Constituents wants MP Willard Gwengwe to step down over ‘incompetence’

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South East Constituency Willard Gwengwe is under fire from his constituents who are demanding his resignation within 30 days for failing to bring development projects in the area.

Gwengwe: Am not surprised

The constituents have threatened to stage demonstrations if he does not resign.

In a letter issued on Friday and signed by Nyanja and Mtenthela Area Development Committees, group village headmen Mawelu, Malaza, Undi, Mwachilolo, Kamphata and Umodzi State Force and Justice organisation in the area, the people cite Gwengwe’s abuse of funds meant for development and his complete lack of interest to initiate development projects in the constituency and disrespect for the people that voted him into power.

The people further allege that Gwengwe has been telling them that an opposition legislator does not get funds for development in his constituency “but we have realised that he has been lying to us because every constituency receives Constituency Development Fund and Local Development Fund among others.”

“He abuses Community Development Fund (CDF) by driving the resources to his Double Vision Secondary School and into bogus construction companies. He has failed to develop the youth and the aged, besides he is not the true son of Traditional Authority (TA) Kalumbu, he comes from TA Mazengera,” reads the letter which highlights six grounds for the resignation demand.

Copied to the office of the Speaker of National Assembly, Malawi Congress Party President, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Lilongwe District Commissioner, and Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, TA Kalumbu, the letter adds that the legislator has no interest to represent the interests of the people because he does not contribute to any debate in parliament.

TA Kalumbu said he was aware of the letter and added that the legislator had failed his constituency as there was no development taking place in the area.

“The legislator does not attend Area Development Committee meetings hence difficult for people to share with him their developmental concerns. People have spoken their mind, let the MP listen. It is clear to everyone that one takes care of a place where he or she owns structures, am not sure if Gwengwe has even one structure in my area. May be that is why we are ignored and have no development at all,” said Kalumbu.

Group Village Headman Kamphata, one of the signatories of the letter confirmed the letter and said the locals are no longer interested in him because he has been touting of having done several development projects on papers contrary to the reality.

“He has been cheating people that he (Gwengwe) erected a guardian shelter at Mtenthera Health Centre. He has also been telling people that he built a school at Ukonde in Group Village Mthethe in TA Kalumbu but all these are bogus projects, there is literally nothing on the ground, where did that money go,” GVH Kamphata asked. He said demonstrations were inevitable should he not resign and that they would not allow him to contest again in the area.

In an interview on Sunday, Gwengwe said that he was not surprised with the letter which he believed is a political move being orchestrated by shadow members of parliament eyeing his seat in the area.

“Some people are being used by shadow MPs in my constituency so as to advance their political ambitions. I am not resigning, after all recall provision was repealed from our constitution. Let them wait for 2019 parliamentary elections and I will defeat them thoroughly,” said Gwengwe.

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Which MCP candidate lost the 2014 presidency? Is it Chakwera or Msowoya. So these Tumbukas who blame Msowoya and opt for Mia are just dunderheads. If MCP won the presidential race would the State President be Chakwera or Msowoya? Msowoya should not be blamed for the MCP loss in 2014. Blame it on the runaway pastor because he is the one who took the MCP flag. Atumbuka kugona bwanji?


Baba, comment is out of order. Why attack a tribe?
Do Lomwes behave differently in Thyolo? I thought they too don’t necessarily use their heads when voting.

Do u know the reason DPP is favoured more than MCP in Thyolo? – Tribalism. So why hate the chewas in LL when they behave the same way the Lomwes behave in Thyolo when it comes to politics?

Just a Penny

The elections are around the corner, why not wait and remove him through the ballot. This is the machination of DPP, deseparate to have a DPP MP in Lilongwe. This will never happen, Ata!

Koma DPP ndi a BIG ndithu. Inu every mess in MCP is it DPP who is behind it? Mafumu onsewo akhale opusa? If he is cashgating is it DPP who tells him not to deveop his constituency? Koma 2019 Congelesi idzaliradi chokwawa. Chilichonse azidzangoti ndi chifukwa cha DPP ndichifukwa cha DPP. A Congeres simungaone ma weakness anu ayi? I once asked if a man is suspecting that a wife is cheating and always blames another man, who is weak then? Nchifukwa chiyani mkazi wokhala wako azingokwatidya ndi mphongo mzako iwe nkumangodandaula uli mamina thooooo mmutu? Umunawo uli pati tsono? Zinazi… Read more »

its propaganda from regime ,the day is just too young for the outcry in this constituency ,this is very pathetic for chiefs and NGO’s to be used to decampaign someone


Used by who?

Nox Nthambi

Does the country’s constitution allows the constitute members to fire their MPS? Please learned colleagues help me with the Section. I truly agree with the MP that they should wait for 2019 and make their voice heard through the ballot osamangolubwalubwa chifukwa cha buns kkkkkkkkk. If they have evidence of mismanagement or theft report him to police or ACB simple……….

Ben Mbewe Junior

Wawatuma Hetherwick Ntaba but it will not work, mukumananso through the ballot next year and will fail again. Even MCP itayika nkhumba as its MP, Ntaba can not make it to parliament. Ntaba anya aona mpaka mmanda u MP sadzauonanso. Which development are you chiefs fighting for? DPP says if you want development vote for it but the people who have the powers to vote can not vote for old crooked politicians. Mind you that constituency is neighbour of last years bye election where all state resources were used for DPP candidate campaign, the result every Malawian knows.

Listen and Love

Gwengwe, listen and love your people. You shall need them again in few months time to que and vote for you, that is if you want to continue as an MP. Redeem yourself by DOING THE NEEDFUL. ” BE NICE PEOPLE ON YOUR WAY UP. COZ YOU MIGHT MEET THEM ON YOUR WAY DOWN. “


Tiye nazoni a MCP. Nanga DPP apa yalowelerapo ngati?


Kikiki! Chipasupasu cha emusipi!


Are these shadows from MCP or other parties? If they are from MCP, which camp are they from? It would appear the MCP leadership wants to do away with all the old members just as they are doing with Msowoya. Gwengwe realign yourself with the Msowoya team, enawo sakukufuna. Mavuto amenewo siamashado ai koma atsogoleri anuwo. The next on line are Dzoole Mwale, Njovuyalema and other old guards. Muthandizreni Msowoya.

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