Ziba’s church speaks on Malawi preacher’s arrest: ‘ An innocent victim  of well-organised criminal activities’

The Fountain of Victory International Church and Ministries has said its founder,   Apostle Joseph Ziba who was arrested for non-payment of duty on his motor vehicle is an innocent victim of a well-calculated and well-organized criminal activities within the system of second hand car trading.

Apostle Ziba granted bail after arrest in tax case

Apostle Ziba was arrested on Wednesday afternoon over non-payment of duty on his vehicle, a Ranger Rover registration number TO 8368 and was granted bail Thursday after spending a night at Blantyre Police Station.

“The apostle has been a law abiding citizen, and never broken any law in Malawi before and has always met his legal and civil obligations. As a church we respect the law and authorities and we leave to MRA and the courts to handle the matter,” said Wanangwa Nthara Public Relations Director for Fountain of Victory in a statement released Thursday evening.

Nthara said the  motor vehicle was previously owned by a Mr.Tayub Aziz  and had at the time of the acquisition, been registered and used by the said owner for close to a year here in Malawi.

“The information available to the Man of God at the time was that this vehicle was properly registered and that the all necessary clearance documents including Customs clearance certificate for motor vehicle, Interpol clearance certificate and the motor vehicle Registration were presented and that there were no encumbrances attached to the vehicle whatsoever.”

“We believe that once a seller has produced the above mentioned documents the assumption is that all the necessary obligations have been properly met,” said Nthara.

“We therefore, categorically put it on record that The Apostle is an innocent victim of well-calculated and well-organized criminal activities within the system of second hand car trading,” added Nthara.

But in a statement issued by public tax authority, said they arrested Ziba and Aziz on allegations of committing varuous tax offences contrary to provisions of the Customs and Excise Act and Value Added Tax (VAT)B  Act.

“MRA investigations revealed that Ziba failed to comply with customs laws by being found in possession of goods subject to customs control; namely, a motor vehicle 2014 Range Rover Sport registration TO 8368, thereby defrauding the Government of Malawi of its legitimate revenue,” reads the statement signed by MRA head of corporate affairs Steven Kapoloma.

The statement said the vehicle in question did not appear in MRA’s Automated System for Customs Data (Asycuda) system and that the customs clearance documents presented to the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services to register the vehicle were not for the aforesaid motor vehicle.

Asycuda is a computerised system designed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) to administer a country’s customs.

Further reads the MRA statement: “Aziz also registered a Toyota Fortuner without a proper customs clearance certificate, thereby evading payment of customs duty and defrauding the Government of Malawi of its legitimate revenue.”

Ziba applied for bail through lawyer Wanangwa Hara which was granted by  Blantyre senor resident magistrate Viva Nyimba upon ordering the preacher  to pay K200 000 cash bail bond.

The court also ordered the man of God to present two sureties, surrender his travel documents to police and report to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) head office fortnightly on Mondays.

Following his bail, Apostle Ziba is expected to fly to Lilongwe Friday morning where he is expected to hold a series of preaching and teaching events until the weekend.

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What kind of body language
Is that one man of god ??

Are you trying to shoot yourself
In the head or what ??

Don’t be offended oooo oh! !
Am just following with interest


Not long time ago
Mmwenye swindled money
From a bank

Now it’s Mmwenye at it again
Smashing heads a man of God
With MR A

When are we going to wake up
My fellow poor MALAWIANS ??

Same on money issues

Listen and Love
Men or women of God, of course don’t need to be poor. They do need some descent life. The problem arises when these so called servants of God desire without control to lead an extravagant lifestyle. If the financial source is from their own businesses independent from church money, well and good. But getting money in the name of the church and using the same to satisfy the church leader at the expense of the church is to make yourself a good candidate for hell. Christian church leaders need to take Jesus Christ himself as their role model who lived… Read more »

Bwana Nyimba chepesani zanu zakatangale mupanga ndima loya anzanu makamaka awa achina Wanangwa Hara ndi achanzake ku Ritz. Dziko likukuonani ndipo nthawi ikakwana muzalilila kuutsi.

Watematema Mutu

The apostle must have paid some reasonable cash I think, however, he could have been more sensitive that he is dealing with one of the shrewd indians! On the other hand why does people of God want to be ruled by the devil? Most of these poshy cars are not acquired normally. My advise to men of God is that behind pride and show-off, there hides a devil ready to devour you!


If you were a member of DPP like Mayor Bikoko we could have told MRA to back off. We only look after our party children. Only believe and sell your soul to us for a safer day everyday after this over.

National Front for Protection of the Poor
National Front for Protection of the Poor
Ziba as a law biding citizens as he claims had responsibility to ensure that he was buying a vehicle that was dully cleared by MRA. That’s what a good citizen does. He did not have to wait for Azizi to do that. He should have initiated it. Read MRA website to hear their side of the story. He didnt prove he is a good citizen. This money he invaded belongs to us the poor an not MRA so we are concerned. True God’s people dont invade tax. Christ urged pharisees to pay tax, Ziba should know that. If he is… Read more »

kikiki atumbuka kuba. prophet wa tsankho uyu. kikikiki


We are not here to talk about tribes but what has happened

che nnungu

Nanga Mulomwe akutibera mmbomayu??


Mbwenumbwenu ndiwokanika


This is an embarrassment to the man of GOD, church and Kingdom of GOD and also to Christians. This means that Azizi did not follow all necessary procedures in registering the vehicle in Malawi and he might have produced fake papers to the Pastor who now the victim. After this he must pay for price to embarrass the Man of GOD


Its not about embarrassment to the man of God,the fact of the matter is he bought a car that was dubiously and not well documented under the laws of Malawi.Just to clear you,once if you are found with a stolen thing you also get arrested thus why Mr Ziba is also in this story.Regardless of who you are,we must always abide by the laws to be a good citizen


Is Aziz one of the people enjoying the duty free status? The onus to pay duty rested with the importer and the man of God is not responsible for that. Aziz must explain the non payment of duty to MRA.



Don’t pretend not to know Aziz . He is one of those spoiling the name of the president. Those calling themselves untouchable like you. Mind you the day will come for everything to be exposed.

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