DPP imports audience for Nchalo rally, fails to dwarf Mia

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Sunday ferried hundreds of villagers rom their—the Lomwe Belt—to Nchalo in Chikwawa where  President Peter Mutharika was addressing a political rally to prop up an image of popularity.

Kids dancing to Black Missionaries at DPP rally in Nchalo

Imported audience: DPP supporters in trucks taken from other districts to attend Mutharika’s rally i

Most attendants were carrying bags  as they came from such far away districts as Phalombe, Mulanje, Chiradzulo and Thyolo.

DPP insiders said the move to transport the  supporters  was to create an ‘artificial’ massive crowd so as to downplay the Sidik Mia factor.

The lower-shire is now  considered  opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  stronghold  since Sidik Mia  joined the party.

Mia, the undisputed political heavyweight of the Lowershire has completely changed the political terrain in the country hence DPP panicking in trying to contain his ever-growing influences.

Despite the ‘imported audience’ the DPP’s rally was mainly patronised by children as well as secueity officer as few adults who graced the rally were supporters which the party ferried from its Lomwe belt stronghold.

It was evident the crowd did not follow Mutharika’s speech with enthusiasm as people kept chatting as the party leader spoke, with some complaining of hunger.

In Ngabu, there was drama as DPP trucks returned without ferrying people to Nchalo.

DPP regional governor for south, Charles Mchacha said : “We never  gtranspoirted  anybody. If there are people who came from outside Chikwawa , they did that on their because they love DPP.”

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Shithole Country

DPP are scared of Mia.This is their own making.The youths have no jobs. The ministers are stealing.The schools have gone down.The hospitals have gone down. Every year Kamuzu was opening a district hospital. He built Dedza District Hospital, Ntchu District Hopital, Ntchisi District Hospital, Salima District Hospital, Rumphi District Hospital, Nsanje District Hospital, Karonga Hospital. Kamuzu built secondary schools of high standards under IDA projects. These fools or shitholes in DPP are after stadiums. What for? Why can’t they improve education. Schools have sports facilities with them. We are creating generations of thugs who are just used to attend rallies.


Conspicuously absent at the Nchalo rally was DPP SG- Jeffrey wa Jeffrey. Madam, where were u?

Observer Weniweni

Inu mbuzi za anthu kawambili. Magali moto ali pachinthunzipa munatisonyeza kuti anabwera kumsonkhano wa Peter ku Lunzu. lero omwea mukusionyezanso kuti anabwera kumsonkhano wa Peterku Nchalo. Mukuyesa a Malawi ndi zitsiru eti. First the buildings near the trucks are neither found in Lunzu nor are they found in Nchalo. Those buildings must be somewhere in the central business area of Blantyre City or in Lilongwe. Mwalemba m’madzi ndithu. Mulira chaka chake ndichino.


Msonkhano wa ku Chikwawa koma nyimbo za chilhomwe. Kodi azimayi amene amadikula aja ali pa payroll?

The reporter should tell us how many trucks were used to ferry people. How many members in each truck. So that us readers should compare people ferried to those we saw on TV. Even if one truck ferried 1000 people and the trucks were 5 we will come up with a mere 5000 people which is just too small figure to the one we were seeing live on TV. Don’t cheat us that people were doing their own things while standing at the rally. We could see that people were very attentive when they were asked ”chala m’mwamba”. The reporter… Read more »

Why talking about Gwanda who is late now yet you know that Mia led a campaign that saw DPP losing a parliamentary seat in lower shire despite abundant resources that were used by DPP to campaign for their candidate? Poor analysis at its best.

Nyasatimes, how much does MCP pay you as their campaign tool. This partisan journalism will yield nothing to you, because come 2019, DPP will still emerge victorious. Recall in 2004 how hot and popular the late Gwanda Chakuamba was as the coalition leader, competing against the unknown Bingu. You saw what happened, though he amassed votes in lower shire but he lost. So here we are talking of DPP that rigged elections when they were on opposition side. Now everything is at their disposal. Can you easily unseat such a mighty party?? Ndingokumverani mukamalankhula, wait 2019, you will be shocked.

Shame on DPP.


Tapanganitu msonkhano wanu inu a MCP tione kuti kubwera anthu angati. Mukungolimbana ndikupeza cholankhula pa chili chonse chomwe achite a DPPN bwanji? kkkkkkkkk baasi kumangosalira kumbuyo ngati nyero kuti mupeze chotsutsa? kkkkk inu anthu opanda nzeru kwabaasi. Kodi mungandionetsepo picture yomwe sidic mia anapangitsapo msonkhano kwao komwe pomwe panali chinantindi cha anthu? Iwenso olemba nkhani iwe pachakuti pako, osamalimbana ndi mtundu wachilhomwe. Ukafunse kamuzu tinamuthamangitsa ndi njuchi pa mulanje park.

Biti John

Inu mbuzi eti
Pa Nchalo Pali ma building ngati amenewa?


You are too maopic, so they paid for these trucks bills own their own, you must be fooling your ageing leader, who can not read between the lines.


Koma ndiye 2019 kuli ntchito

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