Chilima speaks out against violence: Urges Malawi youths not to be used by ‘political thugs’

Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima has strongly condemn the acts of violence against ruling DPP MPS who are supporting calls for him to represent the party as its presidential candidate in next years’ tripartite elections.

Chilima: Condemns violence

Chilima, who has been silent on calls for him to stand as DPP presidential candidate instead of incumbent Peter Mutharika, broke the silence in a statement released Saturday after some DPP MPs were man handled by DPP youth cadets during the opening of Parliament on Friday by President Mutharika.

A petrol bomb was also thrown at the house of another DPP MP Bon ‘Winiko’ Kalindo burning one of his cars to ashes in the process.

Vice President of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima wishes to condemn in strongest terms the unfortunate scenes of violence and intimidation developing in this country. The attack on Honourable Patricia Kaliati and Honourable Noel Masangwi at the Parliament building in Lilongwe on Friday is most unfortunate and completely unacceptable,” said Chilima in the statement.

The setting ablaze of Honourable Bon Kalindo’s car at his house is an act of barbarism and has no place in modern Malawi,” added the VP.

He commended the Police for acting with professionalism and urges them to investigate and bring to book all the perpetrators.

Chilima said when Malawians voted for multiparty democracy in 1993, after a gallant fight against the brutality that existed at the time, they said goodbye to a dark age.

We, as the people of Malawi, should not, therefore, allow any individual or group of individuals masquerading as democrats to take us back to the era of death and darkness in pursuit of their own selfish interests. The acts of the last 36 hours are primitive, uncivilized and satanic and have no space in modern Malawi,” said Chilima.

He urged the youth not to be used ‘by political thugs’ for their selfish interests.

The engine of our country’s potential are the youth, considering that 64 per cent of the population are aged 24 years and below. Our youth should not be manipulated to indulge in activities that destroy their future. The youth shouldreject any attempts by anyone to use them for violence.”

Your lives are worth far much more than the pocket change that is offered by political thugs who mastermind such callousness,” advised Chilima.

The second in command also urged all peace-loving Malawians to resist and refrain from being used by selfish individuals whose aim is to tear the nation apart.

No one should be threatened or intimidated for expressing their political, religious or any views at any time anywhere in this country. Our constitution guarantees all Malawians fundamental freedoms of choice and speech. This country belongs to all of us,” said Chilima.

He was also not particularly pleased with the attack on woman legislator Patricia Kaliati.

“The attack on women is a monumental shame and a colossal disgrace and must stop right now,” he said.

Chilima also condemned the DPP cadets who were disturbing in Parliament when President Mutharika was delivering his state of the nation address. Mutharika himself did not condemn the acts of the cadets.

“What happened in the August house as the President was delivering the State of the Nation Address is both unprecedented and deplorable. We have to respect the leadership of this country regardless of any discontent we may contain in our minds from time to time,” said Chilima.

Information and Communications Technology Minister Nicholas Dausi has joined choruses of those condemning the violent conduct act and has since assured  that the matter will be investigated thoroughly.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) led by Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence and Charles Kajoloweka, who last week also petitioned government over socio-economic and governance issues, said in a statement that the violence is a manifestation that the DPP tolerates violence as a tool to stifle dissenting views.

They have demanded that President  Mutharika should publicly condemn these acts of violence immediately; and that he disciplines his party “on the culture of terror and impunity.”

The rights campaigners said : “Failure to do so we vindicate assertions that he is either an accomplice to the scheme or is not in control of the state of affairs.”

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Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Mutharika must fall

Galu Chaponda

Bwana president mupatseni mpata Chilima else mudzitayira ulemu.


Its only star performers who deserve a second term……………………………………………………. not zinaziiiiiiiiiiiii Abale osangosiya ngati takulaaaaaaaaaaaaa zomwezi kakakaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ndimangomva kuti nkhalamba zimamvuta kumvetsetsa now I agreeeeeeeeeee!! Nkhani ikhale miyala ya maziko basiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Galu Kalindo

Bwana President be careful mukuweta njoka you Ncilima. He is being used by mcp.
Don’t give him chance this fool. Let him form his own party with these idiots, Kalisita idiot kalindo and ngalande.


I remember those old school songs , kachile kamdambo kanaona ng’ombe zikukudya


Njoka ndiweyo mwana wa satana iwe…………….!! Where on earth do they do what DPP is doing and call it democracy!!

I suggest now you party should be called :”Demons Progressive Party”!!

Nde kuwamvanso a president anuwo nde kayanso! Amvekere constitution ya DPP ndidalemba ndine…. iwo amafuna alembe anthu angati!! Kulemba constitution ndiye kuti chipani ndi chako? Mxiiiiiiii

Dziwanthu zodzikonda inu!! Kodi kunena chimene anthu akulakalaka chikhale tchimo? Dziwanthu dzomwa madzi ometera, dzatsankhu too much!!


The way forward is for him to not ride on Callista Chapola Chimombo thuggery altercations and contribute to peace building in his own DPP. Keeping people guessing on his underground activities will breed the level of violence this impoverished land of the lake and mudfish saw past 36 hours…..wallahi!

Chriss Phiri

If Mchacha is a Lomwe and APM the Lomwe. Mchacha brought confusion during the opening of budget session at Parliament . APM is quite then APM knew of this in advance. Chilima has spoken against then the answer has it that Chilima can make a good president and APM is odd enough to rest.


Malawians warned DPP not to breed a militant youth wing modelled in lines of the old MCP Youth league. You were warned that zimbalangondozo will rise against their own “parent”. DPP didn’t listen and this is what you’ll reap. In fact this is just the beginning. You have to fed this monster otherwise akuphani. Don’t blame the youths blame your own greedy policies and strategies.


Bwana Nalingula, political killings did not start in 1993. By the way how old are you? Do you read the history of Malawi? Political killings started with the killing of the Chisinza brothers in the 60s. This continued with the killings of Atati Mpakati, Orton Chirwa and others. These political killings reached the climax in 1983 with the killings of Matenje, Gadama, Sangala and Chiwanga by MCP.


I was talking to Winston who went to Exile so many years ago and has not been following the latest killings. My point is that the Crocodiles are still with Us here as Jack Mapanje would put it.Remember how Thom Likambale had to run from his own Country after coming back from Canada.It was during Bingu’s time of course.The thugs were after him for being a big Critic of Bingu.We voted for Multiparty for all the Violence and Killings to End.But why are they still with Us?


Mkwapatira Mhango was also killed by the vinyau party of mwini dambwe Chakwera.

Mas ter
All young people are of weak mind even cadets from MCP AFORD and even in schools and churches if left alone easily commits crime If you are Malawians with children u would advise DPP not to stay away or far from their cadets and the Message be to all patties All you who have spoken shows you are evils of this Nation and need to apologise before GOD AFORD was fighting last week MCP has.been fighting using Cadets COS.has never condemned. COS.don’t just. Bark like mad dogs you will bring bad tension to Malawians For VP he.has one task to… Read more »

You could have made your comment in vernacular language. No shame in that.

If the President does decide to stand for re-election at his advanced age, I think it is important that we ensure that a functioning BLS (Basic Life Support) machine is available. Unfortunately, there is no such machine to which our ailing economy can be hooked. The health of the economy will depend on the voters’ ability to identify and elect leaders with the energy, commitment, skill-set, integrity, vision, and strength of personality to inspire united action for national redemption. Three of the most basic words in the English language are ‘Do’, ‘Be’, and ‘Have’. We need leaders who are motivated… Read more »

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