Chilumpha adds voice to condemn K4bn ‘money laundering’: Parties call for halt of disbursement

Former vice president Dr Cassin Chilumpha has come out of political hibernation to join opposition parties  outside parliament  calling for  corruption investigations over the irregular K4 billion allocation to constituencies during the Mid-Term Budget Review Meeting that which they equate to ‘money laundering’.

Chilumpha: One of the signatories to the statement calling for reversal of K4bn payout to MPs

Initially, the K4 billion was meant to benefit 86 constituencies only with each receiving K40 million, but after Malawi News exposed the matter in its paper followed with an uproar in Parliament, a deal was reached between government and the opposition for all the 193 constituencies to benefit.

Chilumpha, a lawyer by profession, has signed a statement by eight parties as president of his own political party called Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD), threatening to obtain a court injunction if the transaction is not stopped.7

Other parties signatory to the  statement include  People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), Malawi Forum  for Unity and Development (Mafunde), National Unity Party (NUP), People’s Transformation Party (Petra) , Republican Party(RP) and United Transformation Party (UTP).

According to the statement, the money was meant to help the incumbent members of Parliament (MPs) campaign ahead of the 2019 elections disguised as constituency development.

“What Parliament did in regularising this illegal transaction is utterly questionable and blameworthy,” reads the statement in part.

The parties said they side with poor Malawians that the K4 billion must not be disbursed and that government should call for an emergency meeting of Parliament within 30 days to reverse the approval.

Parliament in Malawi can be summoned by the Speaker in consultation with the President, according to the law.

The National Assembly is due to sit for budget meeting in May.

The parties also said the opposition block in Parliament “cannot excuse itself” from the illegal transaction “but thanks for having withdrawn. We encourage them to maintain that stand.”

According to the statement, Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa should be investigated on how he allegedly identified the initial 86 MPs to benefit from the unbudgeted funds.

They also want Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to “clarify his several contradicting statement on this and tell the nation the truth.”

Should government not act on their demands, the parties said they will obtain a court order “to stop the whole illegal transaction.”

Finance minister Gondwe is on Friday scheduled to meet for talks with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) leaders Charles Kajoloweka of Youth and Society (YAS), Gift Trapence of Centre for Development of People (CEDEP) and Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR)   to explain the matter with “accurate information.”

But the parties said Gondwe’s clarification should be me made “preferably in Parliament.”

Meanwhile, Chilumpha’s adding his weight to the pressure, signifies that he is back to frontline politics.  Chilumpha still faces treason charges.

He was arrested in 2006 on allegations that he was planning to assassinate former president, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, using hired assassins from South Africa.

Chilumpha and the late Mutharika fell out in 2005 after the former president left United Democratic Front (UDF), a party that sponsored him into power in 2004, to form DPP. Chilumpha remained in UDF until he joined People’s Party (PP) in 2012 and later dumped it.

The case has dragged on for years although government then said it had overwhelming evidence against him.

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Listen and Love

Chilumpha & co have the most viable solution to rescue this k4 billion to be abused by Parliament. I.E A COURT ORDER. FULL STOP


Akaka mumalikuti munati ziiiii. Ntchito patsogolo go ahead osamva za enawa khokhokho

asa phiri

Read a book by Gary H. Karh title of the book _ enroute to global occupation. You will see how illuminats ,new age movement, Satanist are using our leader in Malawi and the world as a whole. New world order is immenet.


Chilumpha should first go to the village and ask them whether they accept the money or not. If this money was directed to MPs Chakwera would not have made a U-turn. The U-turn was reached after discovering that no MP will benefit from this money. The opposition was given enough time to debate this issue and reached an agreement on how to disperse the money. This U-turn is just a political nonsense and these guys in MCP will pay for it in 2019 as they paid for SECTION 65 in 2009.


Like all CONMEN and TRICKSTERS they coerse unsuspecting individuals into doing HEINOUS ACTS, later they turn around and start blaming the VERY INNOCENT person they have VICTIMISED.
That’s the mafia world. BUT what is disheartening and counter-productive to development is when such mafias are people entrusted to rule the country. Because the double victim then becomes the tax-payer.
Mbavanso nkukhalanso ma zigogo!!!

Our MPs,especially those that want to partake in the looting of our 4 billion are devils and demons bent to impoverish and kill our nation.Let me give you an example,it was revealed recently by some media reports that in Nkhatabay there is a certain hard to reach area along the lakeshore where pregnant women and other critically ill malawians that require specialised attention sometimes die due to lack of transportation facilities to take them to the district hospital.These fellow malawians need a fast engine boat or even two for emergencies but unfortunately,there is none with the reason that our government… Read more »
President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza
President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza

The MPs are known by their abuse to MK20m of CDF and now the govt is rewarding abuses with another MK 40 million. What is this bullshit nonsense. Wake up you slumbering govt.


Chilumpha is one of the pioneers of corruption in Malawi, remember the 184 million kwacha scandal when he was minister of education during UDF rule? You think people have forgotten? No, not you again—-get out with your ADD…..


Chilumpha was implicated in the K187 million ghost school scandal. He is the worst person to talk about corruption. Just shut the fu*k up Chilumpha.

nzeru nkupangwa

Chilumpha, you have nothing to offer. You are a failed politician. Kamete ndevu basi!!!!!!


Corruption in Malawi has become so ramphant and entrenched that it has become a national sport. Its all what people are talking about in public places and bars. The voice of the good and honest people has been drowned whilst the voice of the evil is elevated. His culture needs to be mobbed in the bud otherwise it will bring about lawlessness. Mr President we appeal to you to take leadership and lift the country out of its misery. You’re our only hope at the moment.


@ [email protected] crossroads,
Which president are you calling upon to dea with corruption?. Peter mutharika?. Peter Is perhaps the most corrupt and inept president in the history of malawi . He is simply a joke of a president . Pathetic

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