Business captains hail National Bank of Malawi for Credit Card

Business captains and customers have hailed National Bank of Malawi (NBM) for introducing its Visa branded credit card describing it a huge innovation and way forward for the banking industry in the country.

Kawawa and other business executives unveiling the credit card,

Kawawa (right) shares a word with business mogul Patrick Mbewe.

The credit card is segmented into five categories

the business gurus listening to the presentation on credit cards

NBM launched the NBM credit card last week in Lilongwe and on Friday introduced the innovation to business gurus and customers based in the southern region at Sunbird Mount Soche.

In random interviews most of the business captains and customers expressed satisfaction with the introduction of the card saying it was long overdue.

“This credit card is a fantastic innovation by the bank especially to us customers. We had problems in the past whenever we wanted to travel out of the country as we had to apply for forex and go all through that process but with this credit card; one can just leave as the money is in the card. It gives us confidence. In fact I am getting mine next week, I can’t wait any longer,” said prominent lawyer and NBM customer Meyer Chisanga.

Business mogul Jimmy Korea Mpatsa described the coming of the credit card as a good development as it will ease travelling especially outside the country because people can leave at short notice without worrying about the money and forex.

“This card will also improve company’s liquidity because you can use the money in the card and pay the bill after 45 days and this is good for the country and the economy as well,” said Mpatsa.

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) Chief Administration Officer Hilda Singo said the credit card is long overdue.

“We have been waiting for this credit card for a long time, this is the way to go especially when one wants to travel outside the country, it will make out life much easier,” said Singo.

Brittam Insurance Chief Executive Officer Grant Mwenechanya described the introduction of the credit card by NBM as a ‘huge innovation’.

“This is a huge innovation, it’s a huge step forward especially for those who frequently travel outside the country, it is very convenient. Companies will benefit as well as they can send their employees to work outside their duty station and give them the credit card to cover for their expenses, it’s very convenient,” said Mwenechanya.

Speaking at the function, NBM Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mac Fussy Kawawa promised that the bank will lead and help in creating a vision of a robust and efficient payment system for the nation.

“It is our tradition that every time we are bringing new innovation on the market, we give adequate time to pilot the product and test it with both our staff and some of our customers.”

“Therefore be assured that this product is as robust as it can get because we pride in giving you the best,” said Kawawa.


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6 thoughts on “Business captains hail National Bank of Malawi for Credit Card”

  1. Generation of Vipers says:


  2. Bolero says:

    Great opportunity for the diaspora to start keeping money in Malawi as they can assess it wherever they are. This however depends on the fees to accompany this credit card facility

  3. lesley says:

    mmmmm, palibe nkhani apa. Onzanu a NBS anapanga kale izi. Huge innovation chani? Musanalembe tamayambani mwafufuza.

  4. Javier says:

    Mxiiii card launch so segregative, kungoyitana ma bwana okhaokha, I believe apart from using it outside Mw it can also be used locally thus therefore the need to blend the invited guests with the poor, nanga si mumati its the bank of the nation

  5. [email protected] says:

    Something is wrong with the majority of interviewees in this article. Or is it just me who is not thinking legitimately? You would think them being individuals who have gone to school would concoct sensible answers with regards to the benefits the Visa will convey to the nation, however, rather every one of them points to the effortlessness of foreign travel as the major benefit. One should be reminded that each foreign travel, regardless of whether by government workers or private subjects costs the nation a major fortune and results in a thump on impact on the nation’s heartbeat.

    These individuals make a typical man trust that credit cards are there just for individuals needing to go outside of Malawi. No. You do not need a credit card ONLY when you need to take a foreign trip. Credit cards are there for every Jim and Jack as long as they qualify for the facility and can be utilized within the boundaries of Malawi. One can use credit cards also referred to as charge cards to pay for services such as hotel bookings, car rentals, airport fees or buy goods from a local or an online store like Amazon, Ebay etc. And the effects of consumer spending on an economy cannot be overemphasized. National Bank should therefore start promoting this facility to every one of their clients rather than to just their ‘elite’ clientele. Cards are not just for executives who have the luxury of making foreign trips at will but for everyone with a good credit standing with the bank.

    1. mtumbuka says:

      Sensible analysis, I agree with you 100%.

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