Court grants Kaliwo an injunction to delay MCP convention

The High Court has issued an injunction order to  man opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its leadership not to hold its national convention and  stopping the disciplinary inquiries and suspending its embattled senior members.

Kaliwo: Gets another injunction

Justice Mike Tembo on Tuesday granted the injunction after lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale filed an application  on behalf five senior members  stopping MCP from effecting its decision to either fire or suspend them from the main opposition party.

The five are suspended first vice-president Richard Msowoya, secretary general Gustav Kaliwo, first deputy secretary-general Chatonda Kaunda and fired treasurer general Tony Kandiero and publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila.

MCP national executive committee (NEC) resolved to suspend and fire the five in February this year pending disciplinary action for their alleged role in destabilising the party but the five rushed to the court to obtain an injunction.

Befoe making his Oder, Judge Tembo  read the affidavit of Kaliwo.

The party’s deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said MCP was waiting patiently for the logical conclusion of the court action, saying  an injunction is a temporary relief.

He refused t comment on how the cases will affect MCP preparations for the elections.


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Concerned Malawian

I hear the MCP NEC has reinstated them this morning. Let us see if they will continue with injunctions and if at all they will be successful at the Convention. Bravo MCP for the wise and cunning political move. Political problems have do be solved by political solutions. Let the battle begin.


but then our courts are also at the centre of injustice. why not deal with this matter as urgently as they do with election cases? is it not a priority? elections will soon be held. why take months to dispense justice in the matter? i won’t be surprised to learn later that there was a syndicate in all this. we adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu
Kalekeni Kaphale of all the lawyers. Kuchita kuwonekeratu kuti mulu DPP munkhanimu. Injunctions are just reliefs. No solutions to anything at all. At the end of the day the convention will still take place. Whether or not the complainants will still maintain membership of MCP will have to wait for the same convention they are fighting hard to stop. Kolowera kulibe. Paja mayi Kabwira ananena kuti kupita ku DPP kuli ngati maliro amene. Chabwino apa ndikuwauza akuluakulu kuti ndife ana anu tasiya zonse. Ife tonse tisangalala nanu. There is no better alternative to this option otherwise you are all getting… Read more »
Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani
It is very clear that Kaliwo and others want to frustrate MCP and they being sponsored by dpp who know that MCP would form the next government. Party membership is voluntary and those who join the party are free to leave. There are no strings attached for people to join parties. We have seen people like Uladi and Mpinganjira changing parties. Mia did not apply to join MCP and he is prepared to go through the convention to be given a top position. Msowoya is not happy with the coming of Mia.Kaliwo is behaving like a pig stirring dirty clean… Read more »
bwex bwex

Democracy at work…


Kkkkkk onsewa2 akuti akufuna kutumikila amalawi. Koma ziliko Ku Malawi kuno. Kukanganilana ma usogoleri. This makes me wonder if in Malawi political leadership is really a vocation.


Kaliwo is being used as a condom and there must be incentives that is making him to do the fooolish actions that he is taking. But there is a righteous judge in heaven who will deal with him at the right time. We are praying over the matter.


Kikiki Koma nkhondo ilimotu mu MCP, mpaka kale!

Jeremiah, The Prophet of Doom
Jeremiah, The Prophet of Doom
Mr. Kaliwo, why cant you be humble and be free to enjoy your life at once. What is it in these fights which you are not telling us. Whose freedom, poverty or victimisation are you fighting? Which poor ordinary Malawian will wake up singing praises to God once all your fights are done? Mwatani wawa? You are betraying the respect and trust, we, the younger generation, had on you. Honestly, am so much at pain with what you are doing. Your ego is a bitter demonic concoction. You will die a painful death with no friends around you. Kumangokhalira kuponda… Read more »

The integrity of Malawian justice leaves a lot to be desired.

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