DPP’s field marshal Ben Phiri back in frontline politics: Says Chakwera not fit to be Malawi leader

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) director of field of operations, Ben Phiri, has engaged an accelator in frontline politics  ahead of next year’s elections and has joined hands with Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu as they prop up the image of the party and President Peter Mutharika.

Ben Phiri team up with Tembenu at Senior Chief Tsabango: Next stop the two go to Salima

Crowds at Senior Chief Tsabango

On Saturday the Field Marshal, as Phiri is fondly known, and the other DPP leaders on Saturday took the opportunity to mount a serious persuasive campaign at Senior Chief Tsabango Sports Bonanza  at Kang’oma Primary School Ground in the outskirts of capital, Lilongwe.

Phiri told the crowds that Malawians were in safe hands with President Mutharika, fondly called ‘APM’ by adorers, and the DPP.

The Field Marshal, Tembenu were accompanied by DPP  district governor a Mr. Mussa and deputy director of youth Dyton Mussa.

Returning to frontline politics after a short political ‘hibernation’, Phiri told the enthusiastic gathering that Malawi had become a better place to live in with APM and the DPP than it has ever been in the previous two years under a different “cashgate” regime.

Phiri emphasized that President Mutharika deserves another  five –years presidential term considering that he has successfully managed to stabilize the social, economic and political environment against soothsayers’ ill-will.

He said Malawians have no better alternative to President Mutharika as most of the opposition leaders are mere “day-dreamers”.

Phiri specifically cited Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as lacking the necessary national leadership qualities and experience to take Malawi to great heights and hence should not be entrusted with state power.

“Former President (Bakili) Muluzi served in the government of Kamuzu Banda for many years where he acquired the necessary leadership expertise and experience. President Bingu wa Mutharika was deputy Reserve Bank governor and then cabinet minister in Muluzi’s government before he became Head of State in 2004.

“The same is true about Joyce Banda and President Peter Mutharika. They both had to go through some leadership induction. Now tell me what is it that Chakwera has done in Malawi apart from being board chair of sports council and cleric?” asked Phiri amid loud applause from the mammoth crowd.

He added: “We must give credit to APM for using his vast experience to steadily steer the country towards prosperity. He found the country in dire economic stress following the aid freeze due to cashgate. Inflation was hovering at around 30%. Within three (3) years, the inflation has hit single digit. President Mutharika deserves a second term.”

Phiri therefore attracted more applause when he invited Chakwera to serve in APM’s post 2019 cabinet in order to “get experience in government. Asamangolubwalubwa iyai [stop political rhetoric].”

He further mentioned MCP’s veteran legislators Joseph Njobvuyalema and Titus Dzoole Mwale as the most experienced politicians worth their salt in the opposition MCP.

On his part, Tembenu said the youth are at the centre of APM’s plans and that is why the President is keen on ensuring that the youth acquire basic entrepreneurial and technical skills through spread out community technical colleges.

The Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister also said it is the President’s wish that the youth are involved in various sporting disciplines to deter them from indulging in immoral behaviour thus his administration’s resolve to construct community stadiums in all district councils.

Speaking earlier, Senior Chief Tsabango said he was grateful to host the senior ruling party officials in his area and vowed to hold such sporting events from time to time as one way of keeping the youth busy.

Kang’oma FC and Rio Sisters won the sports bonanza in football and netball category, respectively. The two winners went home with cash, trophies and medals.

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DPP knows pretty well that they are continually having sleepless nights with Dr. Laz. Chakwera. If Chakwera was clueless and without value they would by now be focussing on rebuilding their buttered house. A tree full of nice and ripe fruits attracts stone throwers the likes a of Ben Phiri and cadets. If indeed Ben Phiri was worthy his salt, he would be tackling issues and not discussing personalities in his campaign. Mutsegula m’mimba a DPP simunati. Gulu la Msowoya, Kaliwo, Chatinkha, Jumbe, etc, mukamaliza kuwagwiritsa ntchito musawataye chifukwa mu MCP alibe malo. Kaliwo and Msowoya mwadzionongera political carrier yanu… Read more »

Stupid Thief actually i am surprised you are walking freely its because ACB is not working


Why were you chased from state house bwana phiri. Kutumbwako bwana. U are simply a director that need to be directed. Peter wakalamba that’s why u used to do things for him. Chakwera lowani

che nnungu

Agalu opusa amenewa. Akuona ngati tiwasiya. When they lose they should prepare for the worse. Give back what belonged to Malawians. Makamaka wakuba Ben Phiri, unali ndani nyapala ngati iwe. mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Mwabaiba mmboma ndiye panopa mukufunabe kuti muzidya nokha an anjoka


Aben if DPP has done enough to Malawians musathe mau ponyoza ena.ngati mupezekabe m’boma ndizintchito za malemu bingu osati inu ayi. Zanuzi sindikuonapo chomwe mwapanga.sindikudziwa ngati miyala mwakhala mudzala inja yayamba maluwa kuti mwima ikhonza kubereka zipatso.paza uleadership ndie musandiseketse poti wanuwo anthu amachita kudzutsa kuti ugwirepo ntchito.pakugwira ntchitoyo simuthanso.


Hate him or loathe him, Field Marshal Ben Phiri is an achiever


Some people are foolish indeed mpaka supporting Ben Phiri mbava ngati imenei. Mwaiwala kuti ikubedwa ndi misonkho yanu a dzanjalimodzi eeee ganizani bwino pliz. CHAKWERA 2019 BOMA. No wonder DPP ikudana ndi Chakwera

Ben, you are great. You have said the truth and that truth will set you and all Malawians free. You have rightly pointed out that the only experiences Chakwera has are as chairman of sports council and as president of Assemblies of God in Malawi. Malawians consider this: Did sports register any improvement during Chakwera’s time? The answer is obviously NO! As president of Assemblies of God, did that church register any improvement and success? The answer is another obvious NO. Compare the success the same church registered during his predecessors, Rev. Bomba and Rev. Chapola? Compare also the success… Read more »

Mbale wanga Hatton ndiwe opanda chilungamo. Sudzanenapo chilungano iwe pamoyo wako ndakuona. Sukudziwa komwe Assemblies of God ikuchokera kuti ifike pamene yafika lero. Tikudziwa kuti ndinu a cadet a DPP so we are not suprised when you are distorting facts.


Very true. Chakwera has no leadership skills at all. It is for that reason he cannot keep his house in order. All he does is make empty promises for a better Malawi without elaborating how he will do so. MCP members are also very dangerous, they attack anyone who disagree with them. Imagine what they would do if ever entrusted with government. Unfortunately they will never rule again. 2014 they made alot of noise about winning elections but lost and cried faul. In 2019 the will loose and cry again. The Malawi Crying Party is useless and its leadership hopeless


Mr Phiri & Tembenu live in a bubble together with APM where values don’t exist. How insensitive to trample on vulnerable Malawi’s with thievery rhymes with no reasons. How do measure Chakwera with biased outlook based on mere propaganda. You have failed to smear this man because he has integrity in the course this term of your failed policies & moral decay.

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