Malawi Police arrest lawyer Kanyenda for ‘swindling’ client, released

Blantyre-based private practice lawyer David Kanyenda was arrested by Fiscal Police on Wednesday for allegations of swindling a client K5. 8 million.

David Kanyenda: Paid back the money and was released

Malawi Police Service (MPS) head of Fiscal and Fraud Section, Isaac Norman, said Kanyenda was released after he paid back the money.

He got the money for his client Wisted Chaweka which was compensation for a road accident in 2013.

Chaweka of Mpanga Village, Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre was involved in a car accident in 2013 and engaged Kanyenda as lawyer to claim compensation.

“Kanyenda did not give his client the money which he got in 2014. He has since paid back after we arrested him,” Norman said.

Observers say Malawi needs the lawyers of high integrity and be role models to the society because they are torch bearers of justice.

“The arrest of Kanyenda should serve as a lesson to other lawyers that they will be exposed for any unacceptable behaviour,” commented Lubwalubwa Juma.

“We know that some lawyers have been short-changing their clients for some time and have been getting away with it because they were shielded by their mother body. Both the Law Society and government should work out a mechanism for members of the public to report unethical and unprofessional lawyers,” he added.

Malawi Law Society could not immediately issue a comment.

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Zoophya ndithu Kanyenda ameneyu akunyenganadi ndi APOCHE ITIMU HULE la mu lilongwe munoyu agokhalira kuswa ana ndamuna aweni azibambo osiyanasyana ngat nazikambe kakakakakaka koma akanyenda mufela za weni kumvesa chison awa mwakokawa ngogwa kale chiswe ng’ona ingokudyelanipo ti ndalama tanuto muwone tchaaaiiii ndakuvelani chison GS


Frank Mbeta and Gondwe are next!!!!! These are the 2 biggest thieving lawyers in malawi. Your names are already listed for arrest. Just wait and see. Useless pieces of shitholes


Amabungwe achina Mtambo, Mayaya, Kajoloweka tiyankhuleni. Munthu anapheledwa ufulu wake apatu posapasidwa ndalama zake. Kodi siuzikhala mulandu basi chifukwa wabwenza patapita zakazaka, komaso kapena chifukwa ndi loya?
Mwini chipepeso kumavutika kumudzi pamene loya akudyelela ndalama yake mpaka kumakula masaya chonchi?

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Very disappointing that it had to take the Fiscal Police to act on behalf of the complainant. The questions that hovers in one’s mind are: 1. did the complainant fail to use legal redress in order to recover that sum of K 5.8million? 2. Did he bother about the interest on the sum assuming that the money was being kept in an interest earning account? The questions are posed on an account that there is a precedent case whereby V sued O for receiving V’s payment on his behalf. V was a businessman while O was a legal practitioner. The… Read more »

Apapa a MLS ka appeal mumachita kaja on RBM directive to pay insurance claimants directly and legal fees directly kapakidwa thope…it only shows your intentions are not in good faith (MLS)…drop the appeal and enforce integrity in your profession. This is absurd and abuse of trust.

Congress Tulo Kuti Thiiii
Congress Tulo Kuti Thiiii

Ma supporter a DPP onse ngakuba. A Kanyenda nga DPP ndipo ngakuba.


Ma lawyer onse ndi okuba, makamaka akakhala achitumbuka!

peter george

APolice achita bwino ngosokoneza ameneyu komanso ku Wanderers savoteredwa mbava ayi.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Malawi is a thieves country. President thief, his ministers thieves, parliament (speakers, members ) thieves, lawyers thieves, Malawi Police thieves Anti Corruption Bureau thieves, MACRA thieves, Immigration thieves, Customs Dept thieves, men of God (pastors etc) thieves, civil servants thieves. How do we survive. Oh God help Malawi.


Including you too, you are a thief yet you can’t admit.


He also swindled exMorta-angil employees in 2016. The company paid K288,000,000.00 but he falsely declared K258,000,000.00 to his clients. He made so many underpayments to them. He bought Toyota Fortuner he’s currently using. Some of the beneficiaries in the syndicate include some people in the HR and Administration department at Morta-angil, committe members who were representing the group. Currently matter is being handled by Ministry of Justice.Almost over K100,000,000.00 gone apart from deducting his legal fees.


And he is in a hot steamy affair with apoche itimu, who was ministry of justice spokesperson and is now with mota engil and she was the mastermind in this ordeal. Do the math… from min of justice to mota…

Mbuzi na Mbuzi

Naye nkulu ameneyudi amaliza akazi angati angoti apa ndi apa cheating women in town. he thinks he is bigger or what? Uzinamizana ndi yemweyo Itimu wakoyo, iyenso azikunamiza choncho, matama basi! And don’t think you will succeed with your stupid actions.

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