Atupele shrugs off demand to adbdicate Mutharika’s cabinet: UDF convention will provide ‘Ung’onoung’ono roadmap’

United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi has said he is fully committed to President Peter Mutharika government where he is serving as Minister of Health and Population and shrugged off calls by  Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda to abdicate his ministerial post to concentrate on party affairs ahead of the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Atupele Muluzi: UDF convention will provide the route map

Banda, who is critical of the status of his party’s relationship with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said he expects Muluzi to “show commitment” that he indeed means his words to lead the party in the next elections.

He said UDF has “wasted time four years while [working] with DPP.”

But speaking to Nyasa Times in a telephone interview, Muluzi said the party is yet to pick its torch bearer as his mandate like the rest of the party’s leaders ends at the convention.

“The UDF has to go through a democratic process. We are now working towards the convention, where I have expressed interest to stand for re-election as president.

“I am completely committed to supporting the Government especially in my role as Minister of Health and Population, where I am working to improve the lives of Malawians every day,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi said he is committed to ensure that the country maintain the economic stability gains achieved in the past four years under Mutharika leadership post-cashgate and withdrawal of direct budgetary support.

“We need to continue instilling hope for our people such that macroeconomic stability can translate to meaningful growth and deliver real jobs and security for our people. That is why I joined politics and we have a real opportunity to build trade and manage stability,” he said.

Muluzi said he will be going to present the gains that the country has made under Mutharika leadership after cashgate in 2013 which includes, stabilization of Kwacha, political stabilization, confidence  gained from the donor community and micro economic stability.

“The problem in Africa is that we are used to politics of backbiting and enmity we have to change this mindsets, what happens after convention that will be then and not now,” said Muluzi.

He said politicians should stop crossing the bridge before reaching them.

“We have worked together with DPP for the last four years and we are still working together,” Muluzi emphasized.

He said UDF convention will set the roadmap to the next year’s polls.

In 2014 polls, dubbed Ung’onoung’ono, Muluzi at 36, as UDF presidential candidate, had a strong base among the millennials.

After the polls, Atupele joined the Mutharika government as Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining. Later he was moved to the post of Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security then Land, Housing and Urban Development. He is now at Health.

The UDF  has shrank from the party that ousted Malawi Congress Party (MCP) from power in 1994 to a party which can’t even amass 20 seats in a 193 seat Parliament today.

But Muluzi strongly believes, now at 40 the Ung’onoung’ono is coming of age and UDF will be strengthened and back as a major party in Malawi at the centre ground of politics starting with 2019 polls.


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the question to atupele is was he told or instructed by the convention or his crafty father to join the dpp iya adzipusitsa zitsilu nomwenu not me and Lucius Banda

Honourable Atupele, at the age 40 you are the only hope for the Malawi youth (which represents the majority of inhabitants). If you work and partner with Honourable Chilima, you’d certainly be a force to reckon with. Malawians don’t care whether you belong to UDF or DPP; they care about fresh leadership, that is ethical, unquestionable morality and corrupt-free. Take Malawi out of its misery Honourable Atupele and resuscitate the ailing economy. For you to do that you have to change tact and “grow” some balls of steel. You got to be radical in your approach and pragmatic in the… Read more »
Listen and Love

Atupele has no spine to stand on his own as a leader of a political party. He lacks courage, self belief and is not an independent thinker. He is in fact more DPP than UDF. He is yet to graduate from his ung’ono×2 ideologies into full fledged mature politics. Luckily, time is on his side.

Atupele, you are on course to attain state leadership at an oppotune time. Don’t be in a hurry. See how your CV has been enriched since the last polls. Enrich it further for another five years and it will be sellable to Malawians in 2024. Compare your CV with that of Chakwera. While yours has been progressing his has been degenerating. Lero akungotukwana mtsogoleri wa dziko, akutukwana anthu a kumpoto kudzera kwa Kusamba Dzonzi, akuba madzi Ku Lilongwe Water Board ndi Zina zambiri zokhumudwitsa. Right Honourable Atupele, while your CV is going through this impressive progression, see what is happening… Read more »
Neutral man
My opinion is that Atupele is one of the best political player. He believes in no politics of hatred as is with us most of Malawians. We think to say well done to a party that we don’t support we will loose our integrity. If a man who is in other party thinks can perform, it is not wrong to give him or her a chance to manage things. More over is one way of getting experience. Leading a country is not a minor Job. Even players are sometimes loaned and play against the team they belong to. This doesn’t… Read more »

Malawi needs people like Lucia’s who is not easily moved. He can contribute greatly to the new birth of our beloved nation. Being put on comparison with others you can truly assess yourself Malawians and help him in the area of change. To me as of now he is the best leader.


Well done Atupele. Avoid associating ndi anthu akuba masatifiketi.


Stop accusing Atupele, you are not members of UDF. You pretend to be yet you know you are agents of MCP. Find something better to support your Killer party or go and dance nyau. Better start planting trees to use for making makanja .


Did the convention provide direction for u to join DPP lead government? Msaka has started rallies in eastern region ready for the running mate post. Bwino joker angafere mmanja bwana. I know nkhani za a chair zikuvuta my mtimamo. Its decision time bwana.


Indecisiveness will cost this man Atupele Muluzi. The man who has political clout is Hon Lucius Banda & he can leverage on this discourse.

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