Callista sues Jeffrey for K500m defamation suit on Bingu death

Former First Lady Callista Mutharika —widow of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  founding president and the incumbent President’s elder brother Bingu —has taken ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Grazider Jeffrey demanding K500 million for saying the former first lady killed her husband Bingu wa Mutharika.

Callista Mutharika: Sues

Callista through lawyer Ambokire Salimu has filed the lawsuit files at the High Court in Blantyre.

The former First Lady refused to comment when called to clarify more.

As Callista lawyers were busy  filing documents for the suit, Jeffrey was telling people at a presidential rally on Tuesday that she was not moved by the lawsuit threats.

“She can go ahead, we will meet at the court,” she said.

Callista last week made a frantic apology to Malawians for marketing her brother in law for presidency in 2014 but has turned out to be a great disappointment, saying he lacks leadership skills.

In retaliation, Jeffrey alleged Callista was plotting to kill her in-law as she allegedly killed Bingu.

Jeffrey has been sued alongside the public broadcaster MBC for allegedly broadcasting live the words that Jeffrey uttered against the former first lady.

Lawyer Salim said: “We have filed the summons basically claiming K500 million. Those are exemplary aggravated damages reflecting the seriousness of the slander or defamation.

“You know she [Mutharika] is a high profile citizen and this thing was said at a grander stage than a political rally addressed by the DPP and then MBC carried it live so we think it is the ultimate form of defamation.”

Jeffrey’s remarks was the recent conspiracy theory by DPP thrown about to satisfy people’s curiosity regarding Bingu’s sudden death.

during a memorial service in honour of Bingu in 2015, Cabinet Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa alleged that Bingu’s deputy at the time, Joyce Banda, had a hand in, if not the mastermind of, a plot to murder Mutharika.

A commission of inquiry instituted by former president Joyce  Banda into Mutharika’s death concluded he died from cardiac arrest. Foul play was never a factor, unless one counts the lack of medical apparatus at the State House as a strand of a murder plot.

Mutharika, 78, though pronounced dead at the hospital, was flown to South Africa. But the plane was also delayed by almost four hours because , according to several sources, the pilot from South Africa refused to fly a corpse.

In 2013, when Banda was State President, she accused the Malawi media of killing Mutharika due to their “unprofessional conduct”. She said something to the effect: “Do you want to kill me like you killed Bingu wa Mutharika?”

However, Callista said she will not let the DPP gurus to be  accusing her of bumping Bingu off the face of the earth without seeking legal redress.

Commentators says politicians should not waste time with that vexatious issue: Who really killed Bingu, if at all someone did? They argue that they should just let his soul rest in peace, which he couldn’t find in his last days on earth as he had an indifferent international community to contend with; on the home front, a belligerent civil society was issuing him ultimatums to resign or face the consequences.

Callista sparked the succession debate weeks ago, when she said her in-law, who is 79, should pave the way for the comparatively younger  vice-president Saulos Chilima, 45.

The Chilima Movement has  attracted  DPP senior members that have come in the open to demand Mutharika must step down and pave the way for Chilima in the May 2019 elections include Mulanje West legislator Patricia Kaliati, who is also director of women in the party, DPP Blantyre City East legislator Noel Masangwi, who is also the party’s executive member, national director of youth Louis Ngalande and DPP Mulanje South legislator Bon Kalindo.

Others are Blantyre City South MP Allan Ngumuya, Mwanza legislator Paul Chibingu, DPP director of logistics Dr  Ben Chidyaonga and others.

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President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza
President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza

Chipani chosowa chochita chimatchula anthu akufa. Let Bingu rest in peace, he developed this nations unlike the failures we are seeing. Callista we are behind you, I love you, will you marry me?


Callista koma nde mwagwila chipwisitu game yagona zoima wakanatu uyu mmati muli pa mbuyo pakeyu koma wakuputsitsani pepani mama zimachitika

Nanunso inu kuchititsa manyazi……………..! Anthuwa amafuna Chilima adzakhale president wa dziko osati chipani chikha! Bwanji ngati simumamva chizungu osafunsa kaye kwa ena kuti mumvetsetse zimene Chilima wanena bwanji? Chilima said he will come back in due course to give his response on whether he will contest as a presidential candidate or not? Ndiye ukati game yagona zoima wakana, wakana chani? Ndipo iweyo zokanazo wazitenga kwa ndani? Pa zomwe walankhula wanenapo zokana? Chilima wanena kuti sapikisana nawo pa mpando wa presidential candidate for DPP ndipo chipani cha DPP wachituluka…………………………….!! Nanga zimenezi zikutanthauza kuti wati sadzapikisana nawo pa mpando wa u president… Read more »
chimanga chaponda

let the truth prevail….. justice rather than mercy

Kanthiti Mzandu

A Jeffrey amati ukakwera pa msana wa njonvu usamati kulibe mame, moti ndizoona zomwe munalankhulazo. U were so over joyous

Mbava Calisita

Iam suing Calisita 500millionn kwacha and one tambala
Koma Galu uyu amaifunadi ndata farm. So you call it a movement. How much will they get if allowed to be in power. Wopusa ndi Ncilima.


Don’t bring your personal issues here………………………………………..!! Mukungoonetsa kepepela komanso uchitsiru wanu!! Za Ndatazo ngati mukulimbilirana ndi ku Thyolo komweko!! After all belonging to one family does not mean all family members should not be disagreeing in political matters!! Kodi sukulu munalekeza chani? You sound so brain washed…………………………………………………!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiii

Kabwila and Patricia

Iam also ready to sue Calisita for calling Peter an old Man. That’s being disrespectful to elderly people people.
500 million I have never heard. Ncilima you want this money to run your campaign. Galu Calisita wagwa


Ok, on her behalf sincerely receive my apologies for calling him old, from today, let us be calling him a youth or a teenager!!

Abale why should that be a mistake, when the same team is calling others babies to lead Malawi? Mwakuti ma babies nawonso akwiye chifukwa atchulidwa ma baby?? Kodi moti siyikhalanso nhkani enafe tikanena kuti Peter ndi kamwana kakang’ono ng’ono!! Ndimayesa chimenecho ndi chimene chimafunika kukhala chipongweeeeeeeeeeee? Koma ili gulu limamva zozondoka ndithudiiiiiiiiiiii Pitani ku COMESA mukagule juvenile hormone basi, mwina akhoza kubwelera mu zaka………………….!


Callista is a stupid woman. Wagwa nayo. Wapysa alibe ndalama.


Way to go Callista. Osamusiya ameyo achenjere. Amadziyesa kuti ndikatswiri.

She is part of the entire game so is Jeffrey. Both are politicians of inadequate temperament there is no cause for going to court. The nation is fortunate in that Callista has dismally failed the test she can’t lead the nation all citizens with loud mouth will end up in courts a simple verbal scratch will spark a chain of legal repercussions. She will be unleashing her legal hounds a politician with leadership qualities only squirms when the balls are squeezed. Hurray Callista will get the monies not any leadership of substance within Malawi. She won’t dazzle anyone with her… Read more »
Phiri P

Mwachepetsa Mami. Mukanangomatchisa ndi K70bn afuna iye ija. That was defamatory of the century and she must pay for that


Jeffery will sleep around and raise this money.

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