Dictatorship in Malawi is real

President Bingu wa Mutharika has on several occasions denied that he is a dictator. He says that people call him a dictator just because he is a disciplinarian. Whether this is true, it is up to Malawians to judge.

What anyone should know is that if there is anything that Malawians know better is to identify a dictator and a dictatorship. This is because of the 30  years experience during dictator Banda’s era. Therefore to say that President Mutharika is a dictator running a dictatorship is not a made up story. Malawians know what they are talking about.  In addition to knowing how a dictator is made, they are well aware of how miserable life is in a dictatorship. This is how the situation is in Malawi now.

Mutharika: Ruthless leader

It is common knowledge that President Mutharika has been sycophantly hero  worshipped by his supporters. This is the first step into making a dictator. At the moment exaggerated speeches and praise songs are the order of the day. If the President is not a dictator he should have stopped people heaping praises on him. Instead he should have civic educated the praise singers that running a government is not a one man show. Every Malawian contributes and deserves acknowledgement.

Sycophatic praises are a waste of time. At the moment Malawians are starving due to food shortages  and yet President Mutharika continues to be praised for miraculously achieving food security in the country. To a hungry Malawians the achievement is imaginary.

The President is populary known as Ngwazi and economic engineer. These are just meaningless titles in the light of the economic chaos under his regime.

It must also be mentioned that the President’s tone and language when referring to Malawians is really demeaning. He might be feeling that all people are not as intelligent as he is. Hence, at times he refers to Malawians as chickens and use any other derogatory terms. Such behavior portrays a picture that Malawi is Mutharika and vice versa. Therefore he makes sure that he is in control even if he is outside the country.

Probably he thinks that he cannot leave the country in the hands of chickens. One wonders if the cabinet ministers have any say  when the President does not even have room for vice Presidents.

All the President Mutharika’s characteristics  stated here are similar to those of Dr Banda who was one of the worse dictators in Africa. The difference between the two leaders is that Dr Banda knew how to productively run the Malawi economy which has literally collapsed under President Mutharika.

Currently the country has been plunged into fear due to threats by the President. He might proudly say that he has no political prisoners. However he has created a lot of worry as people see his threats materialising into petrol bomb attacks on his perceived critics.

Even the young cadets of the ruling DPP  send shivers as the freely wield pangas in streets. The government does nothing to stop such criminal acts.

The detention without trial of the human rights lawyer Ralph Kasambala says it aii that indeed Malawi is now a full blown dictatorship.

Therefore, once gain, just like they did in 1992/93. Malawians must come out to fight the dictatorship which is kicking the nation.

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