Atupele advises UDF members ‘let us be motivated to serve the people’

United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi has advised his members seeking public positions that they should be motivated by the spirit to serve the interests of the people for whom UDF exists for and not to “eat”.

Atupele Muluzi: Lets have one purpose – to serve the people

Yellow, yellow, yellow: UDF supporters in Mangochi at Atupele Muluzi rally

The UDF leader said this on Sunday at Malindi in Mangochi when he addressed a political rally a head of the launch of the official campaign for the Malindi Ward by-election.

“Do not aspire for these public positions to eat but to serve the people with transparency and honesty,” said Muluzi.

He said that voters are no longer patient with leaders who only think about themselves and not the voters.

The UDF leader said the thinking of the voters has changed and the those who aspire for elected position need to have that at the back of their mind.

Muluzi, who is Minister of Health and Population Services in President Peter Mutharika’s Cabinet, advised the people of Malindi to vote for a UDF candidate as a councillor in the by-election saying he will work well with the member of Parliament for the area who is also UDF.

He said in areas where Ward councillors and the member of parliament come for different political parties, development is derailed as the two spend most of their time outdoing each other.

The UDF leader said as such a good relationship between a councillor and the member of parliament is very important for the development of the area.

At the rally,  Muluzi, whose father Bakili Muluzi ruled the country between 1994 and 2004 as the first post-independence multi-party Head of State,  was accompanied by his wife Angela and a number of UDF members of parliament and councillors.

There was jubilation as he arrived at the venue of the really in a long convoy which is more of a tradition when he visits lakeshore district.

The rally was also patronised by scores of traditional leaders.

The area has a political history where scores of people were arrested during the late Masauko Chipembere rebellion after the 1964 cabinet crisis.

Although other speakers spoke about it, Muluzi did not comment much choosing to lecture on the role of the councillor and issues of transparency and accountability for those in public service.

The UDF party is being represented in the by-election by Cassim Limamu.

Others parties contesting are; People Party (PP), Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and an independent while the Democratic Progressive Party has endorsed a UDF candidate.

UDF and DPP became bedfellows soon after the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections after Mutharika drafted Muluzi into his first Cabinet. Muluzi has been maintained since then.

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iya ife to serve the people why u shld be serving the dpp kutiona opusa eti udzidya wekha ndi bakili francis ayi nsambi


.”…Chipani chaku mmawa chandikhumudwitsa …Chande Muhone,Jordan Kanyerere anafera chani…”Lucius Banda singing.




Anthunu muli pa ntchitotuu busy mukutukwana munthu pano koma iye is able to organise such a big rally, well patronized with thousands of thousands of people.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Kuzerezeka kwa ovota, kupanda nzeru ndiye Atupeleyo amaziwa kuti ngakhale atapanga zausiru bwanji achawa azamuvotera basi. Amenenewa ndiamene akuwononga amene amatilamulira. Umbuli unachulukisa.


kkkkkkk Komadi achawa ndi mbuli zeni zeni man sukuna

Nox Nthambi

Atupele Muluzi has advised his members seeking public positions that they should be motivated by the spirit to serve the interests of the people for whom UDF exists for and not to “eat”, end of quote. This guy is narrow-minded and is not fit to be the president even of any association in Ntaja or Kapoloma. Who is eating in DPP? Who are you serving in DPP? This baby is supposed to be drinking milk from his mother nidthu otherwise the yellow submarine has been swallowed completely by the blue water of Luchenza river.

This guy has pure lost his vision and he does not have a direction to say the least.He is pure a political prostitute and a job seeker.He has completely destroyed UDF and i’m doubting if he shall have MP’s from his party come next general elections.Its a pity to have such kind of leaders who are there for personal gains.Had it been he has integrity he could have left the minister’s position some time back because the DDP Government is full of corrupt minded people.This shows that he is part and pancel of these thieves.In 2019 this Atupele shall only… Read more »

He is doing exactly the opposite.

Its obvious that this time around the people of Malindi Ward will vote for an MCP candidate Ambrose Ben Hamisi who is ironically a very close relation to the late Masauko Chipembere. Days of using deceased political names to damage MCP are now gone. People and relatives of those who suffered under the one party system of government have now realized that UDF & DPP have all along been using them for political mileage to the party leaders advantage and not their (deceased relatives) betterment. That is why many relatives of the late Matenje, Chiwanga, Gadama, Sangala, Bwanali and others… Read more »

Atupere akunamiza anthu. He is in the DPP led government not necessarily to serve the people rather to eat. Akufuna apusitse ndani?

Honourable Atupele Muluzi please grow up and be independent of DPP if you are indeed serious about driving a party that’s motivated by serving its people. You are obviously in a wrong house with a wrong family and therefore your association with such party is telling, to say the least. How can you motivate your own party leadership to act in a way that’s contrary to its own leader’s actions. Partner and work with Honourable Chilima and put together a compelling value proposition to the people of Malawi. Whether via your father’s party or a new party is all up… Read more »

Achawa anzanga zitayeni zimenezi mmayesa iyeyo kumene aliko akudya ndiye inu mufelenji, these are last kicks a dying horse


The problem is if I can not vote for UDF I don’t have any party which I can vote if UDF is messing I better just keep my vote bcoz even I can b fooled I can’t vote for MCP bola vote yo kuing’amba

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