Concerned citizens, students petition President Chakwera over illegal sell of school land in Zomba

Students from Chilunga Community Day Secondary school, chiefs, teachers and some members of Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC)  on Thursday defied authorities order not to protest but went ahead to demonstrate against Zomba City Council decision to sell part of their school land.

Chiefs also took part. during. demonstrations
Students during the demos

They held peaceful demonstrations from Chilunga CDSS to the office of Zomba  District Commissioner where they presented the petition to President Lazarus Chakwera on alleged illegal sell of land.

The students and other members of community are demanding the district council to rescind its decision to sell some land in the district.

It is alleged that the city council authorities sold about 2.5 hectares of land that  belongs to Chilunga CDSS without following proper procedures.

One of the board members for Chilunga CDSS Yona Kalaundi the land was given to the school 2001 but in 2015, the city council started selling the land to individuals.

“Our wish is to have the whole land returned to the school because the city has been playing delay tactics on the issue to allow individuals to complete their projects on the school land,’ said Kalaundi.

Students for Chilunga CDSS demanded immediate removal of corrupt city council officials who sell plots for their personal benefits saying such leadership is not what the country needs.

They have further appealed to the Ant Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate and take action on the matter.

Senior Chief Mlumbe said time has come for city council to surrender the whole land to the school saying presence of chiefs during demonstrations shows that they are angry at what Zomba city council did.

“We chiefs work hand in hand with government during Implementation of all projects. What the city did on selling the land which we gave to government for the school is really bad,” said chief Mlumbe.

Mlumbe said chiefs in collaboration with all concerned citizens will continue giving pressure to city authorities until the land is returned back to the school.

Village head Ndiyesamwana and group village headman Chikanda said chiefs are very tired of the behaviour by some council officials for not priotizing rights of education for the Malawian children.

District Commissioner for Zomba Dr Smart Gwedemula, who received the petition,  promised to send it to President Chakwera through relevant authorities.

Gwedemula, however,  advised petitioners to be following procedures when conducting such demonstrations.

He further urged them to continue maintaning  peace in the district.

Previously, the  city council sold 2.4 hactres to individuals but returned 1.2 hactres to the school.

Through resolution made by the council during previous full council meeting, they agreed to allocate another land in exchange to the sold land to the school but the school demanding the same land in which the council sold to individuals for construction of the hostel.

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James mpata
James mpata
1 year ago

Take back your land .
.. and now.

Bristone Mabichi
Bristone Mabichi
1 year ago

If true, these crooks must find somewhere to go. Get them arrested: Good that you have reported to ACB.

George Malemu
George Malemu
1 year ago

By giving back half of the hectares sold shows that they admitted the wrong doing, so let them return all the hectares sold out to the school. All the culprits should be brought to book

John chidongo
1 year ago

It’s Banana Republic aliyense angopanga zake basi bola apeze ndalama kulibe president.

The Sniper
The Sniper
1 year ago
Reply to  John chidongo

Pajadi Nankhumwa asanasankhidwedi eti? kapena musankha uyu uyuyuyu uyu! kikkkkkk bola tinachoka mmanja mwa Falawooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Henry Nandolo
Henry Nandolo
1 year ago
Reply to  John chidongo

This is bad the same happened in Lilongwe where school land was sold and the community demanded back.
It should be the same the land should go back to community..
The thieves should not be transferred but prosecuted

1 year ago

Malawi needs a strong leader. Currently there is none.

Hate it or take it but it's a fact

U have waited for the whole 5years to show your disapproval with sell of this land???
DPP u were praising and voted for in Zomba did this in 2015,.
Now Chakwera must do what? Why u didn’t March when the land was sold in 2015 to an individual?
Can u give Chakwera a break so that he should reflect on Covid 19 and other demanding issues than this nonsense, get your land back from the council and leave Chakwera out of this DPP issue of stealing.

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