the cabinet appointment is Minister of Health, Dr. Peter Kampalume, M.P.

Another new appointee is Reverende Malison Ndau who is deputy minister of defence.

However, the DPP inner circle remains unchanged, they include Minister of Finance and Economic Development: Goodall Gondwe; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Dr George Chaponda, and Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development: Henry Mussa.

Others are Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati, Minister of Education Emmanuel Fabiano and Minister of Trade Joseph Mwanamveka.

The cabinet inner circle can be described as a team of old hands who will largely have to tackle old problems.

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Being a professor does not make a good President. Just because your brother was a President does not make a good President, just because you worked in your brother government. You are a curse to the people of malawi you are in government to cover up the billions your brother stole. Wait your time is coming, writing on the wall of Kamuzu palace.


Peter, the president of Greece having failed to rule his government, failed to overturn the economic woes his country is facing, he resigned and called for new elections. So, YOU PETER having failed and being a clueless leader, why not just resign and let others lead. Achimwene APA ndiye mwalephera momvetsa chisoni.


APM’s speech to his newly sworn in ministers is full of platitudes. He is supposed to be giving an example of leadership and taking responsibility for the state the country is in. What solutions does he himself offer to solve the country’s problems? Clearly in his speech he is simply passing the buck to his minister’s. APM is an empty vessel making a lot of noise. He has done nothing for his country and has no idea what to do. Doctor Professor of inactivity and failure!

Nankhumwa Ngolongoliwa

just imagine the whole minister stands before women and tells them kuti muziyamwa maliseche azimuna anu.lol sounds satanic at its worst but that is typical of lomwes even statistically you will find out that it is the lomwe belt which is consuming 90% of the ARVS due to sexual lectures from their elders like mama kaliati. am sorry fo my country.


Muthalika only chooses people that he can control like tv remote,no wonder we keep on singing the one song of poverty after five decades of independent

George Kamanga
Did Pharaoh deliver when he oppressed the Israelites? Did King Saul deliver when he rebelled against the Almighty God buy disobeying God’s assigned Servant Samuel during his reign? Did King Ahab deliver when he oppressed the Israelites & even after wiping out Naboth’s family? Answers: Pharaoh oppressive leadership led to the death of all the first born and all the best soldiers of the the land. As long as DPP is a party of beasts, monsters & dragons it will never deliver the best to innocent souls of this land. With nepotism, tribalism, regionalism & “Quota System” as their best… Read more »

Congratulations to you all.

Looks like mutharika is sending these bustards to a dpp campaign. Reshuffle my foot! The more things change the more they stay the same and this idiot has failed to run the country. It’s unrealistic to think things will change for the better with peter at the helm . God knows why we have a vice president in Malawi, he has been reduced to a mere muhako charity golf club captain, the so called president is clueless, ministers like kaliatis have decided to take up sexual lecturing and you wonder what the future holds for Malawi. The country is sitting… Read more »
Telling the Truth
It is the lack of original thinking by the Peter Mutharika DPP govt that worries me. There is no new vision, policy and strategy to move the country forward. The community colleges programme is based on a fundamentally flawed reasoning that demand for artisans far exceeds supply. I have never heard this DPP govt articulate any policy to tackle one of the main constraints to the economic prosperity of Malawians-Malawi’s very high gini coefficient. I am sure the old now incompetent Goodall Gondwe does not know this constraint. To be honest the living starndards of Malawians are going down under… Read more »

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