Dausi says Chakwera is rude for calling Malawi President Mutharika ‘pathological liar’

Minister of Information, Communication and Technology Nicholas Dausi has hit back at the leader of the opposition Lazarus Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, who accused President Peter Mutharika of being “clueless, directionless and insensitive” to the people’s misery and suffering  inflicted by power blackouts.

Chakwera: Blasts Mutharika for being clueless

Chakwera on Thursday asked Mutharika to demonstrate seriousness resolve the electricity crisis facing the country.

But Dausi, who is also government spokesman, said Chakwera’s statement was littered with slurs which were demeaning and rude.

“Honourable Chakwera is well known to be a foul-mouthed man, insulting, giving crude remarks, rough cow, cut throat  and plays antagonistic politics,” said Dausi.

Chakwera went to town to blast Mutharika on the energy crisis, making allegations of serious mismanagement and corruption of his aides at State House and State owned enterprises mandated to provide electricity to the nation.

“Instead of a strategic leader that is moved by your plight as Malawians, we have a president in Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika who seems clueless, directionless and insensitive to the people’s misery and suffering inflicted through these blackouts,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said in Mutharika, “we have a pathological liar who chooses to feed Malawians lies to give them a sense of hope that their state president is concerned about their plight when his actions tell a different story.”

He said   it has become apparent that the President and his charges take pleasure in the plight, suffering and misfortunes befalling Malawians as they use these unfortunate situations to cash in and enrich themselves.

“We saw it in the Zambia maize procurement saga.  Instead of being concerned with your suffering as Malawians, senior members of the Mutharika government were busy finding ways to enrich themselves.  I would have said much more about this had it not been that the matter is in court; we cannot comment much. The same can be said of the massive pilferage of medicines procured for the benefit of poor Malawians.   Many people in government are benefiting through various evil schemes designed to deprive poor Malawians of medicines bought with their own taxes,” he said.

In the case of blackouts, Chakwera said instead of sincerely working to resolve the situation, Mutharika’s cronies have used the situation to enrich themselves.

“Whether this is with or without the blessing of the state president, we do not know yet. However, it is surprising that the State President has remained silent and has failed to act against on the allegation of serious misconduct of senior officials in his own government and ESCOM.,” he said.

Chakwera said President Mutharika seems to be “sleeping on the job and he cannot smell the rat in his own backyard”.

Meanwhile, Chakwera has  asked President Mutharika to punish officers involved in the botched multi-million dollar standby generators procurement deal at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom).

During a news conference in Lilongwe, Chakwera implicated Chief Secretary Lloyd Muhara and President’s Special Aide Collins Magalasi to be involved in the genset deal.

Chakwera called for a public inquiry into the foiled generators deal, saying asa a result of the blackouts many businesses have virtually failed and are closing shop:  butcheries are seeing their meat turned to rot, salons cannot operate, maize mills cannot mill, welders cannot weld, hatcheries cannot hatch, students cannot study, hospitals have turned into death-zones as operating theatres cannot operate and vaccines cannot be stored, factories are operating at half-mast and incurring heavy losses; ordinary families with refrigerated foodstocks are suffering losses.

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Dausi, just send pictures of the Gen sets. Then the case is concluded.

kiyala mkota

Jamax sukudziwa chimene ukunena ngati ukudya nawo ingokhala chete.anthu tikuvutika ena wayankho alinawo iwe ukufuna kunena chan?malawi ungayifanizire ndi zambia?

kkkkkk I personally like this platfoam it’s really good reading different views and comments from one person to another – others are good but others are just hatred comments. But people of Malawi let’s learn from the past, meaning the problems we have gone through for us to be where we are now. I mean this Nation Malawi as we stand now is at total freedom compared to other Nations – were anyone whether kavuwevuwe or Namadyabwino can easily talk and write nonsense of the President. Refer this to the previous MCP era I tell you, you could have been… Read more »

Zingodyani ndalamazo amwene rather than wasting your time writing this stupid comment.


As far as Malawi politics is concern, DPP will still win the 2019 general elections because of biting poverty. Many Malawians are poor and still they will vote for Muthalika. But I still believe a Tumbuka is a good candidate to get Malawians out of poverty


Bravo Chakwera!! Telling the truth as is. DPP and its cohorts are THIEVES.

Kunena Mosapsyatila
I remember in one of his state of the nation address in 2015, President Peter Mutharika talked about khani ya zakuzimazima kwa magetsi being histotry in 2 years to come. He said, “just wait for Kamwamba”. Two years meant that from the time the speech was made to this very moment I am posting this comment, we would have been enjoying the benefits of Kamwamba. But what has happened two years after the defiant promise? The worst black ins and load shedding programme in the history of Malawi. Where is Kamwamba Mr. President? The govt has delayed Kamwamba project delibarately… Read more »
mass tyanda

I highly respect the wisdom of Dr Chakwera that he has demonstrated by awakening this president on our behalf., this president Mutharika of DPP, whom some people erroneously elected, is not only sleeping walking but also is utterly inept. And Come 2019 Malawians are more than prepared to show him an exit door from the state house.


Once again, the Minister for Excuses and Denials is using words the way children throw rocks.


opposition ndi ncthito yophweka. even if you lie you do not become accountable, nobody sues you to court. opposition iri ngati udzu wolimidwa kale palibe amabwerera mbuyo kukalimbana ndi udzu oduludwa kale. you can not plan what to oppose next week but you only oppose everything that comes so that those in the playground should fail or should look stupid. then who is stupid. ooposition is not responsible for what has been erroneously opposed, instead they just oppose and oppose and oppose until sunset, shame!!! nthito yosasililika

chaione wawo

I beg to differ. Peter is not a liar. Only that he is not in control of the country. He is told lies and he takes them whole sale. He then brings this to the public without verifying. The man doesn’t know what he is doing. He is not a leader. Bingu was though he became arrogant later but he was in control

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