Foreign managers cause havoc at Standard Bank Malawi

All is not well at Standard Bank following the arrival of two foreign managers who are believed to have been yielding too much power than local executive managers although the two managers hold ‘lower’ positions, Nyasa Times understands.

Elizabeth Wasunna from Kenya: Wields too much power at Standard Bank Malawi

Nyasa Times can  reveal that top gurus at Standard Bank South Africa told Malawian managers that none is qualified for the top job of Chief Executive Officer of the bank and that they will continue sending expatriate managers to fill the position.

Soon after the former CEO Andrew Mashanda left, Malawian Temwani Simwaka acted as CEO for a few months until the top gurus at Standard Bank South Afruca  brought in William le Roux to be CEO.

Mashanda replaced fellow Zimbabwean Charles Mudiwa as CEO.

Now there are two managers who are coming to Malawi to work at one month intervals and insiders say they do not have good relations with local managers.

“We have Alice Tigris from South Africa who is Credit Manager but she has more powers than the Head of Credit here in Malawi and the way she works is not good, she keeps shouting at local Malawian mangers as if they are kids, it’s pathetic,” said the source.

“Another one is Elizabeth Wasunna from Kenya who is a Business Banking Manager but wields too much power than the head of business department. These people have not yet applied for permits, so they just come for a month and go back and come again and when they are in the country, its fire, people are not happy at all and I feel sorry for our Malawian executive managers who are also being bullied as if they are not bosses,” added the source.

It is believed that most of Malawian executive managers are frustrated as it is the same managers who report them to the bank gurus in South Africa.

“It is high time our country stand up to these abuses, we have well qualified people who can run this bank but we are always being overlooked, maybe because we give too much respect to these people,” added another employee who did not want to be named.

Of all the top banks in the country, it is only National Bank of Malawi which is being headed by a Malawian, Mac Fussy Kawawa, the rest have foreign CEOs.


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Elizabeth Wassuna is so beautiful, look at her smile. The real banker who can heal customers’ wounds in the banking hall. Enanu mu bank mukationa olo moni, kukhala ngati tikudzapemha ndalama koma ziri zathu zomwe

Sam Banda
I don’t see whats the problem. Standard Bank is an international company, thus it can afford to bring in expatriates as managers when the local performance is not good. I’m a Standard Bank customer, but when I walk in to any Standard Bank branch, I can only see long queues and inefficient service. Its good that expat can come and train Malawian managers how to improve their skills. This is all about profit for the business as a whole. The complaints you are seeing here are due to corruption. I can’t even understand why this story should be on a… Read more »

Malawian bosses are lazy and thieves. Look at how NBS Bank was brought down by the same Malawian thieving bosses who give loans to their mafia friends and girlfriends. Look at how Malawian finance directors are siphoning funds. Its better to employ a foreigner who is committed to the bank’s mission than those who pursue individual agenda. Those who feel intelligent and sidelined should go and open their own banks like what Mpinganjira did. If Temwani Simwaka was confirmed I tell you the whole Standard Bank would have been tumbukaised in no time at all.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Mr. San Banda has put it correctly that: “I don’t see whats the problem. Standard Bank is an international company, thus it can afford to bring in expatriates as managers when the local performance is not good”. And would add that it is doubtful that “tumbukanisation” would have happen at Standard Bank. Malawians from the north are very conscious of this act of employing a person from one of their ethnic grouping. They know that people elsewhere look at them with disdain because of that issue. Standard Bank is an international bank where one’s recruitment or appointment does not dwell… Read more »
I dont know

Its the issue of std bank. Just sort out your own mess at the bank rather than crying for public attention
We will just assist you in prayers. We just talking, what their qualifications and year of experience so that we can establish a sense of logic?


Fact is, we as Malawian customers see a leaned back attitude when it comes to employees, especially in Banks and public offices! Fact is, that the productivity of a labour force , starting from a CEO (look at our President) up to casual labourer is one of the lowest in the world!
Banker, let’s hope you can add 5 and 5 together! If you want to work for a international player like Standard Bank, unfortunately you have to perform! If not, the foreigner will eat you.. mean your job!


Tangopitani pa Lizulu mukagule chitedze kwa mkulu wogulitsa gondolosi uja mukawapake pokhalirapo.

Malawians, let us listen carefully to the cry of our fellow Malawians. The name of the new CEO sounds like he was there at Standard Bank sometime back. Phillip Madinga and Paul Guta were far much better than him. I hope he is not the same guy. The bank has been frustrating Malawians. Apart from the two I have mentioned above, William Chatsala was also frustrated there. If it is their policy that the locals should not head the bank, can they tells how many Malawians are CEOs of this bank and in which countries? Please Home Affairs do not… Read more »

Bring another expatriate to deal with long queues with only 2 tellers working. That is what Malawian managers are giving us. Most banks have advanced technologically mo626, mobile banking etc but standard bank is still in the dark ages. Bring another expatriate who.will shout at the top of his/ her voice.


Just stand up against your bosses. Thats an internal issue just like your supper high salaries are your individual and organisational issue. No reason to rally all Malawians to stand up against the said bosses. Tasovani zimenezo komweko.

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