Chakwera has been caught wanting as a leader: Malawi Congress Party in disarray

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has announced the postponement of its scheduled national convention, which was to start on April 8 2018 at Mary Mount Private Secondary School in Mzuzu. This follows courts’ decision to reserve determination on the way forward regarding a court injunction obtained by some leaders of the party, restraining MCP and its leadership from conducting the national convention.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera:  Convention postponed

The MCP, through its deputy secretary general, Eisenhower Mkaka, has expressed optimism that the courts’ determination on the national convention may come sooner, especially that “court injunctions are a temporary relief”.

However, whatever the courts decide on how the party proceeds, the protracted wrangles in MCP epitomizes a poorly run political organization whose leader seriously lacks good leadership and negotiating skills. Almost exactly one year before the 2019 crucial tripartite elections, the party leadership must seriously be dealing with the fragile situation because voters do not want to support a party that is fractious and at war with itself.

MCP internal squabbles are becoming inherently damaging to the party and it is now a matter of urgency that the leadership takes on more responsibility to avoid eminent political thumping at the elections in 2019 if the status quo does not change. Indeed, it is a huge risk for Malawians to give the most challenging task of running government to a divided political party.

Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, the erstwhile President of Malawi Assemblies of God Church, is leader of the MCP. He is accused making unilateral decisions on matters of policy. He also stands accused of wooing, without thorough consultation, a ‘rank-outsider’, Sidik Mia, to join the party and become MCP vice president and, ultimately, Dr. Chakwera’s running mate during next year’s presidential elections, at the expense of the incumbent vice and Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya.

Mohammed Sidik Mia is a former longtime cabinet minister and wealthy Lower Shire politician. Some people believe that Chakwera’s decision to opt for Mia, and not Msowoya, may have been driven by his desperate ‘thirst’ for resources to mount an effective campaign ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections rather than any political intellect.

Chakwera is also accused of blatantly sidestepping the MCP constitution in the manner he ‘dismisses’ or ‘suspends’ senior party officials. He (or is it the party) suspended or fired Msowoya, secretary general and deputy, Gustav Kaliwo and Chatonda Kaunda, respectively, treasurer general, Tony Kandiero, publicity secretary and Salima North-west outspoken legislator, Jessie Kabwila and Salima Central MP, Felix Jumbe for alleged disobedience. Chakwera has since replaced these leaders with his suspected ‘bootlickers’ who will sing his praises and those of his bedfellow, Sidik Mia.

Jumbe has since left MCP and recently announced he had joined the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

He has also been at loggerheads with most of the party’s influential District Chairmen (DCs) for his alleged nepotistic and dictatorial tendencies. He has replaced all ‘rebellious’ DCs with ‘loyal’ ones.

It is suspected that the dismissal and suspension of these leaders is a strategic intention to recruit ‘loyal delegates’ to rubberstamp Dr. Chakwera’s personal interests at the MCP national convention, which include proposed contentious constitutional amendments that suit his individual political tastes and the election of Sidik Mia as his vice and running mate in 2019.

But the Msowoya ‘camp’ is having none of such maneuverings. They have mounted a formidable challenge through the courts to stop Chakwera and  Mia from running the party as they please or as if it were their own personal property.

Whatever the courts’ determination matter would be, the endless internal squabbles promise to inflict irreparable damage upon the party ahead of the next elections. Indeed, excessive amount of time, resources and energy is being spent on court battles instead of party building and promotion exercises.

As a Chancellor College political scientist, Mustafa Hussein, said recently, MCP had other options to resolve their misunderstandings before they escalated to this level.  Hussein, renowned for his objective analyses, observed that courts tend to determine who is right and who is in the wrong and that exacerbates factionalism and misunderstanding. He envisaged a weak MCP ahead of elections, next year, because many members are frustrated and may leave the party to join other stronger and united political parties.

Indeed, Chakwera is squarely to blame for this mess. Intra-party feuds at the highest level of the party signals the lack of negotiating skills on the part of the head of the party. Political science scholars agree that internal political party conflicts hinge on lack of internal democracy in the parties. This is immensely evident in MCP where accusations have grown louder of a prevalent dictatorial environment. Suspected ‘rebels’ are not allowed to participate in decision-making, fired and hindered to contest in elections.

There is an urgent need on the part of Chakwera to take an active role in addressing internal squabbles and find a long-lasting solution to internal wrangles in MCP. Otherwise the 2019 elections will be a walkover for the DPP and President Mutharika.

