Dausi says MCP gurus face arrests  for conspiracy against Malawi govt

Several senior members of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) face possible arrests following claims by Minister of Information Nicholus Dausi that government has reports that they have been conspiring against government to fix maize prices.

Dausi: There will me arrests of MCP gurus

Dausi said in an interview  with Nyasa Times that  the MCP members have been conspiring with maize vendors to cause an artificial maize shortage in the country so as to influence an unjustified price increase as a way of engineering civil unrest to unseat the DPP government.

According to Dausi, government has received “intelligence information” that some well-known members of the MCP  have been meeting in Lilongwe where they agreed to pressure government into reducing the price of maize to enable vendors buy all the grain it has in stock so that the vendors can later offer it to ordinary Malawians at K18,500.

Currently a bag of fifty Kilograms of maize is going at MK 12,500.

The Minister of Information, who doubles as government spokesperson, said most of the vendors listed in the report have links to MCP members of Parliament including the party president  and opposition leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

‘‘I can  say without fear of illogicality, confirm that we have been briefed about that strategy, but as government we are ready to expose them and it shall not come to pass’’, said Dausi.

Dausi, himself a former spy under the MCP administration said according to their intelligence, the opposition’s plan is take advantage of their numbers in the National Assembly to ambush the government side, move a private members motion resolving that the price of maize be reduced from MK12,500.00 to MK 8,000.00.

‘‘In their tyrannical wisdom, they think the DPP government is so naïve in the government statecraft such that we can gaze at them executing their repugnant plan without as taking action.

“We know their modus operandi, and they will not triumph’’, added Dausi.

Asked to comment on comments that the intelligence report is bogus and a DPP government ploy to arrest MCP leaders on triumphed up charges, Dausi was elusive. ‘‘Who says its bogus? Wait and see..The report is being analysed by experts to see if there are criminal fundamentals in what these honorable members were planning. Because when you at it in totally, it looks like the MCP member’s gland plan was to bring down a lawfully constituted government. So, let’s cross the bridge when we get there’’, he retorted.

MCP officials could not immediately comment.

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44 thoughts on “Dausi says MCP gurus face arrests  for conspiracy against Malawi govt”

  1. kampandadenga says:

    Koma dowe ndiye atokoma bwanji. Komanso kukhala ngati tisekela school mawa.ndatha ine wanu
    kampandadenga, chanco ma fras

  2. Richard Soko says:

    Dausu why did Mutharika appoint you minister? You are an empty tin who lives in the past. Maize is now no l9nger a strategic issue as maize in the gardens is now drying up.

  3. santana says:

    Mr Dausi, why wasting time with an already dead party? In all the elections since 1994 MCP has been second positioned hence taking the role of Leader of Opposition. We had Gwanda, JZU and now Abusa wothawa nkhosa a Chakwera. These guys will still be squeezed to this position till the second coming of Jesus. If anything it will be a flop towards third place. There is no any strategy in MCP which can give them hope that they can make it to Sanjika the other day. 20 years in opposition is a very painful experience especially when there is no any indication that you can come back to power. Chakwera should tell us what he has done so far to make MCP win in 2019. The guy has nothing to offer Malawians. They are still in the pit of which there is no apparent rescue from it. Those veterans we thought can bring back the MCP glory are in total silence because he looks at them as nobodys. How can a talented politician underrate the likes of Njobvuyalema, systemetically pulling them from front line politics? They have made Njobvuyalema look like he is no more in Parliament. Chakwera canot lead MCP to victory. So Dausi should just leave these guys alone and let them prepare their own (MCP) grave for the 2019 deaths. Talk of PP. What remains is just a name. I would suggest that the leadership of this party should come from the north not from the other regions? Who does not know that the majority of its members are from the north? The other 2 major parties have chosen their leaders from the majority region. Let PP strategise right from the north and conquer part of the centre like Kasungu and northern Nkhotakota. After some successes the MCP will come kneeling begging for an alliance in the 2019 elections. But with the current strength of the PP the MCP will not bargain anything. They will just take the party as ganyu members. We are saying this to help you maintain the remaining little strength towards elections though we know you cannot make it even if you combine. The DPP is an obvious winner in the next elections whatever hurdles the 2014 losers can put on the way. Abale tiyeni tizivomera zinazi.

