DPP SG Mpepho says Malawi newspapers should sell in hell 

Democratic ProgressiveParty (DPP) wants to put a stop to what newly appointed Secretary General (SG) Francis Mphepo  called the newspaper madness aimed at discredit President Peter Mutharika and his administration.

Mphepo speaking at the DPP rally: Fighting the media for rating DPP poorly

Mphepo speaking at the DPP rally: Fighting the media for rating DPP poorly

Speaking on Sunday at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe during a political rally organised to welcome members of Parliament (MPs) and other politicians who have defected to the ruling party, Mphepo attacked the  Malawi media for what he called peddling of  “false stories” on the raging economic and political turmoil rocking the country..

He said the media in Malawi is not practicing professional journalism but bent on political propaganda for rating DPP poorly .

“You have been writing false stories that the Mutharika administration has failed to deliver on its promises. But is this really the case when the DPP administration is carrying out a number development projects nationwide?” querried  Mphepo.

His comments comes after the local press reported that  DPP is failing to deliver campaign promises and  asked the party explain the status of the pledges made for people to vote them into power. during campaign prior to the May 20 2014 tripartite elections.

But Mphepo said the media is too critical to the DPP leadership.

“Are you blind that you can’t see what the Mutharika-led government is achieving? If you have nothing to write in your newspapers, throw yourselves into the lake. You should go and sell your propaganda-ridden newspapers in hell,” Mphepo said.

Mphepo said Mutharika and his administration have lined up a number of plans to resolve the socioeconomic hardships Malawians are facing today.

The following are some of the major promises DPP made in the manifesto that ushred it into office:

  • Complete construction of university campuses in Karonga, Mzimba, Nkhotakota, Mangochi, and Nsanje;
  • Reduce presidential powers by empowering a special public appointments committee to handle the appointment and removal of top officials in various public institutions such as appointment and removal of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
  • Others were the Auditor General, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Clerk of Parliament, Malawi Human Rights Commission executive secretary, the Malawi Law Commissioner, director general of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) director general, and that leaders of other accountability institutions shall be on merit through a special public appointments committee;
  • In Chapter 4 (11) it emphasises zero-tolerance to corruption, fraud, theft and other economic crimes
  • To implement recommendations of past constitutional reviews including the facilitation of revised Section 65 on crossing the floor and to bring back of Section 64, on the recall provision;
  • Operationalising the Nsanje Inland Port;
  • Abolish the coupon system for subsidized farm inputs;
  • Make subsidised fertiliser available for every farmer who needs it.
  • Cooperate with and collaborate with the civil society and non-governmental organisations and the media; Pass and implement the Access to Information Bill;


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Are we really concerned about whether the ruling party fulfills its promises or not? Do we even expect a ruling party to fulfill its pre-election promises? I doubt it. When did a ruling party ever fulfill its promises? All we pray for is that the ruling party will fulfill its basic responsibilities to provide us with adequate education and health facilities, essential utilities such as water and electricity, an adequate transport and communications infrastructure, a safe and secure environment conducive to economic and social development, laws that will enable and regulate these developments, and the freedom within the rule of… Read more »
Bodza la n\'nanu

Whst kind of development? 23hrs of blackouts! Shame!

chief gossiper SG

Koma zinthu zaphweka mu chipani mwathumu.. A Mphepo akuti SG… mabodza ali thoo. He is such a gossiper, kazitape weniweni. Achimaliza okha chipanichi ndi mabodza abambo amenewa. Everyone in DPP knows ngati mukufuna mabodza kumanani ndi a Mphepo. Too bad we lost AKudontoni. Infact bola u SG unakabwelela kwa munthu odekha,omanga ngati Dr Jean Kalirani

Charlie Hebdo
Seems the SG position in DPP is a cursed one. They throw away their reasoning to the dogs once they are appointed not elected in that position. I believe people who elected Kalirani as DPP SG didn’t want someone of Mphepo’s calibre. All what these SGs know to do is to hero worship their leader despite knowing the truth. If you have nothing sensible to say, the best decision is just to keep quite.If DPP didn’t want to implement what it promised, the wisest decision would have been not to include them in their manifesto in the first place and… Read more »
Jelbin mk

Now can Mr mphepo tell the nation which of these promises has been implemented??????? They short down the anti corruption bill in parliament, where did they intend to implement the independence of ACB if not in psrlisment??????.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Mphepo is mentally ill. Let him throw himself at Zomba Mental Hospital. He can’t see that even a 5 months old baby can feel the economic and social pain that the DPP led govt in inflicting on Malawians. To hell with him and his DPP.

In fact Mr. Mphepo is right. There are some development projects (both short and long term) that APM and the DPP which you guys who have written before me can’t see. You have just picked on two issues which the DPP has not fully implemented because they are long-term in nature. Let me remind Malawians including the Daily Times and its so called Editor (Cum-politician) that do not see what APM and the DPP are doing. As a patriotic citizen, I have seen that public sector reforms are working-just go to the Directorate of Road Traffic and Immigration these days… Read more »
Friend Indeed

Total lie. People gat no money to buy maize in admarc hence the accumulation. We have two eyes to properly

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