DPP ‘beasts’ endorsing Mutharika should be ashamed of themselves —Analyst

A political scientist from  the University of Malawi has branded some senior members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who have declared that President Peter Mutharika will represent the party during the 2019 Tripartite Elections by all means necessary, saying that’s undemocratic tendencies.

Thindwa: Undemocratic DPP gurus

DPP secretary general Greselder Jeffrey, party vice-president for the North Goodall Gondwe, Northern Region governor Kenneth Sanga and Transport Minister Jappie Mhango said on Saturday during a rally at Livingstonia in Rumphi that Mutharika will lead DPP in the 2019 polls and convention will rubber stamp the candidacy.

Ernest Thindwa, who teaches political science at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, has accused the DPP gurus of being dictatorial.

“So this is democracy?” wondered Thindwa.

He told Times Radio on Monday that democracy entails healthy competition in parties including the presidency.

”Declaring that whether one likes it or not Mutharika will be the presidential candidate without allowing competition is  undemocratic. DPP should realism that we are in democracy,” Thindwa told Times Radio.

He said for DPP senior members ,to say they already have a presidential candidate in Mutharika is “unfortunate.”

”We need to have democracy in the party, if there is no democracy in the party, you can be assured that even at national level, there will be no democracy.

“If DPP claims to be a democratic party, they should provide for some democratic space where each and every position will be subject for contestation. Therefore, for some members to say they already have a candidate, is undemocratic and should not be tolerated,” he said.

Thindwa further argued that those endorsing Mutharika should be ashamed of themselves.

He added in quotes reported by The Nation newspaper on Monday : “They must be ashamed of themselves because this is dictatorship. There are some forces that still want to be democratic and they would want to impose their will on the majority which is unfortunate. This should be condemned in strongest terms.

“These are people who benefit from the status quo and any change in the status quo, they see their interests being threatened. They will do all they can to protect their interests. It is not that they love Mutharika, but they just want to protect themselves.”

On her part, Mzuzu-based analyst Emily Mkamanga warned that failure to open up the system could be a recipe for chaos.

“If they will not allow people to compete for the presidency, that will be the end of DPP. There will be a lot of noise, chaos, and some may even get injunctions stopping the whole process. Let the party open up, and people should compete.

“Mutharika himself must stand up and be man enough to face anyone who wants the presidency,” she said.

Former first lady Callitsa Mutharika has said she has no problem with President Peter Mutharika, who is her in-law, but said he is being surrounded by Zilombo [beasts of prey] who are taining the image of his administration, hence calling for a correction of a state that is careering off the cliff.

Callista, the widow of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) founding president Bingu wa Mutharika, has been granting interview to one radio after another since her open support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima to become presidential candidate for the 2019 elections, in a WhatsApp comment on former legislators’ forum.

She said the Malawi leader has been surrounded by beasts of prey who are messing up his administration.

“They [beasts of prey ] are everywhere, at State House, in the DPP, everywhere. That’s what has made him change. This man was never like this – he was a good man,” said the former first lady.

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34 Comments on "DPP ‘beasts’ endorsing Mutharika should be ashamed of themselves —Analyst"

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I will still vote for Peter tho. MCP back in power? Are you sure?

Whether Peter win or lose, me and my family will vote for him period. Rap all you can


Of course “DPP BEASTS” endorsement of Mutharika is ONLY self-serving. FORGET about CLAIMS of LOVING the president or steering the country forward.
Just look at the faces of the midnight 6 clue, DPP North clue, etc, ALL one can see is GREED.
Besides MOST of these people have been in positions of influence for decades now but with really NOTHING to SHOW FOR! If anything most are NOW OBESE or OVER-WEIGHT. Look at Sanga, Dausi!!! ANGOTUPA NKHOPE!!!

Now l understand that MCP is indeed a big and genuine part in malawi unlike these companies in the name of parties . the mulizi family trading as UDF, the muntharika family trading as DPP, the Joyce Banda family trading as PP. The common mission in all the three companies UDF , DPP, pp is to syphon money from government to their families. Malawians work up that’s why they will always endorse a family member for presidency ie. DPP founded by Bingu muntharika, fracturing, arther peter muntharika, UDF founded by Bakili muluzi ,featuring atupele muluzi, and PP founded Joyce mtira… Read more »

MCP is Tembo family. Chakwera and Tembo are related through marriage. Why do you think Chakwera came to lead MCP from outside?

Tenzi Mzungu

Ndi a tumbuka awa amadana ndi quota system the source of enemity between DPP and northern region.


It is clear APM is an uphill task to be defeated in a general election, otherwise MCP would have been smiling once DPP settled on APM. The endorsement has caused panic in MCP leadership who are now busy endorsing their own easy to defeat candidate for DPP. Mwagwa nayo ndipo APM akunyenyani in May 2019.

M'Malawi Weniweni

By the way, is Chilima a member of DPP? What party position does he hold?
You may be promoting a non-member.

After all a visitor does not have to chose which bedroom to sleep in or what relish to take. If you carry a passenger in the front seat of a car it does not make them own the car. Chilima is like a visitor or passnger and should wait for his host or driverto decide for him. such a decision can not be made by a neighbour. those for APM are indeed beasts and thieves and have a lot to hide if there is change of hands while those supporting chilima are just positioning themselves because they think either APM… Read more »
Shaaa, so this Thindwa is a political analyst and teaches political science, yet he is using such language because others are favouring the other. Polite analysis have no side but this shows Thindwa has a side. This is what we call democracy and the two if Chilima want to contest for the position which I surely know that he will not cause he is a behaved sons of somebody who respect what made him to be. There’ is no democracy if Chilima goes on without contesting for the post. What others who may wish to contest on the same position,… Read more »

They love him because he is too easy to hoodwink & protects them whenever they’re on the wrong side of the law………………………………………………………….for your information that was why Callista termed them “Dzilombo & Dzimbamvaaaaaaaaaa zoopsa pa Malawi!!

Just a Penny

All of you are missing a point. Callista has smelt a rat that the female Professor is eyeing the Presidency after her husband’s second term in office if DPP wins next year’s elections. What Callista is doing is to stop the practice of passing the button stick from husband to wife.


Isn’t that what she wanted to do herself? Callista is a complete witch.

Dixson Dzida

Democracy says let them compete at the convention. Peter akuopa chiani?

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