  4. Apao Kugola says:

    Dausi, please listen. It would be naïve for MCP to plan a downfall of DPP Government through provocation of people’s anger using price of maize. Vendors are already selling below the ADMARC price. If anything, the opposition would advise the failing government and the imbeciles like you Dausi to reduce the price of maize from K12500 to even as low as K6000 just to avoid total loss. Instead of receiving and implementing such advice given in good faith, Dausi wants the nation to believe otherwise. Or may be this is a ploy to divert our attention away from the stealing that ha now become the major characteristic of DPP ministers including the big fish. Indeed, these are but the last kicks of a dying horse. For your own information, those of us living in Lilongwe rural South West are now rest assured that hunger in this rea is gone. Follow the Mitundu road and you will be surprised how much food is available. Go to Dickson Area, Chiunjiza Area, Kambanizithe Area, and you will see for yourself that there is no hunger in Lilongwe. And remember that Lilongwe city is fed by Mitundu and Kasiya, and both of these areas have food now. Tamayendani ku midzi muaone. Osamangokhalira kuba ndi kuononga chuma cha boma mmataunimu. By end of March Lilongwe markets will start receiving this year’s gain. The same could be true for some districts in the Southern region where rains start falling earlier than any other geographical regions in this country. Now, with that, it would take only a naïve vendor like Dausi himself to increase the price of maize just to topple an already failed state run by thieves and people without any sense of direction and vision. Dausi MUST STOP talking crap. Most high level politicians in MCP are not as daft as those from the DPP. DPP is a party of fools whose only wisdom is violence. No wonder, instead of just telling the nation that DPP cadets will unleash chaos on all those criticising the government, Dausi wants the nation to blame the opposition when the chamba smoking cades start parading naked on the streets beating up innocent people.

    DPP’s time is fast fading. Please, DPP government reduce the ADMARC maize price before it is too late. Vendors will not buy it and re-sell the same at the imagined K18500. This is nonsense of all nonsenses!

  5. bob says:

    dpp ikulamulabe ndipo idzawinanso wina afune asafune dpp and udf 2019 ikutenga boma ,chonde welengani zaka zomwe mwabeledwa mukungoti atibela mavoti mpaka liti,udf inaba dpp inaba kwalowa jb kenaka wachotsedwa dpp inaba wow ,koma nzelu zilipodi inu a mcp and pp

  6. lota says:

    wat MCP is doing is very antiestoblishmentolism mostly in this anusmilabilis time.

  7. ZANYOOO says:


  8. Baba Maduapera says:

    Dausi should shut up his small, thin mouth if he cant shut up his little brain. This man is useless. Knowing a few bombastic English words which mean nothing should not be criteria for choice of a cabinet minister. Wisdom, intelligence and character should be the criteria. Unfortunately, Dausi has none of these..The evidence is there for all to see.

  9. tintin says:

    Petty politics and this will not work. its just a ploy to cover zaponda

  10. youna says:

    Kicks of a dying horse. Ine alankhula a Dausi sindiyankhulapo chifukwa ndikuona kuti sizikusiyana ndi zomwe ng’ombe imachita ikamaphupha ndi imfa. Apa nchachidziwikire kuti mu DiPhiPhi mwatentha, nduna zonse zaphokoso zoja zapanilira michira ndipo sizikudziwa kuti after Chaponda who is next. Nchifukwa chake bwana Dausi yamba kuponya mivi yachiponyeponye kuti mwina nkupezapo mpumulo. Koma samalani bwana chifukwa mutha kulasa wanu yemwe.

  11. Wawo says:

    Nonsense from Dausi. The president should have integrity enough to relieve Dausi of his ministerial duties

  12. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Of all the people, someone in his right mind thinks Dausi is ministerial material. My God! Sometimes I wonder what kind of leadership we have in this country. Don’t expect anything good from a cabinet full of mediocre characters whose outstanding qualification is bootlicking. The phrase “Garbage in, garbage out” is a reality in our country. There is hardly any substance in the rubbish Dausi utters. Using words perceived big by some section of people is not synonymous to knowing the queen’s language neither to communicating. People like Dr Heatherwick Ntaba do not put emphasis on big words, yet undoubtedly are good communicators. Words as a means of communication are supposed to generate the right response from the audience. Anything less is not communication. Sadly in Malawi we have a minister of information who fails to inform wasting time memorizing the dictionary to impress.

