Did Goodall put us under the bus?

By Nyakuchena Ganda

The mood across the nation is not particularly very good for President Bingu wa Mutharika right now as the electorates are being forced to revisit their positions, regarding the conduct of the president when it comes to dealing with the criminals defrauding the National Consolidated fund.

The burden of proof rests with the president as he struggles to live up to the initial box office invoice of dealing the deadly blow to all those that would engage in sleazy acts in his government. His promise.

But what we are seeing now is the top banana himself promoting the decadence through his aloofness towards allegations of rampant criminality involving his water boys.

Goodall Gondwe may be an economics genius.  That cannot be disputed in all honesty. That he will be remembered for his intellectual and professional agility is a foregone conclusion.  Remember that John Zenus Ungapake Tembo always runs out of words whenever he tries to put on the table his admiration for this economics whiz kid who already has enough pension money from his past flirtation with the World Bank.

Goodall Gondwe

From me it is all respect and admiration for this great son of Malawi—that far and in that context.  But going by the Nyasa Times report, the bitter conclusion can be made that this man has problems covering his tracks.

Some people of course will naturally dismiss the issue as a product of the usual fondness for conspiratorial hijinks by Nyasa Times Publication Editorial Directors.  Okay.  Enjoy your stay in the world of UFOs!

But looking at the investigative report by Nyasa Times Editors, the kings of journalistic cameos, of October 27, 2008, one cannot help speculating that Goodall Gondwe has been wrapped in barbed wire and he may have had a groping hand in the whole Comair saga; but whether he did it out of malice or the inability to whet his monetary appetite is neither here nor there.

What one cannot ignore is the fact that his reputation has taken a huge hit and it will take him a Herculean effort to disentangle himself from the cobwebs of suspicion the article must have aroused in many curious minds.

From the pinpoint nature of the allegations and the chronological order of events:  the tantalizingly threaded blow by blow account of how Gondwe allegedly flouted procedures for the purposes of personal aggrandizement–one can smell red meat here.

May be the Milton Kutengule and Yusuf Mwawa indiscretions pop up so copiously.  Nobody is chewing Gondwe’s back here.

If it were in a court of law, Goodall would have had a case to answer.  No doubt!

However, this is far from Brigadier Pablo Escobar Ngwenya’s usual grotesque creations.

This is a report that was thoroughly researched and puts Gondwe on the ropes.  If he were alone it would have been dismissed so easily as an attempt at smearing “Mr. Clean”.  But the mere mention of the fact that he was smooching with the frail and sickly Henry Mussa, Malawi’s Al Capone reincarnate, makes the whole matter look even more credible.

Mother Malawi is bleeding to death.  This is a very unholy alliance.  It is not wise either for Goodall to dance with a delusional imbecile like Henry Mussa considering Gondwe’s professional ambiance.

I have no problems with the Malawi Government disposing of a nonprofit making Air Liner, but the way the whole transaction has been conducted leaves a lot of us with undeserved gripes.

The drivel about not selling Air Malawi for the sake of national pride ala Friday Jumbe should not even be entertained.  It is that kind of sentimental and irresponsible thinking that destroyed our economy when people like Goodall Gondwe were around to steer our economy away from troubled waters.

Finally, if Goodall Gondwe wants to know who spilled the beans to Nyasa Times then he should ask Clement Kapalamula and Malcolm Kuleti who are working with Patricia “Mtsuko wa Madzi” Botomani-Kaliati who want to make sure that Goodall Gondwe is politically finished.  Cutthroat politics huh?

Goodall!  That’s the only favor I can do you.  Take care.

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