Chakwera must reverse dubious land sales or Malawi will be on fire!

As you descend, about to land either at Blantyre- Chileka International Airport or  Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe,  you can’t help admire how virgin much of our land—a symbol that we still have sufficient space to grow our cities.

President Chakwera need to stand up right now—or he should even institute a Commission of Inquiry into the dubious land sales 

But don’t be fooled.

Little, if not none, of this land belongs either to government or native Malawians.

I would bet that over 90 percent of the virgin land you admire when you descend either belongs to some white guy or, which is always the case, few Asians.

That is a sad reality before our eyes, as Malawians.

The previous regimes, in their get-rich-quick escapades, have sold off the best of this country’s through heinous and dubious ways unimaginable.

In some areas, you have cases, and they are many, where locals wake up as criminals, accused of trespassing on a piece of land they have lived for ages.

It’s these inconsiderate, corrupt, heinous and dubious land grabs between corrupt government officials and richer ‘investors’ that is irking and displacing honest Malawians—eventually, spurring wars of control between indigenous Malawians and these so-called investors running known and unknown errands in this country.

That is the story of Kumbali Lodge in Lilongwe which, over the weekend, faced the fury of villagers who torched part of properties.

As expected, we are all quick to condemn the act of the villagers but, strangely, we are slow to listen to stories of unannounced displacements these honest Malawians have suffered over years without redress of authorities.

Police, again, is quick to arrest over 48 villagers and, again, promise to arrest more yet there is a deeper story of exploitation, displacement and agony at the heart of these villagers.

I have chosen to stand with them. Not just them; but also millions of Malawians across the country who are landless because their land has been sold off by corrupt government officials.

If government plays deaf to the dubious and heinous land sales that happened during previous regimes, this country will shortly be on fire.

President Lazarus Chakwera need to stand up right now—or he should even institute a Commission of Inquiry into the dubious land sales and, as a nation, we must move to reverse them.

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1 year ago

Koma enanu mpaka mzanu kumutumiza kumoto eeeee ndaimisa manja

1 year ago

Mr mike fiko….so you r encouraging
unlawlessness in the country?
Today is one rich kumbali tomorrow it wil bel you mr tiko….unruly behavior needs not be condoned in our communities.

Keen Observer
Keen Observer
1 year ago

I stand to be collected but I don’t think that Chakwera is bold enough to do that. In Chakwera only good speeches but no action. Hoe can a President say that amongst his achievements in his first 100 days that he appointed ministers. Is appointing ministers an achievement?

1 year ago

I challenge the writer and he should prove me wrong if he can… He should do more research and show all Malawians a map of how much land is owned by foreigners.. How much is owned by Malawians.. How much is owned government,? Go do your research and show us the truth rather than writing emotionally! Remember you are a journalist and you should stick to your ethics!

Mwini muzi
1 year ago
Reply to  Whiplash

This is the reality on the ground. There is no need for the writer to prove as this has already been proven that land has been largely sold and is still being sold dubiously by corrupt officials. What remains is Chakwera to to do his work to bail out many land victims from the crooked official. Land has always and is still the reason why people faught for the independence of this country and as such, it is a sensitive matter that if not handled carefully with speed, there is a time bomb ready to explode anytime from now.

Nchawa makanjira
Nchawa makanjira
1 year ago

Shame on u Ellison Brute Bakili Muluzi, the architecture of corruption in this beautiful country of ours. Do U see now what is happening? U r the one who opened the door for u r church friends INDIANS to capture Malawi, I always pray to almighty Allah, that when u die, u r soul may join u r parents in HELL, coz I know they r perishing, burning in HELL.

1 year ago

For those that have visited Kumbali and you are Malawian. You will be horrified at how much land this man has secured for himself. It is insane. I wonder how we do this to ourselves, enslaving ourselves and our people. Land is where it all begins and ends (from dust to dust) what don’t people understand?

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