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It’s always important to stay informed, if you are a real football fan. You can do it in a simple and easy way by viewing Champions League fixtures on a convenient platform.

So, what are the best matches of the Champions League so far? And why did they excite the fans so much?

  • One of the most talked about matches of this October was the match between Real Madrid and Brugge, which ended in a draw. Zidane’s team was able to achieve a draw in the Champions League match with a great difficulty. This meeting spawned a series of memes “Real with Ronaldo and Real without Ronaldo”.
  • But later matches were much more interesting for the fans. A lot of enthusiasm (and sarcasm as well) was caused by the failure of Virgil van Dyck, who was recognized as the best player and defender of the UEFA 2018/19 football season. But on the day of the match between Liverpool and Salzburg, he was out of luck. Van Dyck didn’t have any defeats for more than a year, but then Hwang Hee-chan had more chance than him.
  • Another hero of October was Willian Borges da Silva. During the match between Lille and Chelsea, the French team played mediocre most of the time, but Willian’s personal talents decided the outcome of the match. His goal in the 78th minute was unforgettable!

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Thomas Tuchel, the head coach of PSG, told his opinion on the elimination of the French club from the 2018/19 Champions League season after the defeat from Manchester United. He said he was very distressed because all the team worked hard. They had a wonderful first half of the match, but then there was this failure, that felt like a car accident. There was pressure, and there were injuries as well. It was very difficult for the team to end the season on a positive note. Tuchel tried not to read the press, but he was still depressed.

Thomas Tuchel also said that he wouldn’t give Neymar the chance to relax this season. In summer, the Brazilian player tried to leave the team, but ended up staying in Paris. It wasn’t the decision of both of them, but they still have to work together and overcome difficulties in understanding.

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