DPP says convention is on, anti-APM calls unnecessary

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has asked its supporters to exercise patience as the party is organizing a convention as calls are growing louder that the party would lose if President Arthur  Peter Mutharika (APM)  vies for the second term in the forthcoming 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Ntaba (L) and Msaka: DPP convention soon, insisting Mutharika will be their torchbearer come 2019

A faction in the party argue that the 79-year-old Mutharika will be a liability to his party in next year’s general elections on account of his old age. They say the President should retire at the end of his current five-year term and allow his 45-year-old Vice-President Saulos Chilima to contest on the governing DPP’s ticket

But  DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila and presidential advisor Hetherwick Ntaba  said the mandate for the current
leadership of the DPP runs up to 2019, saying there is no need therefore to push for the convention.

“People should be patient, the party will hold the convention,” said Kasaila.

Kasaila;s  comments come barely a day after some DPP executive committee members, including the party’s vice presidents, and the women’s wing, held a news  conference separately to back President Peter Mutharika candidacy.

This follows former president Callista Mutharika’s surprise call for her brother in-law, President Mutharika to pave way for Chilima as the party torch bearer in the 2019 election, arguing the president is too old to hold on to power.

Kasaila  said the party would issue a statement once all logistics for the convention have been finalized.

Ntaba said the party will not be distracted by  Callista Mutharika on its  strategy to feature Mutharika as the torch-bearer and Chilima as his running-mate, as was the case in the 2014 polls.

DPP Eastern Region vice-president Bright Msaka also said the party will hold its convention soon, insisting Mutharika will be their torchbearer come 2019.

However, Msaka who is also believed to be earmarked for running-mate of Mutharika, said Chilima will not pair with Mutharika unless the President will decide to maintain him.

He said: “The choice of a running mate remains a presidential choice. In 2014, it pleased him to choose Saulos Chilima. So we cannot tell you his choice because we cannot speak for him.”

Political  commentator Nandin Patel has warned  DPP to take views of people seriously if it is to realise its dream of maintaining power in 2019, saying “members of the party should have the right to express their views on the candidate they want.”

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Big man

Where is Santana? He has been making noise when Mcp was embroiled in problems lile this and has been saying there are no such problems in dpp. Please santana, I want to know your stand on this succession problem hitting your party.”Chawona mzako chapita mawa chili pa iwe”

It is interesting to read the qualities emphasized by tha anti – APM novices; young and energetic but heavily inexperienced. We have all heard what the young. Energetic but inexperienced North Korea leader is doing. We do not want that to happen in Malawi. Let the young and energetic ones finish their ECD ( early childhood development) learning first. Learn from USA where Obama was young, energetic and experienced in running government affairs before going to white house. Obama served as senator (MP) and then Governor ( leader of a state) before becoming the president of the United State of… Read more »

@Hatton: In the main, I agree with your argument(s).
Your examples are relevant (even if Obama was never State Governor – but you are allowed imperfection). And the thrust of your argument is spot on, man. In this age we talk of age 80 being the new 60! Experience is perhaps the best teacher.


start packing. We told you. You thought you can fool all the people around, Nonse azigogo timanga. Mumatibela achinyamatafe inu mutanjoya kale. Munya Muona,

Jovi Chipolondwa

Ntaba really looks worried! He is lost in thoughts wondering what has befallen him at this odd hour. Wondering why he and his mates can no longer comprehend modern age polotics. He is at loss……no more power. The podium for blasting the opposition is giving way! the house he has been living has caught fire which no water can quench! No light at the end of the tunnel. Truly times have changed! he says to himself.


kkkkkk iwe nde mlakatuli, I thought the same as well when I saw him.

Dixson Dzida

Tinene zoona ndi zimene wanena kalista, nonse manganga mukuonadi manganga ine sindimadziwa


Tiyeni nazoni pano mwazindikila kuti ziko ili ndi la tonse Chitipa to Nsanje.

So AGE is THE determining factor detractors of APM can come up with now? That is a losing strategy, if they insist on this. How about the record of the guy and his Party … since when does that not matter? The official, and especially the self-appointed UNOFFICIAL opposition are grabbing on just pretty well anything they think will thwart DPP, next year. Everybody can see through this. Won’t work as elections are won based on policy (yes, even in Malawi) and DEVELOPMENT; and personality. And on corruption: it’s fair to say the current government has put on the brakes… Read more »

you must be stupid , what did you say about corruption? I hope you are not living in malawi, or else you ar mad.

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Even people like Ntaba should be kicked out there were there in 1993 defending the one-party state, since he left MCP he has been trying to be an MP but he has failed which means people in his area do not find him useful. It is the government which is keeping him, otherwise awa ndiye zilombozo

Just a Penny
If already you are saying Mutharika is the torchbearer for 2019 presidential election, what’s the point of holding a convention? Window dressing or you have particular people that you want to be eliminated? Would this mean there is intra-party democracy within DPP? Ntaba you are equally old, please step aside. If you keep old people in key positions in DPP then never retiree civil servants based on their age, they should serve for life. Look Speaker of House of Representatives in the US, Paul Ryan is not seeking a second term and yet he is less than 50 years of… Read more »
Paradign Shift

Callista waponya bomba lomwe azibambo ambiri, amapepala akuluakulu amakanika olo kunyamula kokha. A president @ 80, just imagine how shameful i can be for a country predominantly young. When Austria has just elected a 31 year old as president

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