DPP needs soul searching to rebuild – MP Lipipa

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South, Noel Lipipa, has finally spoken out against its top party gurus accusing them of sideling other members deamed to have potential for fear of losing their positions,  a development which they say has contributed to the downfall of the party.

Lipipa:  DPP legilsator wants the party to rebuild and regain power in 2025

According to a leaked audio clip circulating on the social media, Lipipa is accusing DPP  top brass of ‘greed’ in their quest  to preserve  party positions and businesses connections.
Lipipa also hit back at fellow DPP members who accused him of benefiting from the Covid-19 donor funds by supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) through his company, Lab enterprise saying he did not benefit from Covd_19 relief funds.

“I want Malawians to know that I have never been awarded any contract as some MPs within the party want people to believe. If I could not be given even a chair when the president addressed a rally in my constituency how could they give me a contract,” Lipipa charged.

Lipipa  said  he does not have plans to leave DPP because he wants to be party to its rebuilding exercise.

He, however, said  that there is need for the party to change its leadership by allowing the new blood if it is to regain its victory in 2025 elections.

Political commentator Emmily Nkamanga has expressed surprise with the timing at which the  frustrated DPP members are coming out,  saying it would have been proper for them to speek out their concerns when faced with the injustice as it is  now  too late as  the party has already lost power.

Mkamanga also cautioned that Lipipa could be playing opportunistic politics.

Another political analyst George Phiri said some DPP members who are coming out with their issues now cannot be trusted.

“These people know that the current government will conduct audits in several government departments and that soon their evil acts will be revealed, so they are trying to reposition themselves so that they might be spared. Where were they all this time when people were complaining of maladministration in the previous government?” Phiri queried.

Tonse Alliance is meanwhile cautioned to be cautious of DPP politicians who want to reposition themselves with the government as seeking refugee.

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1 year ago

DPP lost because if corruption, nepotism, cronyism and violence. If the party wants to reform abd come back to power they should turn in people who plundered the economy to the authorities.

A Moya Kamowa
A Moya Kamowa
1 year ago

Hon Lipipa, young and ambitious however he is not trusted by fellow DPP top executives. He is very energetic and I believe a loyal DPP member. His personal business (family business) has benefited from government ever since. The beauty is that despite multi billion dollar contracts they enjoy with who so ever it is, they do perform accordingly and I know being Malawian there is nothing wrong with that. Lets actually encourage government to offer more contracts to able Malawian consortiums to ensure more Malawians benefit than preferring foreigners. Those that have a problem with Lab Enterprise or any local… Read more »

Zio ine
Zio ine
1 year ago

I would ask lipipa to seal up his stinking mouth as people will start exposing his dirty and murderous dealings. Prior to 2019 elections he sent thugs to kill Jimmy Banda but fortunately the thugs spared Jimmy because they didn’t want blood on their hands. The case was reported to Soche Police and they have been sitting on it despite all the leads.

1 year ago

DPP Lost because of the following
1. Tribalism..it was quite apparent that Lomwes were dominating each and every part of national opportunity
2. Aged and Docile President..People now want a leader who is ever present and connected to what is happening in the country..no more executive leaders.
3. Corruption was institutionalized. Malawians just wanted to remove the filth.
4. Lack of sense of National Direction. Malawians now want a government that has a vivid direction in terms of social economics..job creation, support for enterprenuership, functional health, education sector, etc.
5. Lack of respect to rule of law…

1 year ago

He is a liar. What about medical supplies to central medical stores worthy billions?

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