Chakwera raps President Mutharika over USA Health Insurance

President of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP),  Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday asked President Peter Mutharika  to explain to Malawians why the Head of State is maintaining the Health Insurance Policy in United States of America.

Chakwera greets MCP members

Chakwera greets MCP members

MCP crowds at Chakwera's rally

MCP crowds at Chakwera’s rally

Chakwera was addressing a political rally at Kaliyeka School Ground ahead of 1 November  by-elections polls.

Mutharika told a news conference at Kamuzu Palace that he was disappointed that some people were spreading false information about his health.

The Malawi leader reasoned that had it been that he was ill  he would not have returned from USA because he has good medical insurance policy in America.

But Chakwera asked the President to explain to Malawians why he is maintaining the health insurance policy in USA and yet fail to improve the health delivery services in the country which he is ruling.

“This is a clear testimony that the President has no trust in his country’s health care system that is why all his children are in USA. As Malawians do you really believe that this kind of a person can develop this country,” said Chakwera to the mammoth of crowd who unveiled themselves to the rally.

During the rally, Chakwera said MCP will win in all five wards and one constituency.

Chakwera said MCP  is now very strong than ever before.

“We are becoming strong because Malawians have seen that DPP has failed to run this country,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led Government of stripping assets and bankrupting  not only ESCOM but even to other parastatals.

“There is rampant corruption at ESCOM procurement is being done without tender awarding contracts to party zealots,” claimed Chakwera.

Meanwhile, Chakwera has sent a stern warning to MCP members to avoid being used by the ruling elites.

“I know how much money are you getting, I know where you are meeting, one day I will not hastate but to reveal all the clandestine deals of double standards that you are doing,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera and his Vice President Richard Msowoya have been campaigning in all areas where there will be elections.

Places where there will be elections include;  Kasungu Bunda ward, Lilongwe Kaliyeka ward, Dedza Bembeke ward and Zomba Sadzi and not forgetting Mchinji south Constituency.

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Wait a minute, is the problem here getting foreign medical help or subscribing to a foreign medical scheme? If it’s for the former, did we expect the president not get foreign medical treatment even upon falling sick while abroad (so that he had to wait and come here to get the treatment just for him to show that he’s trust in local health care? How reasonable would this be? If it’s for the second reason, I would say, yes, to a certain extent, this shows lack of trust in local health system. However, this might be counter-argued form the recent… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa
Chakwera grew up in Malawi, educated in Malawi schools up to university of Malawi, Chancellor College, did his masters and doctorate in Africa, had been teaching Malawians, he has a Malawian health insurance, Malawians know when he is sick. NOW TELL US MR BE HUMANE MORE ABOUT EDUCATION OF THIS YOUR BACKING PRESIDENT? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PRESIDENT DO NOT BELONG TO LOMWES ONLY? I believe poverty has driven your mind out of normal thinking lines. Anything done by Chakwera is a negative to you? I always advise you if its cashgate that has spoiled your mind, just wait a… Read more »

And where is his doctorate from again….? Rather which university in Africa…?


Mutharika’s maintaining of American Health insurance is further evidence that his overstay in America was to service his American Green card on our hard-earned tax-monies and that he never surrendered his American Green card as earlier believed to have been the case!

be humane

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk A chewa a Gule tsopano backing up every chakwera’s nonsense nchifukwa chake amanena kuti ngakhale mbuzi itayimirira MCP pa chisankho kwa chewa idzawina because iwo samayang’ana zamunthu koma chipani bola mbuziyo ivekedwe makaka a MCP ndi tambala wawo wakuda. MCP mayooooooooooo. You mean the whole leader of opposition can be arguing against holding health insurance ku dziko limene munthu wakhalitsako? and anthu mukupusitsika kumati peter has not lived in Malawi, where has Chakwera grew up? Tiuzeni a Chewa osati kutukwana koma muyankhe


@ humane, I dont know why every topic you are so sarcastic,so impolite,so belittling others and so (……..) you can feel the space!!!

Chiza you dont know what you are talking. You are just a confused person like Chakwera Which state in America are you living.may be the state of Nsanje In America I have googled you can buy any typevof insurance as long as your pocket can afford Chiza you make me laugh . Do you know that some people they insure their relatives from Malawi and when they go to America they use that insurance Remember Peter lived in America for many years and his bank account is there in America. You wanted him to be treated by Chakwera doctors who… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa
Guest, thanks that you are one of the rare thinking lomwe, poverty has taken its toll in most upside down thinking lomwes, thats why they are calling themselves behumane because human principles are out of them. To them life is right, blackouts, water scarcity, killing of critics, lying that our leader was not sick, cashgate, etc. All these to these poverty minded stricken blind dpp supporters are not problems. I doubt their normalcy, i believe they are either mad or cashgate has poisoned their brains. One thing they should understand CHILUNGAMO SICHIWOLA NGAKHALE ALL EVIL DPP ITACHIKHALIRA, ONE DAY IT… Read more »

Thanks for your comment.

The thing is we are in the same country people are forgetting this If the country fall we are all falling down with it, like the people on a bus ikamakagwera ku mphompho everyone on a bus is injured.

There is shortage of maize, do you think ku Thyolo kapena ku Mulanje shortage imeneyi inena kuti iyayi uku bdi kwa a Muthalika tilambalaleko?

Behumane is so sarcastic person and so blind he doesnt see the bigger picture only sees that (Oh ME MYSELF AND I) ring a bell? ofcoarse not.

Fact: Please research for yourself if medical insurance,heath insurance can cover a patient who is not resident in that country. Whether a private or govt scheme. The answer is it is not Possible. Foreigners who are non resident to a country buy travel insurance with medcover which covers them whilst overseas,that’s how a tourist can seek Medicare under masm or be medflown to RSA. However if the visitor becames a resident in Malawi then their country’s foreign med/insurance stops to cover he’s mearnt to subscribe to the local insurance scheme in Malawi I.e masm.this is a normal business practice to… Read more »
As first citizen of the country he must be trustful to the education..Heath.. And all the systems that he has put in place with his govt so that they’re as great as those which he witnessed when he was abroad. A captain doesn’t leave his sinking ship before every making efforts that every one is rescued.He improve services in Malawi and not depend on foreign countries.He paid to ensure that we have great economy and world class services.FACT: the president was in US carrying out important meetings, the truth was, “meetings with doctors”, FACT: Nafenso tikukhala overseas , A MEDICAL/HEATH… Read more »
I am a Malawian who holds British citizenship, I have family, a job, a house, I’ve contributed to the heath insurance, pension and worked here in UK meaning I’ve contributed to the economy here through my workmanship and tax. My interests are ,sadly but logically, matters that affects UK I.e brexit worries me most that maize prices going up by 127’/, or Tanzania taking over Malawi’s sovereignty over a part of the lake. “Ng’ombe zaku chitipa sizimadandaula kuti kunsanje kuli chilala, koma ng’ombe za kunsanje ziyenela kudandaula”. The point is I am a soldier in the British army by choice… Read more »

Guys this man is embarrassing us.
He failed by thinking that Peter was using taxpayers money for his treatment without knowing that his insurance has paid it off.
Don’t we have educated and thinkers on Mcp than allowing this man who failed to lead the church to lead our party
Before end of this year he must be replaced
Jessie where are yoi? Why finding faults all the time in Mutharika
You have failed to lead our party instead you are attacking the individual. Are you a Christian or a witch?

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