Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

Gambling involves knowing the best casino game odds to pull out a win. With expenditures going to around $916 a person, according to gambling statistics, players have to know game odds to double the amount in wins. However, not every suitable casino game has the best chances of winning.

Identifying games with the worst casino game odds helps you steer clear. You can also preserve your casino balance and play games with better odds. Since most Canucks work with a budget and a cap, a winning strategy must be in place to choose which game odds to play online.

The article reviews all the best and worst casino game odds on offer. Read through for more information on online casino games with the best and worst winning chances.

Casino Game Odds: How Do They Work

Odds represent the likelihood of an event or a situation happening. Game chances represent the likelihood of a player or a casino drawing a win from playing a specific game. Most online casinos present the chances as the house advantage or house edge. They are presented in decimal, ratio, or percentage forms.

The odds indicate how much you will win from wagering and playing a game. Favourable odds mean the casino favours a specific outcome of the game. For instance, if a casino favours a draw with 6:1 odds, any player betting on a draw means that the amount paid will be six times the wagered amount. For example, a 1 dollar wager six times is a $6 payout.

What to Know About Casino Game Odds

There are a few things a Canuck should know about a casino odd. These are:

  • Games with the best chances are card or table games such as baccarat, roulette or blackjack, craps, and poker (Wildcard), among others.
  • Games with the worst winning chances are slot games and lottery-like game titles like Keno and the Wheel of Fortune.

Casino House Edge

Online casinos always make a profit and never a loss, whether a player wins or loses money. What makes this possible is the house edge. Most games with the best odds of winning have a low house edge. Table games have fair odds, with blackjack having the lowest odds in casinos online.

Slots, on the other hand, have an RTP (return to player percentage) instead of a house edge. The RTP is the opposite of the edge, indicating the player’s likelihood to win. Games that have the best RTPs have low chances. The house edge is always the outcome from 100%; subtract the RTP of the casino games you wish to play.

Legitimate Canadian sites have decent odds. Online games undergo testing for quality gameplay and random outcomes. Each game has a random number generator, the software responsible for ensuring random outcomes with each play. Canucks must understand how casino games best chances of winning work. With that, you can maximise your chance of winning big.


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TOP 5 Casino Games With the Best Odds

Different games offer different favourable odds of winning. Some games have the best odds of winnings, while others have the worst. Here are casino games with great odds.

1. Blackjack

As the outcome, a straightforward table game to play is a sum of all cards (21). A blackjack table game has two opposing players, i.e., the dealer and the gamblers. Each participant gets cards, and whoever has a total closest to 21 wins. Blackjack odds remain at 49%, and the house edge at 2%, a fair number of players. Players must practice and improve their skills at playing blackjack to help boost their winning chances.

2. Craps

An online game with 50% odds of winning. Players have half the chance of winning by playing craps online. The dice game involves two dice thrown on a craps table. If the outcome of the dice sums up to 7 or 11, then the player wins. The craps odds or house edge is relatively high, with 50/50 odds of winning. Players can also wager on the player to win or lose. With such simple gameplay, craps is a popular game online.

3. Baccarat

A simple game with the chance of winning being to draw a sum of 9 from issued cards. Baccarat has the best odds of winning at 44% on most sites. The game’s simplicity is what attracts Canucks to the game. Players get to battle the house on the baccarat tables, with either a win, lose or draw as the significant bets. Coupled with a low house edge, baccarat popularity amongst Canadian players is rising.

4. Roulette

The only casino game best odds online are considered to be at 50%. Players get to spin the roulette wheel, waiting for a favourable outcome. The player picks a number, colour, or slot on the roulette wheel for the roulette ball to land or stops in after the spin. The house edge is always high as roulette pay is also high. However, with 50/50 odds, players always stand a good chance of winning roulette online.

5. Video Poker

Most casinos offer payback percentages for video poker, 97% to 99%. This means that the house edge for the game genre is below 1%. Video poker games have simple gameplay but may require a strategy to deliver a winning blow against the casino software. A player must know the video poker game paytable game and play to draw a winning hand. Players expect games have the best pay when playing video poker casino games.

Important Tip

The odds of winning are just that, “ODDS.” Know that odds do not determine your winning chances. However, they help determine which casino games favour you and which are not. Slot machines, for example, though famous, have the worst odds of winning. But, with proper planning and budgeting, you can play any casino game and still get a huge win.

TOP 3 Casino Games With the Worst Odds

Playing favourite games is fun, but it might mean facing the worst in a casino. Here are casino games with the worst winning chances online.

1. Slots

A favourite game genre for most Canadian players online. Players get to play on the reels and rows by pressing a button and spinning the reels. Slots are games of luck with random outcomes. The combination of the outcomes can be millions reducing your winning chances. Any win depends on where the reels land and the game’s variance.

2. Keno

The lottery-like game involves choosing several numbers at random. Players must then wait for a draw and compare the outcomes with the selected numbers. The possibility of the numbers being alike and having a winning combo is relatively low. For instance, you can choose ten numbers from the 80 and 20 dice throws to determine the draw. The house edge for keno remains at 25% to 30%, which is too high.

3. Wheel of Fortune

Players only need to choose a symbol or an icon on the wheel and wager to play the game. You win if the wheel lands on your special symbol or icon. However, the wheel has six symbols or icons, each with a probability of 26% to 39% to the land. However, if you bet on the joker, the house edge shoots to 74%, meaning the house will take the bet. A simple spin of the wheel starts the gameplay, and once it stops, the game ends.


Every visit to a casino is a chance to boost your winnings. You can choose to play games with the best winning high odds or choose fun and try your luck on a very easy game. However, if planning to reap the most out of a casino, consider playing table or card games, including video poker. If gambling is for fun and entertainment, choose the wheel of fortune or try your luck playing keno. All in all, casino odds are here to stay. Knowing the best way to maneuver the chances can result in significant wins anytime!


Which casino games have the highest odds of winning?

Table or card games and video poker have the highest odds of winning in a casino. The games also attract the lowest house advantage making them relatively easy to play and win. play blackjack or roulette and get the highest winning chances.

What game is the simplest and easiest to win?

Craps and roulette have 50/50 winning chances. Thus, these are the simplest and easiest games to win whenever you play at an online casino. They also have the highest risk factor regarding the house edge.

Is blackjack a good odds game?

The online game has the best casino chances of over 40% and a house edge of 2%. Thus, blackjack offers great gaming chances to win for Canadian players online. You can play blackjack online; draw 21 or a closer number against the dealers and win.

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