But the unfortunate part is that such squabbles are not a new occurrence in MCP. The history of internal power struggle and infighting can be traced back to the post-Kamuzu Banda days in the late 1990s. A serious leadership struggle existed between the late Gwanda Chakuamba, who succeeded Kamuzu when he retired after the first multiparty elections in 1994, and John Tembo, the widely-believed Kamuzu’s heir-apparent. It cost the MCP past elections and the party has remained in opposition for over two decades.

Political quarrels among MCP leaders are now deeply entrenched in their mental psyche. Public humiliation, court litigation and violence have become the most accessible tool to MCP leaders who feel that their interests are in jeopardy.

As one observer said recently, it is now absolutely time that Chakwera’s realized that managing a political party is not just about eloquence and fancy language expressions, but that it requires one to possess real, detailed and comprehensive transformational leadership qualities.

Chakwera has been caught wanting as a leader. As things are now, the future of the party looks bleak, again. It is not too late though to throw in the towel and make way for genuinely transformational leader to save the party from yet another electoral humiliation in May 2019.

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I would like to salute the writer for putting facts in order. Let people know that Chakwela has violated section 30 of mcp constitution which provides for 30 members as nec committee. while we agree with the lawyer representing chakwela in court for section 65 which says any constitutional disputes should be channeled to NEC committee. One would ask a question as to which NEC the suspended would appear ? because according to section 30 NEC is composed of 30 people but chakwela increased it to over 60 almost doubled rendering it to be illegal because the same constitution only… Read more »
No Surrender, you are as forgetful as MCP, after butchering millions of Malawians still hopes to rule this country – maloto a chumba. At one time the presidents of Mozambique and Zambia visited Malawi and the meeting took place at Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe. Who was the president of Malawi at that time? Was it not the great APM? Ndi u political chumba wanuwo mumayesa Chakwera was the state president. The best that MCP can achieve ndi u leader of opposition. MCP ili ngati nkhuku yomwa mazira ake, taganizirani mmene chipanichi chazunzira Jessie Kabwira, Njobvuyalema, Msowoya, Kaliwo ndi ena ambiri.… Read more »

This is completely a confusing personal opinion aiming at confusing readers. There’s another aspect of killing an elephant which the author of this article is deliberately ignoring or too ignorant. The author wants chakwera to act his brutal way. cheap propaganda. No! Not welcome. I repeat.


Those who are causing trouble in MCP are on DPP payroll. The problem with Malawians is that we are not good at analyzing things. MCP has always been a threat to governments that have been in power. UDF used Tembo to fight Chakwamba when Chakwamba was the leader of MCP and they succeeded. DPP under BIngu did the same using some MCP MPs to fight Tembo and now we have some disgruntled members of MCP who are causing troubled. Why are fingers only pointing at Chakwera and not them?

No Surrender

Simutitha.We are a multitude behind our leader Chakwera. Inu mulemba mutagulidwa we write from our hearts. U write coz u benefit frm cashgates n corruptiom. We text from our individual hearts. We write from the South. And u will see how interest ing the vote will be.
SitinSitngapangeso za DPP pano mwatipusisa mokwana


For the respects of courts MCP has to postpone the convention and thats what they hav done. The story is written by an idiot


Apparently, the dismissals of Msowoya, Kaliwo, Kabwira, and Kandiero was to pave the way for Mia’s entry into the Party. Mia is now emboldened: he may run for President of the Party, when a convention is held.

Why not? Wouldn’t that be something? Don’t rule it out abale: Mia has ambitions oChakwera can’t imagine.
Blow back for oChakwera.

Machende motors

Martin pebbles are what are between your Skinny legs.


Peter speaks with his mother tongue!! Not a fake accent like a prideless fool, a big man of no shame, I got family in UK/USA and because they went they as adults they accents cannot change, koma a so called priest goes they for 2 years mau asintha!!! Shameless!! Choka

One of the most eloquent and fair analysis I have read in a long time about the current MCP on any internet forum. The author is actually being gratuitous to MCP and its leader(ship?) To be sure, no leader is expected to possess all leadership qualities: BUT the leader is supposed to have enough intellectual capacity to put in place people to complement his/her skills. This is, obviously, not the case with oChakwera; as he seems to take a page out of Kamuzu’s handbook, and just dismisses at his whim, even long time, prominent and ardent party supporters, and contributors.… Read more »
Che Duli

Akonda ndalama za nkaladi awa.

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