Blantyre Synod say Rev Gama photo with beach bikini girl is ‘photoshopped’

Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbytery (CCAP) leadership has said it is probing the picture which circulated on social media depicting  Reverend Dr Billy Gama with a young lady in compromising positition at the beach which the cleric has claimed is work of of photoshop.

Rev Billy Gama: It is not me in that photo

Gama, former presidential adviser on religious affairs, accused social media users of ‘altering’ the image to make him appear with a half-dressed girl.

The  synod spiritual father (Moderator) Rev Masauko Mbolembole and general secretary the Reverend Alex Maulana  confirmed that they have launched investigations to the matter.

“We understand the photo  of Reverend Gama was doctored. We are investigating the matter,” Maulana said.

The synod’s general secretary said they will question Rev Gama on the matter but they understand the issue is totally fabcricated.

A platform called Malawi Daily Mail  which posted the photo said  it verified the picture and that it was fake and apologised for claiming it was Gama.

Gama, who is a respected pastor within the ranks of CCAP Blantyre Synod ,  claimed the doctoring of the photo was in bad faith intended to turnish his image.

“I categorically deny my identity in that picture. I have seen it and it shocks me that people are associating me with that man. I wish people would search my pictures online and compare with that man. We are two different people,” Gama is quoted as saying.

The Reverend who is an accomplished theology scholar and board chairperson of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation said he has forgiven those who were behind the character assisantion but will not hesitate to seek legal redress in future if he faces same fabrications.

“We live in a world where people believe just anything they see on social media, as such this kind of story has affected me as a person and pastor. I am a respected family man and pastor who leads thousands of church members as such these kind of evil fabrications have a bearing on both my family and church. It is very wrong. May God forgive all who injured me without first verifying the contents of that picture,” he said.

Gama, who is moderator of Mulanje Mission CCAP, also sits as boar chairperson of Lilongwe Water Board (LWB).

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Once MCP said Halima Daudi was photoshopped when the lady was found on a wrong political place.

Hon. Grace Chiumia

Is this first time for Rev Gama to be in the limelight for prostitution?????? What about the Chinthemba saga????

Dr. Kanyalala

Chitsiru chimati kumwamba kulibe Mulungu. Bambo Billy Gama mukhoza kuwaopseza a Maulana kuti akuikireni kumbuyo koma lolani chikumbumtima chikutsutseni kuti mulape ndikusiya mchitidwe wauchimowo. Pa tsiku lachiweruzo lidzakhala inu ndi Mulungu wanu.


you can fool people but God cannot be fooled. His eyes are everywhere all the time, why should Rev. Gama be put on a doctored picture out of all reverends in Blantyre Synod? Utsi sufuka popanda moto………………..


The entire synod basi kumafufuza zakachithunzi? Mwasowa zochita eti? Let your cleric go and bring evidence that he was photoshopped


Rev Gama sorry that is your photo- As a Reverend, the best is to repent and God will forgive you…I know the full story so stop this PR

GN Phiri
1. The Reverend has “categorically denied his identity in that picture” – then why do you bother investigating when it is not him (The esteemed Reverend). 2. For those who scrutinized the initial picture….that was not doctored nor photoshopped 3. However, the subsequent one which depicted two girls side by side…that one is doctored as you can see the other girl is sitting on a slab indicating a swimming pool. 4. Hence – if the Reverend denies his identity in that first picture, how come somebody labors hard to introduces another doctored pic depicting two girls and the whole synod… Read more »

Chair wa LWB. Abusa zoona ma meeting onse aja koma kumakambirana zotimwetsa ife BiBi


Yes it is not you poti mwatero. Koma munthu wa mulungu mumavekatu ndi timbiri tosakhala bwino. Ku USA mbiri kuno kumudzi mbiri. Dziko lonse mbiri mbiri mbiri. Ayi Yesu mumudziwe zenizeni osati through theology only cause anyone can study theology and be ordained. But some are ordained by God Himself and a human being just confirms. Please man of God, even the very same Peter you preach to masses asked God for mercy and forgiveness.

Leshao ole Meresho

kkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahah huhuhuhuhu niokotwe livingtonia beach salima kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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