Chilima rebukes DPP for ‘gratuitous attacks’ on Malawi judges:   Rejects the ‘sulk challenge’

State vice-president Saulos Chilima, who is also UTM Party president, has  condemned what he calls  “shameful position” taken by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government of attacking court judges.

Chilima:Its shameful position of the DPP led government to be attacking the Judiciary and calling judges insulting names

Of late there has been different write-ups in different blogs and social media by operatives of the DPP attacking the judiciary especially a panel of five –judges in the Constitutional Court who nulled last year’s presidential elections and called for a new ballot within 150 days.

Also facing attacks is High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda who granted the injunction to two citizens Esther Kathumba and Monica Chang’anamuno, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) and the Church and Society Programme of the Livingstonia stopping government from effecting the shutdown.

Chilima in his televised national address on Sunday evening  said he  “categorically reject” the  “shameful” position by government in making “gratuitous attacks” on the judges for “merely doing what the Constitution and their oath of office require them to do; that is to interpret the law of the land.”

Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale, who was representing the defendants, President Peter Mutharika, Ministry of Health, Inspector General of Police and the Commander in Chief of the Malawi Defence Force, on Friday filed to the courts that the defendants would not challenge the lockdown injunction.

By not contesting the injunction, government was playing its card that should the virus take its toll on Malawians, they would sit back and blame the judge as Covidiot.

But Chilima said the Executive cannot start calling the Judges names or indeed make childish statements that they shall leave the management of the crisis to the Judiciary.

Chilima demanded that the fight for Covid-19 should be done within the Constitution and other governing laws.

“Other countries have come up with regulations too. But they made sure that they follow the law in doing so. If you think you are unable to follow our Constitution and all our laws in dealing with crisis, simply resign and go home. Others shall take over and get this job done.

“Nobody paid you to be sulking and we shall not join the sulk challenge regardless which office makes such a shameless suggestion directly or otherwise,” said Chilima.

Chilima said it is deceitful and dangerous suggestions from government proponents that laws should be disregarded or suspended when fighting a pandemic like Covid-19.

“The Constitution is not only our guiding light, but also it protects us all from the worst impulses of those who exercise power. There is no greater need to guard against the abuse of power than in times of emergences primarily because autocrats usually use emergencies to allocate themselves powers,” he said.

He said diverting from the rule of law is a recipe for those in authority to abuse power or settle political scores.

“We should be on guard as not to allow the Covid-19 pandemic to be used as an excuse to violate the Constitution and the rights of our people,” warned Chilima.

He suggested that Parliament be summoned so that it deliberates legislation to fight the pandemic and use of resources.

Chilima also said looking at the statement released by Malawi Law Society, It is clear that Covid-19 fight has proceeded on acts of illegality.

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garrson mwale
2 years ago

Obeviously, the judge put injuction against lockdown,it is seriously interfering executive, a politicised action supported by HRDC funded by you opposition.

2 years ago

DPP is dead.

The Predator
2 years ago

Arafat, you funded HRDC to obtain an injunction against The Lockdown. Now you are saying The DPP government is doing nothing to contain the situation, shame on you

Malawi belong to the citizens

Chilima you are a great leader, cadets can not say anything good about you, coz they believe in corruption and bribes.shame on them and they wanted Malawians to on lockdown without food and money.

2 years ago

You idiot tell us the difference between DPP’s Cadets and MCP’s Young Pioneer/Youth League. Why do you hate Cadets? Do you think all Malawians Shall ever go back to one party rule as was the case during Kamuzu’s era. Let us just keep quiet and see who will win the fresh presidential election. Mudzaliranso, mumvekere ” Atibera!!!!!!!! Mutagwa chagada Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Prescott Tambuli
2 years ago

This toddler is a nuisance to the society. He thinks he is the wisest person in the country. His endless arrogance should be a wake up call for MCP. You do not tame a black mamba in your house, thinking that it will only be eating rats. Certainly, one day it will bite one of your households, but it will be too late to change things. Chakwera, you are a good and smart fellow and an ultimate presidential material. You can do better without roping in Arafat Hamdan. Take note that once in government, in an alliance with this mafia,… Read more »

2 years ago

Chilima has the best leadership qualities than Muntharika. Let’s be objective when analyzing these two leaders other than be subjective analysis. I see better future for Malawi under political leadership of Chilima. Malawi is stagnant now in terms of development due to poor, corrupt, nepotic and tribalistic of Peter Muntharika. Peter behaves as if Malawians are not watching and looking at his leadershi style. You cant even compare Malawi president to Rwanda’s President Kagame. Rwanda is shining the whole Africa yet very small country compared to Malawi. Let’s try Chilima or Chakwera to lead Malawi after this year’s presidential election.

2 years ago

I had respect for this guy before he joined MCP. But now mmmmm!

2 years ago

….. Coming from the mouth of supreme Court judge dan mwaungulu’s page boy… U n ur judges will die of envy

2 years ago

You are too desperate for power honourable VP. I am not sure if you will get it.

Masilu ga liwata
2 years ago
Reply to  Joloza

mmmm you idiot cadet you time is over now .

2 years ago

Would have made sense if said by chakwera not you a sitting deputy of the current regime. You are confused little boy, a sitting deputy speaking like a leader of opposition would do. And chilima carefully avoided speaking about his personal relationship with the judges. We hear he mlamu to one of the concourt judges and was also pageboy to a supreme Court judge’s wedding. This kid is all over the judiciary

2 years ago

Right on!

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