  13. khwerekhwethe says:

    bwana Dausi tapezani chifukwa china chowamangira anthuwa .kuno ku Salima ngakhale mutapanga 6.000 per bag sitingagule coz tayamba kale kuyanika Chaponda wanthu

  14. Nabitiya says:

    Trying to swift off our attention on Chaponda kkkkkkk…..failed move

  15. chemuyaya says:

    This is why we need new blood in government. The man is getting mad each passing day. How on earth can an opposition party mobilise all malawian vendors to to buy this expensive maize yet just few days from now Chaponda will be available in all markets.
    Just clean your house and put things in order than making unnecessary noise.

  16. Dzina Msamatchula says:

    Isn’t common sense no longer common Bwana Minister of information? Are you on the govt side trying to diffuse ppos attention with your utterances? You mean the government is considering reducing the prices of maize so that vendors can buy all the stock and sell it at MK18,500? How far are we from harvesting such that somebody can be thinking of buying a bag of maize at that exorbitant price. Mwagwa mmbuna basi, vomelezani. anthu oipa inu. your days are numbering and the clock is ticking. divide and rule imeneyo ndiye mwanya nayo

  17. Phsyuta says:

    Zitsiru za MCP zikuona ngati zidzalamulila. Bola UDF !!

    1. It’s only God who can declare that MCP will not rule this country again not anthu ngati inu a Phsyuta wosapota anthu akuba, anthu odziwa kuotcha ma office, anthu opanda chisoni inu. I’ve no problem UDF or DPP kulamulira dzikoli koma alamule moopa Mulungu, pakhale chilungamo osati nyasi izi ayiiiii. Apa zikuneka kuti achitsiru ndinu a Phsyuta, you don’t have brains, typical of lomwes koma kuba.

    2. gladwell says:

      inu nzeru sakusowani fodya eti, kumachita comment za nzeru

  18. Fuvung'ondo says:


  19. sindi says:

    Mbuzi Dausi. You just make useless noise. Shut up !!!!!!!

  20. tiwonge says:

    A Dausi nzeru zakutherani tamayankhulani ngati munthu wamkulu wanzeru zake.Zikambani za a Chaponda osati zautsilu mukukambazo.

  21. Cash Gate says:

    kikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, that is cheap politics,

  22. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Of all the people, someone in his right mind thinks Dausi is ministerial material. I wonder what kind of leadership we have in this country. There is hardly any substance in the rubbish he utters. Using words perceived big by some section of people is not synonymous to knowing the Queen’s language neither to communicating. Words as a means of communication are supposed to generate the right response from the audience. People like Dr Heatherwick Ntaba do not put emphasis on big words but undoubtedly are good communicators. This clown Dausi would do better as a comedian. Malawi has a minister of information who fails to inform wasting time memorizing the dictionary.

  23. Alinafe Phiri says:

    Bomali nzeru zathera ndithu moti a opposition angachite kukauza mavendor Zimenezo? Chimanga chidakwera kwambiri ngakhale iweyo Dausi Zimenezo ukuzidziwa Kodi ukuganiza kuti anthu adasangalala ndi mtengo wachimangawo.Iwe mbuzi eti mwachuluka organization ngati mbuzi kumene mumakambiranako.Uteroku mukufuna anthu asiye kukamba ya umbava wanuwo mwagwa nayo

  24. john says:

    DAUSI MUST BE VERY STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. chatayika says:

      Dausi is not stupid what he says is true. That’s what opposition is planning to make sure the staple grain is bought by vendors and later say admarc depots have no grain so that vendors sell at a exorbitant price. Tikudziwa izi, this is a flop. U r the very same opposition who wished APM to die as early as three months after being sworn in; shame on you he is there until 2024 in Jesus name!

      1. MMALAWI says:

        Use your head man! We are in February and soon people will be harvesting maize. When will the vendors have time to buy the ADMARC maize and consequently sell it to Malawians at a higher price when people are harvesting? Just accept it that ADMARC won’t have a market for its maize stock this year and will be under big pressure as to how it will repay the loan which was dubiously obtained by lying to Parliament that the country was in dire shortage of maize and therefore needed to import maize when in actual fact you wanted the kickbacks from the maize import. Mwagwa nayo!

