Bishop Mtumbuka faults DPP for lawlessness: ‘Kamuzu could not have tolerated the rubbish we see today in Malawi’

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Karonga Diocese of the influential Catholic Church has faulted the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government for failing to deal with lawlessness in the country.

Bishop Mtumbuka: We cannot claim to be a functioning State when hooligans and criminals are among us

Mtumbuka said he was saddened that the law enforcing agencies were weak, especially where some people continue to torture and kill the elderly on suspicion of witchcraft.

He was speaking at the launch of the Karonga Diocese’s Seminary Fund at Mubanga in Chitipa where Vice-President Saulos Chilima was guest of honour.

The bishop said the colonial government and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), during its 31-year single party rule that ended in May 1994, never tolerated such hooliganism and lawlessness.

“Crimes which could have been dealt with robustly, by the colonial government, even the MCP government of the past are responded to very weakly. The colonial government and certainly Dr. [Hastings] Banda could not have tolerated the rubbish we see today.”

He said: “Mr Vice-President and Honourable Speaker [of Parliament Richard Msowoya], you must address this! We cannot claim to be a functioning State when hooligans and criminals are among us.”

Apart from Vice-President Chilima, the function was also attended by Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya , self-declared Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president Frank Mwenifumbo and leader of the Umodzi Party Professor John Chisi.

Senior members of DPP shunned the event.

The launch of the fund was held under the theme Living and Praying Together, A Condition Set by Jesus Christ for the Apostles to Receive the Holy Spirit And a Call for Unity.

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I never saw any comment from this bishop on the part his fellow priest played on the murder of that ALBINO man. No comment was there either on those senior Catholic members who were caught red handed in a vehicle at LIA doing the sweetest but immoral thing. No wonder it is this church which is famous in sexual scandals word-wide. Imagine a few years ago the Irish Republic which 80% is Catholic voted for gay marriage in a referendum. And Mtumbuka has carriage to tell us how people should live in life. Leave it for others please.


Lawlessness is what you get when you focus too much on the rights of wrongdoers.

Mr Bingu

Bishop Mtumbuka’so comments show how the church is destroying democracy in our country. The church is becoming an enemy of multiparty democracy.


Arrogant Bishop Mtumbuka and the ever loud-mouthed Catholic Church need to back-off: stop political pandering and the media circus. Bishops and priests are competing to say the nastiest comments against government so that they appear in the news. The Catholic church should stick to the gospel. Leave what belongs to Caesar and practise your religion. The Catholic church does not run Malawi.


That’s the prophetic role of the Church my friend, dont mistakenly take it for arrogance. You want him to just speak nice things? No, he has to point out where things are not moving. If your church doesnt have prophetic dimension then it is half a church. The gospel has to change things in the here and now, there is nothing like your nonsense ‘appear in the new.’

Be careful of what comes out of your mouths (coming from what you have written) Bulutu. Its a fact that crime has reached unprecedented levels and has become the biggest risk for Malawi and is getting out of control. The very government you are defending Bulutu has acknowledged it and profess to dealing with it. Now I don’t know what your argument is against with what has been raised in the article/interview. Is it because there’s the Kamuzu Banda name or that the message is coming from a catholic priest/bishop. hate them all you want Bulutu but the message is… Read more »

The bishop used wrong podium. That was fundraising launch among catholics
He should have narrowed or restricted himself to the theme.

It’s unfortunate that the Bishop have already forgotten why Malawians voted for Multiparty Politics on 14 June, 1993. Malawi is as it is today because of selfish, greedy Kamuzu who wanted everything for himself. Malawians we don’t need to hear that name called Kamuzu again. Kamuzu killed everything, our history, our culture, our identity. I even wonder if he was really a Malawian. When he was in power Malawi population was 3 to 4 million people. Many people were not educated, and Kamuzu took advantage of that. If Kamuzu was the real man, why he arrested people who gave him… Read more »
Zako izo

I love kamuzu,i got into a good academy and it’s all thanks to kamuzu..


Our Catholic Church is shaming us everyday to the point I’m ashamed to be called Catholic. Our bishops and priests are talking about politics everyday in an attempt to sway people to vote a certain way. Why can’t you concentrate on preaching in the church but also avoiding interfering in politics during public functions. Tatopa kumva maganizo a usiru.

A lot of comments are attacking the Bishop instead of discussing issues. Are you all this dull? It’s a known fact that crime has escalated in Malawi since Kamuzu era. We used to walk from Bwandilo to Area 18 without any danger during Kamuzu days. Our houses didn’t have fences or burgler bars and we were not robbed. Streets had lights that worked Markets were safe and clean TOday there is lawlessness and it’s not wrong to call upon our leaders to do something about it. The church is the moral campus of society and should continue to point out… Read more »

You walked from Bwandiro to Area 18 but lived in pepertual of Malawi Young Pioneers ndi a youth, no freedom of exoression, kugulitsidwa makhadi etc.. . Can’t you see how silly your argument and Bishop Mtumbuka’so words are?

It is these kind of comments that make me believe that Malawi has no hope of redeeming itself. Without making reference to Kamuzu Banda or Bishop Mtumbuka, here are the facts; Malawi is now a crime-ridden country and no one is safe anymore. people are killing each other, stealing from each other or the government, the moral standing of Malawi society is down the drain. We need leaders who can lead Malawi into a society that it deserves to be because generally Malawians are peace loving people and that’s what they had been known for. I dont understand why Sana,… Read more »
Besides getting his facts wrong about how the Kamuzu dictatorship dealt with criminals, the Bishop is more than annoying. And he’s ignorant; and insensitive to the thousands, if not millions (if you count collaterals) who suffered from political interference during that evil regime. And where is the diplomacy when the Bishop chastises the Government when the VP is right there? Nlot even reciprocating the VPs courtesy. The Bishop seems to be a learned man, beyond Catholicism: and if he was too young to be an astute observer of Kamuzu’s politics, he must have read up on it. Even If only… Read more »

The problem with the Catholic Church and its bishops is that they think they own Malawi. They think they are the thinkers who think for us. You are not our thinkers. And the MCP you are trying to support is being led by a pentecostal pastor. Do your thinking if you’re clever.

parties without presidential candidates
parties without presidential candidates

DPP led by a protestant

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