Chakwera says Mutharika running scared and paranoid: Malawi govt should deal with widening inequalities and rising corruption 

President Peter Mutharika is panicking that a combination of rising unemployment, economic decay, pending mass protests to demand transformational leadership would result in ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) losing the 2019 elections through the ballot, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera has observed.

Mutharika and Chakwera: Forget the warm handshakes, there is true rivarly

Chakwera has since questioned Mutharika’s logic over accusations that the opposition leader pushed a regime-change agenda through the rejected Electoral Reforms Bills.

President Mutharika described Chakwera as ‘a foul mouthed reverend’.

Drifting away from his prepared speech during the groundbreaking ceremony for a five-star hotel project and business centre in Blantyre,  Mutharika  said Chakwera, who trailed him in the 2014 presidential race, was conniving with what he called misguided faith leaders to bring down his government.

But in his reaction, Chakwera described the President’s sentiments as unfortunate, saying the  greatest threat to Mutharika’s presidency include the unemployed, homeless, hungry and individuals who see no light  in Malawi under corrupt and nepotistic DPP administration.

Chakwera dismissed Mutharika’s claim that he pushed a regime-change agenda through the rejected Electoral Reforms Bills.

“If that is how he interprets it, how the intelligence works and how he reasons, then no wonder this country is in trouble,” said Chakwera

“Is he that scared? Is that his level of reasoning? Is that the level of intelligence he gets to and the conclusion he makes? How does that tally? Who does he think we are?” wondered Chakwera .

Mutharika lashed out at the opposition, accusing it of plotting to topple his government by December 31 2017.

But MCP has since said widening inequalities  and rising corruption  are creating tension  among people which is a threat  to Mutharika’s presidency.

The opposition has since called on DPP administration to deal with  corruption in government and tackling  concerns arising from  lack of jobs, poverty  and limited  business opportunity  for  Malawians.

Chakwera pledges to fight corruption and pursue a policy of radical economic transformation if elected as President in 2019 polls.

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Mr Santana zafika kulibwino kuvotera even chisiru komaso chozereka coz palibe kusiyana ndi izi zilipozi….so ngati achakwera alibe fundo izo zilibe kanthu Koma ife tikufuna tionepo zina basiii full stop…..

Mr Telon, The fact is that we have a place ON THE MAP OF Malawi WHICH IS SITUATED on the East. There are other political parties who have governors ruling the eastern region. Mr Telon I have now and again challenged you on these pages that tell me one strategy which was not done by MCP in 2014 which if done in 2019 the party will win the presidential race. Despite repeating this question now and again no MCP diehard is coming with an answer. Ask your Chakwera to tell Malawians what he will do on blackouts if he assumes… Read more »
Nambuma Girl

I like Chakwera’s persistent attach on Peter Mutharika. Please go, go, Man.

Charlie Hebdo

Ours is a president who knows what is right for the country but chooses to do differently just to serve his personal interests. Isn’t he the same person who proposed federalism and proportional representation in the country as a way of dealing with concerns of regional marginalization only to change his view once elected as president? Should we then be surprised that he is against the recommendations of the special law reform commission appointed by himself. One word describes our president better “hypocrite”.

I feel sorry for students of this professor who can’t uphold his principles.

Ben Phiri
This is where Dr Chakwera is missing the point. Samanena mfundo ndi imodzi yomwe. Koma kunena zoipa za DPP. to be honest we already know how bad DPP is, that’s preaching to the saved. Tiuzeni mfundo zanu, nkhani ya magesi muzapanga chani, power plants takes yrs to build, sikuti kutenga boma magesi azayaka, za katangale muzapanga bwanji, komanso anthu mukudyerera muli Ku opposition, za malipiro athu simukamba mkomwe popeza inu malipiro anu ndi aaatali , fuel, ma allowance migolomigolo. Kofumsira mkazi suchedwa kukamba kuipa Kwa wina. Umakamba mfundo zako. So far I haven’t heard anything from abusa (not sure if… Read more »
Fake Petros
Mr Ben, it’s only because your eyes and mind have been compromised with the DPP blue-discolouration caused by fraudulent money. The effects of which are that you can’t see nor reason logically. What Chakwera is saying was in fact once successfully implemented are results were positive. Kodi magetsi amazima 2yrs JB anali pa mpando? So it is not that the Chakweras of this world do not offer alternative views or workable solutions, it’s because we have a president who either does NOT listen or simply fails to get things done. Amwene, olo pa office pamakhala ma bwana ena zinthu osayenda… Read more »
Con Ng Less

Tsono ndiye mwati oChakwerawo ndi munthu oti atakhala pa office zinthu zisintha? Mwadziwa bwanji? Popeza zomwe tiludziwa ife ndizoti Malawi ssemblies of God with Dr Chitsonga is much better than the time of Chakwera. Ask me for more details. What about infighting and failing to run his own party? Politically, which party is stable and strong, DPP and MCP?

Mzanga Dausi

“…power plants takes years to build…” chizungu chakuti chimenecho?!! Standard eight English lessons – he, she, it – plural; else singular!

Tianthu ta dpp ubulutu uli thoo! Koma makani. They want to lead when in actual fact they need to be led!


Unfortunately, Chakwera will never be president of Malawi. Mark my words. APM is going to win again in 2019.

mlomwe was Ku MJ

Poti ukavota ndiwe Alex……Kuno Ku Mulanje tikavotera Chakwera.

It is surprising some people do not realise how smart president Mutharika has been on the 50+1 bill. He played a clever game on MCP, PAC, Catholic bishops and churches: (1) Pretended to capitulate to their demands by accepting to bring the bill to parliament (2) Publicly begged PAC, Catholic Bishops to stop the 13th December demonstrations (3) Then, his government brought a bill that was doctored (in the words of Kamlepo, an adulterated bill) which caused a stir in parliament and outside (4) knifed the 50+1 bill even as the ruling DPP only has 50 MPs of the total… Read more »

He cannot outsmart the Church – Catholics and all those. The church will speak in 2019. Trust me.

Chilungamo chiyende

Did he play a clever game or a crooked game? Amalawi ndife odabwitsa. Uku nkombera mfiti mmanja ndithu!


Then your happy with the president for playing tricks on what the people wants…what a shame to civilisation n democracy. Time is coming and trust me things will change either by the ballot or the bullet.

Can you happily state things that APM has done for this country since his election??


Which pipo are talking about who wanted that law? Few greedy clerics partnering the lost opposition???

Presidential Hopeful Chakwera
Presidential Hopeful Chakwera

“….. the greatest threat to Mutharika’s presidency include the unemployed, homeless, hungry and individuals who see no light in Malawi under corrupt and nepotistic DPP ”

You are absolutely right president elect Chakwera.

Continue telling him in no unequivocal terms about his failure. Everyone is behind you on that. Was it not the diplomats who described him as a gangster leader talking about the institutionalised corruption and theft of public funds.

Amwene mamuna odziwa kufunzira mkazi sanena zoipa za mzake amamnena zake. Who is hungry now in Malawi? If there is one then he is lazy. Why are maize prices so low? Is this not the sign that there is plenty of maize? Don’t you know that even with a 50+1 APM can easily smash your hallucinating president elect your Raila Odinga Chakwera? Ndale za pa social media muchedwa nazo. Somebody here in Central Region was jubilating when Chakwera held a rally a year ago saying there were crowds of people. Really? Fishing in own net. While in BT crowds were… Read more »

If I was muthatika, I would stop people from addressing me as his excellency. It does not make sense to have such titles when people live in the dark.
Look at the roads he is constructing,,,they are useless road which develop pitholes within a month.

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