DPP Cadets disrupt AFORD rally in Rumphi: Boyeke Munthali says  Police simply watched from a distance

A rag-tag gang of  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets on Sunday disrupted the well organized Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) rally at Rula in the Rumphi Constituency where   Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango is the sitting Member of Parliament.

Chihana: Violence is typical of what you expect from DPP

The mob of DPP Cadets intimidated everyone who wanted to attend the Aford rally which was to be addressed by Aford president Enock Chihana.

AFORD Campaign Director, Boyeke Munthali,  said the DPP cadets also mercilessly attacked 11 traditional leaders  and that one chief was hospitalised at Livingstonia Hospital.

“They started beating our supporters who were guarding the podium waiting their president, they also started beating our advance team, snatching the AFORD clothes before destroying the podium,” said Munthali.

The police simply watched from a distance, he  pointed out.

Munthali claimed the DPP cadets also undressed women by snatching any clothes which they  had put bearing AFORD symbols.

Aford finally managed to address a small crowd that defied the ruling party threats, with Chihana urging  them not to be cowed by threats

Chihana said he was disappointed  with the incident.

“I am very disappointed with what the DPP cadets have done because Malawi is a democratic society  and every political party should be allowed to conduct their meetings without fear,” said Chihana whose father late Chakufwa Chihana was a pro-democrcay hero.

Chihana said he was confident Aford will regain its strength despite widespread intimidation.

“It is typical of what you expect from  DPP,” Chihana  Co said. “They are scared of the rejuvenated Aford .”

Chihana said during the rally more than 70 members from DPP and People’s Party joined AFORD.

Aford regional governor for the north Kenneth Sanga  declined to comment , referring to Mhango.

“Talk to Jappie Mhango that was in his constituency and besides he is DPP campaign director,” he said.

Mhango, however,  said he was not aware of the incident.

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winston msowoya

On behalf of the Malawian diaspora,I would advise the voters of the North and indeed,the whole Nation to elect Mwenefumbo as the leader of AFORD who would be ready to square off with Peter Muthalika in 2019 national elections.E.Chihana does not carry the weight of leadership hence,the fractured of the Party during his father’s poor leadership.Right now,Mwenefumbo commands unprecedented popurality in leadership throughout our country.As we are in a democratic state,everyone has the rights to practice his/her rights.FORWARD WITH MWENEFUMBO!!!!!!

Apao Kugola
These are the last nails of DPP casket. The north was the only promising block for DPP to claim a slim win. Now they are busy destroying that little flicker. Haaa, anthuwa (DPP) ngopanda nzeru. But anyway, that’s the beauty of it all when God sides with the oppressed people, you shit yourself and make everybody run away. I am more than confident DPP has packed and is ready to go, with some disappearing again into the diaspora. Please, the people of the strong NORTH be strong. Refuse any form of intimidation. This devil must be defeated at every front.… Read more »
winston msowoya
Malawians,we might have learnt our lesson from Banda’s importation from where he was,apparently unknown to Malawians,but only two brilliant young Malawians Kanyama Chiume and Masauko Chipembere who had an overwhelming support of the Malawians.However,the fact that we trusted the two brilliant nationalists,there we made the greatest political blunder in the history of our country.The two evil Muthalikas came from nowhere and we embraced them without knowing their strategic political trends.Now here we are stranded,the country is tribalistically and regionalistically fragmented and what happens? The two Muthalikas have strengthened their grip upon 16 million people for their own interests,SHAME!!!!!! Peter,knows very… Read more »
Tafwa Chipalamandule.
Tafwa Chipalamandule.
Pliz Proffessor Rght Hon Peter Wa Mutharika, our loving President, do something. Clean up the house. DPP is a very nice party. It started very well, then your brother Bingu messed it up. So Peter, you are in the process of rebuilding the Mighty Party, try as much to minimise or stop such brute and ignorant type of politics. Ndale zomenyana zidapita ndi MCP, a party of death and darkness. Zinaliponso during the time of Bakili. But now its time of politics of Professors. Pliz let us use politics of books and not politics of swords. We are in a… Read more »

DPP – The Democratic People’s Party. Disrupting opposition rallies is anything but democratic. If this is how the DPP hopes to win the 2019 elections, they may be in for a big surprise. This kind of undemocratic behaviour can have precisely the opposite effect by turning people against the ruling party and driving them into the opposition parties, in this case by joining AFORD.

I get extremely annoyed when some people keep labeling MCP as a cruel party. The anger is understandable, especially for old timers. They may not forget easily although they may have a heart to forgive. However, they should derive some comfort from MCP leadership’s apology for the wrongs they committed in the past. I think it is time we remembered we voted for multiparty democracy in 1993 and MCP, just like any other party, is operating in a completely different political environment. The conduct of DPP, through it’s agents is totally unacceptable in multiparty democracy and should be complemented in… Read more »

Anthuni munakhala bwanji kodi? Mumadzipatsa umasikini dala chifukwa chiyani? Palinso chifukwa choti nkumalankhula nkhani ya Afford masiku ano? Zinazi tamazionani kaye please. Chipani chinayamba kusosoka mwini wake Chakufwa ali moyo, m’mene amalowa m’manda nkuti Afford ili HISTORY. Ndiye mukuti Enock angachidzutse? Chipani cha Khumbo Kachali mamembala ake ambiri adzachoka mu Afford pomwe mukutaya nthawi kulimbana ndi DPP. Kodi ngati DPP siidzapambana pa chisankho cha 2019, adzapambana ndani? Kodi southern region yonse idzagomera Chakwera? Kuti wapanga chiyani iyeyo? Sadik Mia mwayamba kale kumuvula nsalu asanalowe nkomwe. MCP ikuyendera maloto a chumba pomwe Afford is a moving coffin.


it’s AFORD that brought the democracy you have today motherfuckers, and you want AFORD out of Malawian politics. Without AFORD, your so called Muthalika and his buckshit DPP were never ever going to rule Malawi let alone kuwina u kansala. They were both ndwii in the US and today you want to eulogise them as if they re the best when they re the worst


At times we need to teach these cadets a bitter lesson by mobilizing ourselves and beat the sense out of their heads.
I remember well a situation at Masintha ground when UDF Young Democrats destroyed and burned an MCP podium and beat people in mid morning of that day in order to disrupt a peaceful MCP rally. The second time they came to burn the podium, they met with an organized team that chased, overpowered and beat the YDs, unfortunately some YDs lost their lives through mob justice just cos of blind royalty to stupid leaders like Jappie Mhango


Where did the Aford Young Democrats go?
Do not let people beat you up unnecessarily.

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