      2. Mndambala boy says:

        Achatiyakaso ndiye ayitu, Opposition yake iti munena inuyi?inu moti vimaso viwiri sivuona mmene mbava za DPP ziliri? Inu Dziko la Malawi mukulidziwa bwino bwino if i may ask?

  25. mtete says:

    So what’s wrong with the proposal to reduce the price of maize? Isn’t the aim of Parliament to legislate for the benefit of it’s people? Please shut up Mr. Dausi if you have nothing of value to say.

  26. Sexwel says:

    kkkkkkkkk zangokuvutani odala remember a bad carpenter always blame his tools for poor work
    Ukanika kumanga Chaponda uona ngati MCP yopepera eti

    1. chatayika says:

      Womanga Chaponda if proven guilty by the court of law is police and APM or DPP. During Bingu regime Yusufu MWawa was arrested by police and not by Bingu or DPP. What u shoud know some of you who just comment without facts there is separation of powers that’s why we judiciary to interpret laws made by parliament and executive to implement. Let a striker be a striker u can blame a defender for not scoring NO! a defender is to protect his team from being scored and the striker is to make his team score!!!!
      Pls lets be realistic, remember with Access To Information(ATI) bill which is now a law you wil be traced all of you who use insult languages and you wil brought to book. Don’t think ATI bill is one sided NO! you will be traced. And a warning to those who allow others to use your computers or phones to insult others you will be arrested so watch out.

  27. Chimanga says:

    hehehehe de uluuuuu…….A dausi tamalankhulaniko za nzeru

  28. Dausani says:

    Ili ndiye bodza lamkunkhuniza. Does MCP have majority in Parliament? Do not sway peoples’ minds from Chaponda’s scandals.

  29. Chaponda says:


  30. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Dausi, Dausi, Dausi, those MCP members are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law just like you said about Chaponda. Why rush to arrest the opposition members whom you have no evidence about other than arresting Chapanda first whose evidence for money laundering is available? Le me warn you- you will follow Chaponda if you to project to the nation that you are the best Information Minister, after all you don’t have such qualities of a Minister, – wa Young pioneer. Malawians are no longer as sleepy as you believe. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  31. Ngalamayi says:

    Is this something else to distract from the Chaponda issue? When will the politicians of this country stop fighting among themselves and work to develop Malawi, instead of this never ending bickering, squabbling, tribalistic, partisan infighting? No wonder Malawi is still so poor: Malawians are paying their ‘leaders’ to enrich themselves and fight one another to become even richer. Sad times!

  32. Citizen says:


  33. If your world is falling apart bwana Dausi please! Leave others to enjoy their peace, you should know that fools die so many times before their actual death so arresting others will not solve corruption problems that has rocked dpp. You need prayers not war against fellow politicians.

  34. gologoza says:

    This is laughable utterance coming from a beleaguered government that has run out of ideas. The issue here is to try and divert peoples’ attention from the maize scam which has rocked the ruling party. MCP can not sink so low like the DPP to move up and down to connive with vendors to fix the maize price. Logically one sees that the feasibility of this move is almost impossible. How do you mobilise vendors to buy all the maize in ADMARC? At the moment the country has too much maize and ADMARC is even failing to sell. It must be logical that under such circumstances even if one wants to fix the price the simple law of demand and supply can not allow this to happen. So this is simply politicall witch hunt. No matter what happens DPP will not stop change from happening especially now that the nation know that government ministers have been stealing from the poor people.

  35. BANZWITO says:

    Zitsilu inu a Dausi n ur stupid DPP government! U want to divert peoples attention from maize gate, cash gate fire gate…..pangani muone useless people!

    1. chatayika says:

      Stop insulting each other like that how can u feel if somebody says ‘inu ndinu chitsiru?’ that’s not the way to go Malawians lets respect each other kutukwanizana sikuphula kanthu lets tackle real issues and put forward good suggestions for our mother Malawi!!!

  36. MAUNITS says:

    Panic DPP is gone. MCP coming to its glory a party that was loved loved by all. Dausi shut up and go to Mwanza your are suffering because of you thieves.

  37. mvuu says:

    A Dausi, yambani Kaye nkhani ya Jessie kabwila ija ya treason Ija otherwise these unnecessary arrests cost tax payers money in compensations!
    I tell you, all those guys u want to arrest will be compensated from our taxes yet the arrests were becoz of your own personal grudges

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