DPP’s Jappie Mhango snubs North Malawi MPs bloc pushing for development

Minister of Transport andf  Public Infrastructure, Jappie Mhango who is also member of parliament for ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for Rumphi North, has said he will not join the ‘Northern Block’ grouping formed to push fir share share of national cake.

Jappie:  I cannot join sensenless northern Malawi MPs caucus

Jappie: I cannot join sensenless northern Malawi MPs caucus

The ‘Northern Block’ has been formed after the MPs noted that North Malawi is sidelined in terms of development.

Nyasa Times first reported about the group that is being chaired by Rumphi East MP for Peoples Party (PP), Kamlepo Kalua. He has confirmed the development.

But Mhango said he will not party to”senseless things.”

He said: “ I am not joing this senseless things. I belong to DPP and we will push for development within the ruling party.”

Mhango,who is also DPP campaign director, said the Parliementray group has no clear objective.

Kalua said the bloc will focus on development  that have to benefit the northern region and said MPs and other stakeholders can exercise their freedom of association to be party or not.

Accoridng to Kalua, the ‘northern block’ is not a new initiative, saying late Aleke Banda introduced the matter during the parliament cycle of 2004 to 2009.

“We are only continuing where Aleke left,” said Kalua.

Previously the bloc was called Northern Region Parliamentray Caucus with an  objective of lobbying and pushing for development projects in the region.

He said the group is not advancing federalism.

Among other members are interim organising secretary  Mzimba Hora MP Rev Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, Secretrary General Karonga Central MP Frank Tumpale Mwenefuymbo.

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jhappi is a fool, a sell out, we should bannish him with his family and i understand his father was chased from rumphi central because of witchcraft……no wonnder this jappi boy behaves like a witch……to u jhappi ..if u dare mess with Kamlepo we will burn you alive…wapulika?


Good move from the north MPs….we need a voice. FOCUS

Katong’ongo I am glad that you have exposed yourself as a die-hard of a certain opposition party which hates the DPP too much. How do you know that DPP is sending some people to comment on every article on Nyasa ? It is you who comment in support of every insult Nyasa writes on the DPP. You are feeling uneasy just because when a pro-govt comment is posted on Nyasa every body can see its weight compared to your factless comments which are full of insults and shameful language. For example what factual point do you want to share with… Read more »

To be sure Jappie’s face looks more of a fool than a wise man. Only a fool will align himself with vampires when his own kinsmen are being butchered through quota system and lack of development. Even if Jappie does not join who will complain? You do not even matter at all. You are a sellout!

Joseph M'bama
Hey guys what is this? by changing names what have the former groups achieved. the mere fact that kamlepo, harry, tumpale and mzomera are this grouping this is bound to fail. Why ndi anthu ofuna kumva zai okha. When the Northern Region Trust was being formed i joined it but the moment Ralph Kasambala was mentioned as its legal adviser, i quit and told them it was bound to fail.Where is the trust now and what has it achieved if any? Please my fellow akwidu, akukaya, bawetu, abakaya etc before you form a thing look into each others face first.… Read more »

jOSEPH U R Stupid, are you from Rumphi east to say Kamlepo is not doing anything? Chindele iwe…mxiew………LONG LIVE KAMLEPO…we voted you to be strong keep up the good work..2019…KAMLEPO AGAIN…mukhaula alhomwe inu

This poor young man called Jappie is failing his political career which solely depends on his people back home in Rumphi. He is forgetting that the party will only need him if and only if people in his area vote for him come 2019. This man had the opportunity to show some measure of maturity by not commenting anything about the northern grouping. He was supposed to know that politically it is sensitive on his part to do so.But alas! This guy is finishing himself. An honest advice to him, learn from your seniors who have been in politics of… Read more »

People from rumphi north feel ashamed that they put this dunderhead into the seat of an MP.
Jappie you are a very big disgrace. We shall meet in 2019 again.
Just remember how many times u had to contest as an MP before finally being given a chance to be elected. Big fool. A boot licker of another big failure of a president in our history


DPP has no shame to infiltrate the comments columns on nyasatimes with its mercenaries who always masquerade as those among the readers. They are busy commenting on any issue which stubs their ego. They are on DPP’s and Dausi’s payroll.


Horace, you are a product from a womb of a jando mother and so too is your brain. No wonder all the presidents from the south have been failures because of the source of their birth i.e. premarital sex decorated as chinamwali, jando, kuchotsa fumbi, kulowa kufa etc. You are not different from Aniva.

Jappie knows pretty well that Kamlepo can not lead a group and expect an achievement. So why should he join something which has already failed from the start? Let the group explain to the public what means will they use to achieve their goals which could not work on Parliamentary level? You have councilors, MPs, LDF members working day and night to develop the north and you say they are doing nothing. Next time we will hear the group calling for financiers from abroad and within. I think Kamlepo is now block zamuthera za cashgate ya amayi ndiye akufuna mpamba.… Read more »


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