Bingu ‘plotters’ were against APM, JB – The ‘JB project’ contents show as Nankhumwa justifies probe

A document titled ‘JB Project’ which Malawi Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa cited to call upon President Peter Mutharika to commission a special inquiry over the death of his elder brother, the former president Bingu wa Mutharika claiming he didn’t die a natural death but was rather killed, shows it was signed by little known Edgar Saukila and indicated the ‘JB Project’ wanted to block Peter Mutharika from inheriting power and Joyce Banda not to succeed Bingu.

Nankhumwa: We are interested to know who were in 'JB project'
Nankhumwa: We are interested to know who were in ‘JB project’
The document 'JB Project'
The document ‘JB Project’

Nankhumwa, who is also official government spokesperson, produced a copy of his defunct newspaper publication “The Eye Witness” of 11th October, 2011 which carried an article titled ‘Bingu to die before 2014’ quoted the said document.

The document obtained by Nyasa Times shows the ‘JB Project’ wanted to “intensify efforts that neither Peter Mutharika nor Joyce Banda should take over the presidency.”

The ‘JB Project’, according to the document wanted to prepare their preferred candidate to take over after Bingu’s death other than Peter Mutharika or Joyce Banda.

But there were some discrepancies in the document. The ‘Eye Witness’ newspaper quoted the document in an article of October 11, 2011. It is dated 20 August, 2011 and also talks of the meeting of 20 August 2014.

In a telephone interview with Nankhumwa, he confirmed that is the said document he was referring to when he spoke at Ndata Farm in Thyolo where hundreds of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathisers led by President Peter Mutharika, senior party and government officials gathered for a memorial service of the party’s founder.

“Yes you have read to me the document I was referring to,” said Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa said he does not know who were in “JB Project”, saying that is the reason he wants an investigations to find out those who were behind the ‘JB Project’ so they should explain who killed Bingu.

He said the document clearly shows there was a plot to terminate the life of Bingu and that ‘JB Project’ was positioning their preferred successor other than Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika.

“The author of that project document will give the nation answers regarding to what exactly killed Bingu, as his death was due to unnatural causes,” insisted Nankhumwa.

Meanwhile, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni has attached his weight behind Nankhumwa’s call for fresh probe on Bingu’s death.

Kudontoni said a Commission of Inquiry constituted in June 2012 to investigate circumstances surrounding the death of Bingu wa Mutharika chaired by retired Supreme Court judge Elton Singini, left a lot to be desired.

The ruling party is arguing that there was no “certification of death” for Bingu at Kamuzu Central Hospital and that the Bingu inquiry did not include final signed post-mortem result from South Africa.

There also arguments that some hospital staff at KCH were busy taking phone pictures of Bingu in the ICU and sending them to their political masters instead of attending to him.

Nankhumwa said he and other DPP members strongly believe “someone was behind Bingu’s death” and that his death was not caused by natural causes.

The Minister was quoted saying at Ndata: “I ask you the President to arrest those who were behind the JB Project so they should explain who killed Bingu,” adding that “even if Dr Bakili Muluzi was part of the JB project, he must be brought to book.”

Bingu wa Mutharika came to power in 2004 and presided over a seven-year boom – underpinned by foreign aid and favourable rains – that made Malawi one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

But he was accused of mismanaging the economy and becoming increasingly autocratic.

He fell out with former colonial ruler Britain, which withdrew its direct aid, accusing the Malawian government of mishandling the economy and of failing to uphold human rights that led to tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions.

The cause of the row was a leaked diplomatic cable that accused Mutharika of being “autocratic and intolerant of criticism”.

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8 years ago

Nankhumwa be matured in politics,osapanga zithu ngati akamberembere ndicholinga choti a president akuyamikile.Nanga nkhani ya Cadiac arrest yinapangindwa ndi JB kapena Bakili,nanga bwanji amabisa kuti wamwalira ndi Daniel phiri,then u tell us why the death of bingu is dated three days, stupid dpp.

8 years ago

Munthu osadziwika ndi tsiku lenileni lomwalira uyu… ma date atatu yekha….kukhwima

8 years ago

Nankhumwa Kondwani! U can not gain political mileage by uttering nonsense about past governments at public rallies attended by high ranking officialls
We have a different leadership osati matapwisi anu amanvera zilizonse aja so mind ur language and start thinking of the loomng hunger, the flood victims, the killing of Albinos, the sale of MSB among others otherwise udzatsika Benz imeneyo m’maso muuli gwa!

8 years ago

Tingoyerekeza Kuti Bingu Anali Bambo Anu Or Achimwene Anu, Ndie Wina Azikuuzani Kuti Auje Anawakonzera Chiwembu Inu Mungatani? Poyankhula Ziyambani Mwaganiza Kaye Kuti Kodi Abale A Bingu Ndi A Malawi A Umunthu Zinawakhuza Bwanji?

shot to kill yemweyo
shot to kill yemweyo
8 years ago

this meeting was attended by mid night six
nakhumwa asatinyase
cooking story

8 years ago

Wait a minute. The letter is dated August 2014 talking about the letter the plot to kill someone who died in 2012. Something funny about the authenticity of the this letter

jabir makalani
jabir makalani
8 years ago

kod malemuwa akadatidyerabe ndalama?kutiwona kupusa et, ingogulilan chimanga ndalamazo, ma enquirly atikwana ife

Tyga king
8 years ago

Dont mislead our beloved president peter wamuthalika with this folktale of yours guys.let the president think of better developments rather than pumping negative issues that will waste goverment [email protected] you have to know mr nankhumwa the chasing of the british deligate to malawi lead to [email protected] inquiry hw he died,which @ last kwacha was devaluade.then the cashgate was the result.Mr nankhumwa what you have to know is [email protected] you are bringing ameal on the table [email protected] will make u vomit.this so called issue of yours will result into amatter more than the cashgate.

8 years ago

Pay us first before you pay the members of the enquiry. Government owes the IPT 7 peachers in Mangochi 5 months perks close to half million since May 2014 while all fellow recruits in all districts have been honored . If you paid the DEM’S office already then I want the MANGOCH DEM fired.

8 years ago

It seems that things are not adding up here. The document is saying that the meeting took place on 20th August 2014 which means it was after APM took office. Therefore, which is which? I am puzzled and therefore cannot comment further.

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